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I've been coughing nonstop for about a week now...Just started drinking robotussin but it's not helping;
Well the cough went from a very wet cough to a dry one but I still have a lot of snot that I constantly have to tend to... What do you think the problem might be. I have to go to my doctor later today regardless but I would just like to know if this is a sign of any major infection etc.

If you are bringing up any green 'yuk' when you cough and does your chest sound crackly or rattly when you breathe? If thats the case, it's likely to be a chest infection. Its probabaly nothing major though. Hope you feel better soon.

Grand pa
see webmd

It could be but we also need to cough to get all the crap off our chest to prevent infections just mention it to the doc if it's bothering you

bronchitis maybe? i know sometimes after or during a cold i lose my voice then once i get that back i have this aweful cough that can last days up to a month or so! & no meds seem to soothe it either! can try puffers!

pulmonary tuberculosis is my diagnosis have a plain chest x-ray... i hope the apex of your lung didn't appear mushy

Nick J
1. to remove cough........take some ginger and ciut it into long and thin pieces. take 5 or 6 pieces,put some black pepper,some salt and 8 to 10 drops of lemon juice and eat this. avoid fried things also.
2. take a spoon of honey and add some ginger's juice in it. It will definitely work.

Somethings going around and I have a dry cough too. I've been taking Mucinex and it's helping. Good Luck!

drink you some nyquil and but some vapor rub on in the morning and at night

see a doctor

Gloria H
Its just the crud going around. Drink plenty of liquids and see your doctor. You should be fine.

Sounds has if you have a respiratory infection. Probably bronchitis. A good antibiotic in the penniclyn family would do the trick.

Sinus drainage and infection. Possibly. Have doc check.

Hi...I hope you just have a bad case of bronchitis but in my "laymans' " opinion, it depends on if you are a smoker and how old you are. I have COPD and Emphysema only recently diagnosed. One week I was fine and then the cough started. I hope you have a different outcome. The biggest advice I would give you is to let the doctor check you and keep an eye on it. Bless you and Good Luck. jan

I was coughing for many weeks and discovered that I had COPD.

me and my step dad have it right now, but i feel alot better after sleeping for 13 hours last night. its just a chest infection (brochitis). if you now have a dry cough it will be gone in bout 4 days, but even so the doctor may give you a long course of antibiotics (1-2 weeks) just to be on the safe side. dont worry.

oh, and if it is the same or similar to what ive got you may start getting shooting pains down your chest and shortness of breath. if this happens just sit up with your back straight and realx your breathing, or lie down

This could be asthma. I once started coughing and couldn't quit. It turned out that was the onset of adult asthma.

Try Ricola Original cough drops. They work for me. Eat loads of garlic, onions, and spicey foods. Drink herb tea with honey mixed in to sweeten it. DON'T use the regular cough remedies because they trick your body into thinking that you're not as ill as you really are. That blocks your immune system and prolongs the illness. Don't take antibiotics except as a last resort because your immune system doesn't learn that way. Ginger is another immune system booster as is echinacea and elderflower (not sure if I spelled that right). I promise these things all work. They also help you to not get sick in the future.
I hope I was helpful.

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