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 is my boyfriend really badly ill?
hes had a cold and a terrible gut wrentching cough with phlegmn for more than a few days now but this morning he has awoken and cant get warm, ive got three blankets and the heating on, his cough is ...

 Can you sleep next to someone who snores?
I love my husband, but I can't stand his snoring. He is sort of mad at me because I chose to sleep in another room. Also our baby still sleeps with me in bed, so the bed gets small with all ...

 OK Brits you think you're all high city flyer's and smart to boot....cough chuueerr flem.CACK!!!?
Spot the error if you can.
For XYZ=21900975 to Z Step/X*A+RND(Int(WXZ))
else Y Inc
End If

10 points to first ...

 I can't stop cough when I try to talk, please help!?
Hi guys, I start cough last week, and now I can't stop caughing! Everytime I try to speak a word, my throat start feeling itche and I start cough, I been search around the internet and yahoo ...

 Is it sooo bad to smoke like 3 times in month?
That's not for me.
My friend is asking me to post this.
2) Is it bad to try smoking?...

 a bloodwork question...?
can u tell if u have smokesd or have nicotine or if u have smoked by yer blood?...

 How can I prevent second-hand smoking?
I have been exposed to second-hand smoking for the past 14 years even when I was still a fetus inside my mother's womb. What can I do to prevent this?
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My father ...

 I wanted to know how smoke gets into the lungs while smoking..?
I have heard that smokers smoke through the mouth.. but shouldn't it be the nose
Pls let me ...

 im 13 years old an i smoke??
helppp im 13 years old i smoke ma parents dont kno but i want to tell ma mom how do i ???
or waht should i do?...

 Why do I always get a plugged sinus/cold for like 4 days after snorting cocaine, but no one else gets it?
I'm not asking really why I get a cold/plugged nose, i know snorting cocaine can cause that, im more asking why i get it so bad compared to other people, poor immune system, am i snorting it ...

 I have taken my antibiotic incorrectly by accident now what?
My doctor prescribed me amoxicillin to be taken 1 dose twice a day daily. I misread it as 1 dose a day for ten days. I have completed ten days now what? should I take the rest of them for ten more ...

 Why has it been getting so cold at night lately?

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Winter? No, it's August..that means summer. It should be the hottest month of the year yet I'm shivering every night lately.

I'm in New Y...

 I have sinus issues?
can I use Aloe Vera in my nose internally, is it safe ?


 Should I smoke hookah before school?
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 how can i stop a person who smoke ?

 Why is my Boyfriend coughing up blood?
He's very chesty and sometimes uses his inhaler, although he was asthmatic when he was young.
It's been happening for a few months now but recently got worse...
any one know why ...

 My Toddler is ill, please help?
My son is 2, and teething. From Saterday night he has had fevers come and go. The fever is ussually 39, you can see his in pain and pulls up his legs to his tummy alot. He also got a terrible ...

 Am I having an anxiety attack?
Yesterday, I suddenly got a shortness of breath followed then by a pretty fast heart beat. I started freaking out thinking something bad was going to happen to me. It mostly went away a half hour ...

 What is the best way to get rid of hickups?

 I'm having shortess of breath, yet not coughing any clue?

I'm quitting smoking on Monday.?
Any sugestions on what will help be sucesful. I smoke a pack a day for the last 29 years. Any sucess stories? any help would be apreciated.

Mark H
Why wait until Monday? That is already saying your not strong enough to quit.

Anyway, I am a smoker who has tried MANY ways to quit.

Hands down, the prescription pill ZYBAN was the most affective. Youre supposed to take the pills for 2 months. However, after about 3 days, I had no cravings whatsoever.

I quit for 4 months, but, my stupidity was when I was out with friends I would ask for one of theirs, even though I had no cravings for one! Then, eventually I went back

I quit 1 year ago while my husband was still smoking in my home. Remember it is ok to make mistakes and fall off the horse. I smoked since I was 13. I used the patches as reccomended. I was irritable and mean the first week then found a pack I'd lost and smoked the whole pack the next weekend. I then got back on the horse and after about three months it got easy. I gained a lot of weight 145 up to 162. You really need to work out every day-helps with the stress and weight gain. I am back down and my metabolism straightened out in about 6 months. Distraction and support is key. Avoid people who will tease you and if you can't avoid them, challenge them to quit too, my hubby quit cold-turkey four months after me because I told him he couldn't. That'll either shut them up or get them to join you. I had one co-worker quit for 3 months. Food tastes better, health, breathing, immune system, scent. so many reasons the little weight gain is so much worth it!

Try to get more information regarding some ways to stop smoking at my profile.

quit on sunday

Stacy S
You are making a very wise, money conscious decision! I wish you all the will power you will need!

xcountry ♥
My mom used to eat gummy bears when she felt like smokeing...she also used the patch. I don't smoke, bu tI personally think its all about will power.

stop smoking now dont wait ! i bet its hard ,but have u ever seen black lungs? its gross.nobody likes walking by someone who's smoking ,it stinks. it'll be good for u AND your family.you'll probably save them some funeral bills.

I smoked 2 packs a day for 18 years, finally decided it was time to quit. I was 100% positive I was ready. I had a procedure done called laser accupunture. It is a low level laser treatment that raises your endorphine levels while your body detoxs( no withdrawls) . Worked great for me! April 25th will be 3 years as a non-smoker!

Shannon W
I wish that I could help but I've been smoking for almost 17 years and I can't quite. If you find something that works please let me know.


good luck it can be done. i quit 25 years ago and it was the hardest thing i have ever did. first for the first three days eat anything you want after that try and eat cut up veggies and low calorie foods. twenty pounds weight gain is not unusual so keep this in mind. most important don't have that just one, or it will be all over.if you feel the need just get busy and it will pass. you can do it. my poor brother died of lung cancer at 54 and it was from smoking.

I have been smokin for 40 years and I too will go clean next week. I wish the best of luck to us both. Maybe we should start our own little club. My biggest fear is gaining a lot of weight. You also may want to check out the web site. quitnet. I have been following it and I am almost looking forward to quitting. Again.

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