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Trevor V
I can't breathe after i cough?
I've had bronchitis for about 2 weeks and i thought it was over. But now, i have a cough that's very persistent and hard to stifle.It's not really a hacking cough but it's loud and wet. When i stop, i can't breathe almost at all and it feels like my throat is closed up. I have never had asthma and i was taking advair for the bronchitis, tussionex and antibiotics. Also, my friend convinced me to smoke weed with him like 5 times starting friday to monday. I'm gonna try to not do it again. Does anybody know what this is or how to help it?
Additional Details
It happens everywhere i go and also, as i was starting to get better, my parents got sick. Then, my dad got his chest x-rayed and they said he had slight pneumonia.

Queen bee
I had this too . I had my lungs exrayed, they gave me steriods, and inhaler(i dont have asthma) and alergy medicine. I ended up choking in the middle of the night like that and threw up. I finally ended up just having strep. Get a strep test. its probably strep because i also had bronchitis before this happened

Karma Is A MF
Don't cough!

You're allergic to pot. You'll have to stop smoking it or being around it.

go to the doctor!

Craig M
Bronchitis, and asthma kill people every year, especially the ones that decide to smoke! Bronchitis is a serious illness, I recommend you don't smoke anything. Difficulty breathing, or wheezing after coughing my still be from the bronchitis being unresolved. I recommend you use the tussionex, and advair. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. THIS IS SERIOUS.

Molds are producing toxins,substances entering our body through airways, skin and mucous, affecting the immune system and damaging everyday processes of the body. This may be the problem that mold is entering your body somehow. Or you are exposed to irritants like perfumes, cold air, and the work with the wood at the house next door. This information is from websites answers to people who have SIMILAR problems sorry if the information isn't right.

Samantha R
why are you on the computer instead of talking to a doctor?
*slaps forehead*

well u need to go and get it checked out

Jelly Jam
Maybe you have Asama, go to the doctor and see if you need an inhaler.

You should go to the doctor and let them put you on the nebulizer.

kylie d

sounds like you got the after effects of your resent cold /// try honey and lemon + chest rub to elevate it

i think you are an idiot cause you're smoking weed

stop smoking weed it is the cause of your problem

You should see a doctor. If you haven't already gotten a chest xray you should have one since it may be a number of different viral or bacterial infections. It could also be something in your home triggering it, like molds, pets, etc.

My fiance had severe bronchitis and the same symtoms as you. He was also given advair and a nebulizer. It lasted for 6 months and after seeing SEVERAL doctors I decided to have an allergy test done on him. It turns out that he was allergic to our pet rats and a common household mold. Once we got rid of both he has not had problems since then. He felt 100% almost immediately after getting rid of the problem.

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