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I've had a cold for over two weeks, what's up?
I've been really congested for over two weeks now and within the last week I have developed a cough that I believe is from all the excess mucus my body is producing. The thing is, besides the occasional cough and not being able to breath well I feel fine. No headaches or body aches or anything. Has anyone else ever had a cold for this long or know why this might me?? Should I take antibiotics? I HATE taking them and try to only take them if it is absolutely necessary so I don't build an immunity.

Please don't tell me to go to the doctor, I can figure that ou on my own.


sorry, but how are we suppose to prescribe you with antibiotics-go see a doctor!!!

Alina S

is it a virus that lasts 3-21 days? is it allergies? see your doctor.

Help For Sinus Infection
The common cold should not last more than a week. I believe you are now having a sinus infection. Better get it treated before it turns into chronic sinus infection. This is because chronic sinus infection is very difficult to treat.

Read more about sinus infection, sinus infection treatment, home remedies for sinus infection at:


Hope this helps.

If you can figure out on your own that you should go to the doctor, then why haven't you gone? Don't tell us all your symptoms and then tell us what we should and shouldn't say. We are not doctors. We don't know what's wrong with you. I figure, in time it will pass. But it may not be just a cold. You may need antibiotics. And you will not build up an immunity to them UNLESS you do not take them as prescribed. If you quit taking them too soon, cause you feel better, and then let the sickness build back up, that is when you build an immunity. You should always take every single one of them.

Mucinex is great stuff too, and you can get it in generic form (equate brand) from Walmart.

i also got colds and it last for 3 weeks so you are lucky

It's springtime so the pollen count is high. Maybe you haven't got a cold, your congested due to pollen allergy. Both my daughter and I have been sneezing and we have sore throats in the mornings. Try staying indoors with the windows closed as much as possible. Wash your hair before you go to bed. The pollen that settles in your hair during the day can give you problems during the night.

Seriously, it sounds like you have pneumonia. I know when people think of pneumonia they think of old people and hospitals , but there are more mild cases. This is called walking pneumonia. It is dangerous if it is not caught early. It may be only in one lung right now. You should have a chest xray. If you do have pneumonia then yes, antibiotics will be prescribed and possibly an anti-inflamitory. Maybe even a breathing treatment which makes you feel a lot better. I had the exact same thing happen to me a month ago. I missed 6 days of work because I did not go to the dr right away.

my mother in law had those same symptoms it ended up being a upper respiratory infection. over the counter med wouldn't help

Chantal D.
Don't take to quickly antibiotics or penicillin!

If it's your chest take a coach medicine with eucalyptus and codeine(in some countries you will need a doctors note for this, believe it's the best, also Bromoform(but that was too good and not available anymore in the pharmacy).
Serious if the pain gets to your side and when you get fever then see a doctor because a Bronchitis when you don't take care of that it can become chronically or even lead to pneumonia.

girl take the ***** antibiotic i am sure u r nt a **** KID ANY MORE

Paige H
if you are coughing up mucus i would get it out of your system,i have had colds like that. some of mine went 3 weeks they just need run the course.
I also deal with allergies daily. so i understand
hope you feel better soon

You have a lot of mucus build up in your lungs. What you should do is take a pot of steaming water and put a blanket over your head and inhale. That will help break up the mucus so you can cough it out. For added benefit throw in some eucalyptus oil or leaf, peppermint oil or leaf, bay leaf, or anything in the mint family. That will help soothe your lungs plus help expel the mucus.
An excellent product that works wonders that I have used is called Clear Lung. It literally dissolves and helps clear the mucus very fast!

Between using Clear Lung and the steam inhalation, I was better very quick.

Below is a link for the Clear Lung!

The cough is your body trying to get all that mucus up and out.

I know this may sound strange, but is the air in your house and neighborhood very clean? Maybe there's tons of dust and your lungs just keep trying to get it all out.

Do you have a runny nose or a sore throat or a slight fever?

If it were me, I'd be guzzling Orange Juice.

Good luck!

something u can do that improve ur well-being is to drink alot of waters constantly so u'll have to use the bathroom often; this way the germs and viruses(may be the cause of ur cold) will be pee out.

Hi, do you have allergies? I have had what seems like a cold for like a month and in fact it just cleared up yesterday. It felt like my head was congested and my ear on the right was like I was on a plane (you know when your ears pop?). I thought it was a cold, but I think it was more allergies because i do have them. Mine cleared up after I took a cold medicine that helps with congestion. I had a scratchy throat and a cough too.

Hope you feel better soon.

I've had colds like that in the past. Sometimes they went away on their own. Other times they had developed into a sinus infection, which required antibiotics.

I would probably wait another week and if it gets worse, then get antibiotics. If it gets better, then you wouldn't need them.

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