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I'm coughing up blood in the morning does this mean I'm going to die? ?
I'm 21 I smoke alot, mainly joints and bongs, I have recently started coughing up blood in the morning does this mean I have throat cancer or going to die? I'm very worried but don't want to go to the doctor and I have quit smoking.
Additional Details
Its not just that I took a pill that much have been a mixture of loads of different drugs, I nearly died, I was sick and was coughing my guts up, maybe I just coughed to hard?

you should see a doctor immediately. regardless of the bills or whater, see a doctor and get it checked out to see what you can do. if you don't have med. insurance i've heard that there are federal programs you can qualify for to get some kind of coverage. just research it a bit and definitely visit a doctor very soon.

I cannot help you, but I do not smoke and being around others who do or their places gives me a red sore inside one of my nostrils, <hiss> join me, and be hypochondriac together!!!
and see what others come up with...

Everyone's going to die someday, but if you're for real you've probably brought your due date forward by about 50 years.

Now grow up and go to your nearest doctor/hospital/emergency room right now.

You have got to go to see a doc and well done for quiting the stuff, hope what ever it is is not too serious for you but you have got to be seen ASAP! take care x
You still need to go,! Certain drugs can harm you internally, you might need tests to see if there is any further damage also a mixture could be even more dangerous, and I'm sure you need no telling that this was a silly thing to do!

garion b
Holy ****!

Probably not throat cancer, but yes you will more than likely die. Enjoy your bongs and joints while it last.

SEE A DOCTOR it might be from the smoking but it probably is just go to a doctor coughing up blood is never good

old know all
Go and see your doctor. Not getting it treated means you're going to die.

Jasdeep Bieber "Baby Baby Baby!"
Its times like this, where going to the Doctor will be more beneficial than just deciding to quit smoking.

harry bewlay
no just go see a doctor we dont know!

food lover
What an A***hole.......Go to the graveyard and I wonder how many people would swap you places!!

You have one shot at life....waste it at your peril!!

It's time to see a doctor and see what's up. No shame, let's go. You are too young to die. They don't judge you, they treat you and try to get you healthy. It's up to you to get treated or distroy yourself.

I would suggest seeing a doctor, you could have an infection of some kind. As hard as it is I would lay off smoking, or get a vaporizer (much healthier to use, as wonderful as jays are)

Devil Girl x
go to the doctor ASAP

Miss Lena
sweetie u need to go to the doctor. My aunt smoked cigarettes all her life and she passed away when she was in her mid 40's and it all happened too soon, she would cough up blood and one day it got pretty bad and the ambulance came and she died on the way there..
GO SEE A DOCTOR, AND STOP SMOKING.. whats more important to you... LIFE OR DEATH... U CHOOSE!!!
i'm not trying to scare you but its a true story and u are too young for all this..=(

you're 21 and you already appear to hav the symptoms of cancer or damage to your thorax or lungs from heavy smoking??
Go to a doctor immidiately, thats all I can say

Hi Test
If you are otherwise healthy, you probably are not in much trouble.
I'd stop smoking until you feel better, have seen a doctor and are no longer coughing up blood.
I doubt it's permenant damage, but you probably did just cough too much...when your throat and airways get too dry, you can cough up blood.
You probably need an antibiotic for the upper respiratory infection you seem to have.
I agree with the post above me to try a vaporizer when youre healthy enough to "partake" again. =)
I'd worry more if you said you were smoking tobacco.

IT means you are smoking too much and coughing too much. Ask the doc about Chantix to quit smoking. I used it and have not smoked since April 2007.

it might mean that you have a type of cancer or you have tuberculosis.

haay... it depends to the amount of the blood and it's frequency or occurrence every time you cough. you better consult a doctor and stop self medication.

Not knowing and the resultant stress from worry can make you very sick.
Go to the doctor - it could be something minor.

Congratulations and well done on quitting smoking. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do.

You should probably try to quit smoking and go see a doctor. This same thing happened to my friend.

now you know thats not normal, right?

it could be cancer an infection or anything you need to see a doctor asap

your probally just damaging your lungs
but go to the doctor and stop being a stoner!!

Yes, you will die.. unless you wake up, go see a doctor and stop smoking.

Don't worry abourt it.
They'll figure out what is wrong when they do the autopsy.

go to the doctor it could be something serious



ever heard of common sense...

it's obvious your body is telling you something is wrong..

if you broke your arm would you not go to a hospital!! stop acting so dim..

if the doctor tells you to stop it's probably for the best!!!

use a bit of sense what's worse?

Stopping smoking or dying before your 30!!!!

come on...

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