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I'm getting a cat and my son is allergic to cats. What can i do to get my house ready for him??
my son doesn't live with me all the time, but i have him every other week.

Troubled son
Get him a allergy shot frome the Doctor.

Lauren C.: Led-head 4 (∞)
Get rid of the kid.

Don't get a cat if he is allergic! You can't get rid of all the dander even with a good vacuum cleaner. Your son's life is more important than a cat! Allergies and asthma get worse with time, I do not even visit friends who have cats and they understand!

You should not be allowed to have a child! Please don't keep that cat! You must put your son first, or have him taken away from you. Do the right thing!

Is that why he doesn't live with you full time because you have absolutely no common sense.

For one thing you need to get a "high quality" air cleaner...not one of the $20-30 models from WalMart, but a laboratory quality cleaner. They aren't cheap, but if you have them running in the house, it will knock down the allergen level. Basically, it doesn't matter what the boy is allergic to, if your air cleaner can clean the air about 4 times an hour, it won't get high enough to really bother him much. We got ours from www.allergyreliefstore.com, but there are other sources out there.

buy some allergie pills he should be ok,but i don't think i would have got a cat

sorry, but even if you remove the cat for the time your son is there it will still bother your son, not a dr. but i wouldn't have a cat if your son has any chance at all of having an attack, you will have to choose between your son or having a cat, you won't be able to have both, sorry good luck to you

But I wouldnt get a CAt even if hes there everyother week.
Son should come first
Even sometimes allergy meds dont work and people get asthma attacks. Esp. kids.

For one you shouldnt have gotten the cat. You will have to get the house super clean lots of vacuming. allergie pill everynight he is there. And watch him to see if he has a reaction.

by getting this cat you are only proving the obvious lack of responsibility and respect you have for the loved ones in your life that no doubt caused the situation in which you have your son "only every other week" to begin with. Grow up.

crystal h
just vaccuum good spray everything with febreeze allergan reducer and dont let the cat in the room he is sleeping in
i have allergies and a cat

it doesnt matter what you do to the house because cat hair can get everywhere even if you dont see it and so eiter get rid of the car or dont let your son get into your house....get a dog or something or one of those bald cats or make the cat live in the garage or your son you know whatever floats your boat

YOU SHOULD NOT GET A CAT!!!! My son has asthma and is allergic to cats. A cat will send him straight to the ER with a severe asthma attack.

THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO GET YOUR HOUSE READY for your son. Cat dander gets on EVERYTHING!!! It takes a lot of hard work and months-if not years-to get rid of the cat dander.

If you having the cat in your home is the priority-you should make arrangements to visit your son at a neutral, cat free location, other than your home.

If your son is your priority-"86" the cat.

BTW, NO allergy pill is going to help with repeated exposure to cats with a child.

You are playing Russian roulette with your son's health-knowingly getting a cat when he is allergic to it. Repeated exposure will only make his allergies to cats worse, could cause other related environmental allergies, and could lead him to having an asthma attack.

Not Really Morbid
Why would you do that to your son?

well it might come down to the cat or your son. shots might help, but that takes time. normal cleaning will help somewhat, but it might be you can't have a cat if you want your son around

Torri *
As a child with allergies to cats and constant exposure to the feline, I now suffer severe asthma attacks, hives, and 2 hour sneezing fits ,if I'm in a house where one lives, it only takes me 5 minutes to react. The exposures were not every day, but at least 3-5 days a week. It weekend my natural defenses,and now, I'm allergic to all kinds of things.And yes, my doctor diagnosed me.
My opinion, don't get the cat.You will never get rid of ALL the dander, and that's what we react to.
I bought a house that the previous owners had had a cat, it took months of cleaning and shampooing, air filters, hypo allergenic detergents and medications, before we could finally say we got rid of all the dander.It was pure torture for me!!!!!
Be fare to your child and think of his long term health you will be affecting, I truly hope you heed this advice

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