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 when a person dies is their last breath an inhale or exhale?why.?

Additional Details
* by the way i need to know for my science ...

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So I smoked weed for the first time 2 days ago?
Since then I've had very bad axiety/panic attacks + I can't go to sleep at night feels like my head is racing... and I feel out of it ...

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 him........or smoking???????
well my sister is going out with this guy and they have been together for 3 months. she loves him soooooo much and he loves her like crazyyyy they are perfect for each other. they are both 15 and ...

 what is the pleasure in smoking cigarette's?

 How much smoking will get you addicted?
How much can you smoke without getting addicted?...

 Help! My famiy has a cold or flu (IDK), and I can't catch it or else I'll have to go to the hospital. How do
you keep from catching someone elses cold?

I have asthma and everytime i catch a cold/flu, i end up staying in the hospital for 3-4 days.......

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i live in an apartment complex that isn't non-smoking, but the person next door, i can smell the smoke in my kitchen, and this crap is bothering my breathing to the point where its affecting my ...

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My friend has just had an asthma attack. She hasn't had one in three years and we dont know how long asthma atacks should last and what szhould I do to help the breathing?...

 All you smokers out there? Why smoke?
I mean it stinks, how the heck do you get addicted to it? It also can kill you, but you already know that right? Why take somethin that will kill oyu?
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Yes its ...

 Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigarettes ...?
because i felt stress out from life ..... is this a good reason to start ...

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 what will happen if i smoke weed everyday?
i smoke weed.......alot.
im actually high right now and curious.

will anything bad ever happen to me?
im not worried about getting fat but im scared ill get a tumor!! ...

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so, we came up with smoking paper and grass, etc. we were just experimenting. Is smoking papers worse that smoking a ...

 how to get rid of a cough fast!?
okay so today is tuesday and i am going to Idaho on Saturday morning. my problem is that i am starting to get a cough! i can barely talk and i cough ever 5-10 minutes! so i need ANY POSSIBLE WAY to ...

 negative effects on smoking weed?

 i can't stop smoking why @?

Du Du Du Jamie Mackie
I've just started smoking. How cool is that?

jackie m
Welcome to the smokers club. Let me tell you all the things you have and don't have in the smokers club: I am a long time member. 1. You will have bad breath. 2. You will have a lovely smell of smoke from your clothing. 3. You will get lots of chest infections, especially in the cold weather. 4. You will be alone when you go to the pub as you have to stand outside for that lovely inhalation of tobacco that must be taken every 20 minutes or so. 5. You will have wrinkles around the mouth area. 6. You will have slightly discoloured teeth. 7. Everytime you are ill you will be told its because you smoke. 8. Your life insurance premiums will be higher than non smokers. 9 You will have a shorter life span than your non smoking friends. 10. You will never have any money. 11. It is harder being a smoker to get a good job. 12.You will join the heart and lung disease club and many other clubs sooner than non smokers. But as this is a free club we will always be having new members and like non smokers we know that our death will be caused by mainly lung and heart disease, I am sure now that you have read the rules of the smoking club you will still want to be a member?

say goodbye to a lot of your friends mate!! and say hello to death!! good luck!

Seriously, grow up!

Jordan H
if dying from lung cancer is cool... than very cool

im sure everyone will think your really cool when you cant go anywhere because you need an oxygen tank or a hole cut in your throat.

Wowwww.....ye thats cool...*rolls eyes*

good luck living in the future!

Just roll up £5 notes and smoke them, you might as well as you have money to burn

ermmm haha. can i come 2 ur funeral.

ull regret it soon enough.


u r a gimp

It tells us that ...

... your IQ is below 105
... you are easily manipulated by your peers and TV
... you have no self-respect
... you have an underdeveloped sense of risk
... you are not an athlete and never will be
... your health is not important to you
... you don't realize that each cigarette shortens your life by 17 minutes. (7 minutes to smoke it and 10 minutes from a statistical average for heart attack, cancer or other terminal illness)

Stop now before nicotine gets its hooks into you.

Have a nice day.

Not cool and can cause many health problems for you in the long run health wise!
Socially its a dirty habit as well, smells!

Stop now

I am sure the tobacco company directors think you are super cool. You will now prop up their share price until smoking kills u are you go through a withdrawal period and get clean again. Marlboro will think you are SO cool so congrats bro

I wish I could get through to u but I know nothing I say will have any impact whatsoever on you. It's a pity. I smoked for 12 years and only quit after coughing up blood for a week at the age of 27. It is by far the worst thing you can do to your health. But you know this so I have wasted 2 minutes of my life pity.

If you decide for yourself to do a bit of research and make an informed decision go to www.whyquit.org. It just explains the truth about smoking

Wow so cool that people will hate you and talk about you, stop and well if you cant stop then DO NOT! put it on yahoo you lamo

Mrs. Eddie King
hm. go to a class to help you quit smoking-while you've got time, so its alot easier..trust me. get the nicotine gum or patch..and stop smoking before you end up in a wheelchair, rolling around with your own IV bag, with a hole in your throat. :|
and...your significant other doesnt want to think theyve just licked an ashtray after kissing you. its digusting.
here look: http://www.olivija.com/SMOKERSPRAYER/lungsmoker.jpg

I feel soo sorry for you!

So you want to be selfish?
You want to risk the peoples lives around you from passive smoking and you want to kill yourself and make the people around you sad?

Fantastic in a few years time when your a*ss is taking up a hospital bed.

David C
As someone who smoked for over thirty years and has the heart disease and blood pressure to prove it, I would say that you are as cool as the tip of one of your cigarettes.

Don't be a mug like I was. I promise you that you will regret it one day.


not at all dude just quit smoking is stupid

not very...what an *** hole

Congrats. You're an idiot.

Huh Who's That ?
say hello cancer

Not very.

You stupid thing, you don't deserve health care if your gonna jeopardise your health

If you find the chronic cough, phlegm and general bad smell cool then very, also things to look forward to are...heart problems, low immune system, and possibility of cancer.
How much do you rock?

you wont look cool when your standing in the rain trying to light up

old know all
If it's the cigarette that's smoking, about as cool as peeing yourself. If it's you that's smoking, take a shower.

stephen l
wow you are amazingly cool, why not start drugs next ? now thats cool, maybe even go out and attack little old ladys ? your street cred will go right up doing this also, ive got a video for you also, click my link

Its really cool, I tell you what is even cooler!!

A oxygen tank in your front room, with the mask over your nose and mouth just to help you to breath.

Smoke away.

Welcome To England
That's great. Not only will you look stupid (there is no masculine way to smoke: fact) but you will smell disgusting. When you get ona train people will recoil when they smell you (which they will).

Wow, you're so cool!

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