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I'm in the medical field but I can't figure this one out. Maybe because it me and not a patient.?
I developed an acute sinusitus 2 days ago. I started a Z-pack yesterday. Last night I began to have epigastric cramping. No nausea or vomiting. I had a low grade fever of 99.8 (oral).Then this morning I rushed to brush my teeth because of this horrible taste in my mouth. I couldnt finish because I became very weak and short of breath. I had to sit on the floor and I hyperventilated for about 3 minutes. I'm having problems connecting the sinusitus, abdominal pain, fever, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, and near syncope to form a diagnosis. Does anyone have any idea whats going on. Please only answer if you have some medical experience.
Additional Details
I'm sure its sinusitis because I have classic sx. Tenderness of my maxillary and frontal sinuses, green sputum, etc. I had someone from my office to examine me also, so its not just a self-diagnosis.

Sounds like an allergic reaction. Prolly to the meds. Were you prescribed these or what?? You are in the medical field so you must have friends who hooked you up so to be speak?? Been there seen that. Had one of my "friends" hand me a Bactrim cause I knew it was a UTI Turns out I am extremely allergic to it it's embarrassing to admit you helped yourself. Tell your real doctor, who would prolly prescribe flonase or claritin,don't sit around on your lunch break playing doctor with your other "work" friends. Not sure what your job title is and I don't want to be belittling just this is your health not a pass the time puzzle game.

This sounds more like an infection of the sinuses. Possibly Bronchitis. The Z-Pack could contribute to the acute gastritis. The low grade fever isn't anything to get too worried about and the syncope could be caused by anxiety. The horrible taste is your mouth could be a side effect of the Z-Pack. It would be in your best interest to see your primary caregiver to see if you should be taking an antibiotic.

if it's causing too much adverse reactions, i think you should discontinue the medication. it's not worth having all these reactions, just to treat a sinusitis. consult your doctor, and tell him/her your reactions to the medication, and see what therapy is best for you.

stop taking the meds call a dr asap. it could be a side affect. do a search on this us govt all encompossing med site www.medlineplus.gov

Sorry don't have medical expierence, but my suggestion is go see a doctor and stop trying to cure yourself.

I'm not in the medical field but it sounds like a reaction to the medicine. talk to a doctor or pharmacist

It's a reaction to the Z pack. Stop taking it. The fever is too low to get concerned about. Another thought..........you are feeling the syncope probably due to the sinusitus entering your inner ear causing some inflammation. If the fluid in the chochlea has become thickened it will not be fluid enough to make the necessary changes quickly enouth for you to feel balanced.

See a doctor and stop treating yourself.

Do you think maybe it is a reaction to the Z-pack?

I have had a similar experience with Z-pack. I work in a lab and I had a very bad sinus infection. The pathologist gave me the script and about an hour after my first dose, I got really light headed and woozy like my blood sugar was low. Then I got the fever. I went in and asked the doctor what was wrong and he said that since the antibiotic is very powerful, it kills lots of bacteria at once. Because of that, lots of bacteria toxins are released into the blood stream all at once and can cause these reactions.

Now the epigastric cramping is due to the powerfulness of the antibiotic. It's killing off your natural GI flora, too. You may experience lactose intolerance for a couple of weeks (or not). You may expect a bit of loose stool, too, with the antibiotic killing off your normal flora.

You should feel better within 24 hours of your first dose, too. It's an amazing drug, but it is a bit harsh.

Sinusitis does not act like that!!!!!
It sounds like an allergic reaction to the ABT. Do you have any benadryl in the house? If you do, take some. It may make you tired but it will help if it's an allergic reaction. Call the doctor that prescribed this and let him/her know what is going on. Do this before you take the benadryl. And don't take any more of the Z pak.

It sounds like the z-pac is messing up your stomach.the bad taste can be acid from the stomach and the SOB can be from a distended stomach pressing on the diaphram from the acid buildup.Get off the med,call the Doc. for some different med and eat alot of yogart when you take antibiotic.
Good luck!

Very strange, could it be a reaction to medication, or maybe an allergic reaction of some sort? Hope you get it sorted soon it sound svery uncomfortable.

Sinusitis means nothing more that inflammation of the sinuses which could be caused by anything, even a virus like the flu, that could be it but the shortness of breathe and near syncope as not normal and you should call your Dr. or go to the ER immediately no one in cyber space can help you stay alive if something is seriously wrong.

How are u sure of the acute sinusitis diagnosis? This is amongst the most misdiagnosed conditions.If ur diagnosis is correct then that explains the fever.The drug u took might have caused acute gastritis especially if taken on empty stomach. the bad taste too is likely drug induced. Weakness may be due to relative hypoglycemia(Lack of food).Anxiety of all this explains hyperventilation and this can cause syncope.

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