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I've got a terrible cough! i guess i got the flu!!?
Hey ppl, i got a terrible cough i am a smoker not a heavy one though! never had sumthing like this from smokin, got kinda fever n a bit of a runny nose! occasional sneezing, n breathin difficulties. the cough wont let me sleep @ nite! I really dunno wht to do! already finished a bottle of cough bottle, but didnt work! i dont like doctors, coz they give the same crap as i get over the counter ndoesnt work!!!

Nee Nee
WELL the flu shot wouldn't be helpful their stating this cause to worstened during the season. "FLU" is definitely what it is.Therflu till'd you can get to your physician.

you probably have bronchitis - the only way it'll go away is if you go to the doctor and get antibiotics. If you wait - it'll just get worse (and/or turn into pneumonia).

Sounds like you might need to see a doctor but if you don't want to you can try Mucinex DM it's OTC...it's and expectorant and cough suppressant....it's the one that has the highest Guafenesin ( 600 mg. expectorant ) and Dextromethorphan ( 30 mg cough suppressant ) OTC

Are you alergic to codiene cause you can buy it over the counter at a pharmacy and it can help reduce your cough, but a fever means infection, if it has been over 7 days with a fever and the symptoms you have, go to another doctor and get a script for an antibiotic.

Marty K
It's possilbe you might need an antibiotic if it's bad enough. It could be bronchitiis or something like that.

Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
at http://ailments.in/cough.html

I'd have to agree with the others, sounds like bronchitis but eventually bronchitis turns into pneumonia if not taken care of. Get to the Dr. as soon as you can. It could be a bad cold or allergies. I was misdiagnosed with colds in the past and my new doctor looked in my nose, it was white. I was having a really bad allergic reaction to some type of pollen. Mention this to your Dr. Some Docs do not do this!! It feels wierd, but you'll get the proper meds that will help.

Hope you feel better!

Difficulty breathing and a cough that bothers your sleeping needs to be checked out by the doc. You could have something serious like bronchitis or pneumonia so you need to see the doc. If you do not care for your doctor then find a different doc but do not ignore this. This sounds like at least a very nasty upper respiratory infection not the flu and you should get this checked out.

Michelle L
You don't have the flu, since the flu rarely gives you a bad cough.

It sounds like you have an upper respiratory infection. If the cough syrup you got OTC didn't work, you absolutely MUST go to the doctor. Chances are what you have can only be cured by antibiotics. You could even have pneumonia, which could put you in the hospital.

Don't worry, if you tell the doctor the cough syrup didn't work, he'll surely give you something stronger.

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