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How will smoking affect my looks?
I am 35 and have been smoking a pack per day for the last 15 years. I have fine wrinkles on my face and specially around my mouth. Is it due to smoking? If it is how can i minimise this, because i have no intention of quitting.

Smoking doesn't affect your looks, your bad genes do. Keep Smokin'!

Tenley and Piper's mommy
Yes, this is from smoking... Maybe getting cologen injections to "plump" the skin back up???

I do not believe that smoking is causing fine lines.
Fine lines starts to show up after the age of 30.
Buy a good cream and use it in the morning than put your makeup on and again in the evening.
There are plenty of good creams found at the drugstores.

I read up above that makes fingernails yellow. Put a little javex on the nails it will turn them white. As far as yellow teeth buy toothpaste with whitener. All this depends on your genes.

How will smoking affect my looks? - Badly

Well if smoking and killing yourself is more important then life then more power to ya, but unfortunately you cant pick and choose.

yeah smoking increases wrinkles around your mouth, your lips.

Also causes your fingernails to turn yellow.

smoking definatly causes pre-mature wrinkles

it does effect your looks. it makes you look older by 10 years than you already are and you get wrinkles, yes, and dark bags under your eyes

Itll make you get wrinkles, youd look really old.

Yes the wrinkles are due to the smoking.
use some wax but stopping the smoke
makes the wrinkles go away more faster.

yes... smoking affects your skin.. nicotine reduces the blood supply to your skin and will make it look older.. it doesn't allow rejuvenation..
u can improve ur skin texture by stop smoking atleast for 90 days. OR drink lot of water and do facial massages.

Not due to smoking so much I think as accelerated by smoking. I think the figure I've seen is that you'll look 2-1/2 years older than you otherwise would for eery ten years you smoke, so it's not a huge amount but it does eventually make you look a few years older than you otherwise would. As far as I know, there's no way to stop the process other than by stopping smoking or cutting down, but smoking isn't the only thing that causes wrinkling -- the main factor is ultraviolet light from the sun, which is why buns stay smooth but faces wrinkle and dark skinned people's faces age more slowly than light-skinned ones. So the solution to that is clear: wear sunscreen, avoid sunbathing or tanning salons, wear hats to keep the sun off your face. Pale is good if you want to keep your looks. And dermatologists can treat to some extent any wrinkling that has occurred.

smoking also makes you stink too!!!

Whatever wrinkles you have now, will just get worse....those lines around your mouth will deepen, you teeth will become more yellow, your complexion will never look healthy...what difference does it make to a person who will probably meet her demise due to smoking anyway?

God of the Trumpet
Partially, but you also getting wrinkles like an old towel left in the water for 5 days.

H . A . Y . L . E . Y
It destroys more of the inside than the outside. It must be really hard for you, I have a mental disorder where I have to do things otherwise I go crazy. Take patches I heard they work very well. And you need to quit eventually otherwise there may be even worse consequences.

Woah dont you think thats tooo much!
You should really try lowing it down.
1. it can give you brown spots/Freckles and holes in your face sometimes...
2. It wrecks the earth. (Whyd they even make cigarettes theyre stupid.
3. it gives you cancer.
4. It decreases your life span.

and yes its fromm smoking
BTW im only 13.

Bobby G
look at your parents.. if they smoked too I guess you will never know.. it would be even more scary if you could see your lungs..

Yes, it is due to smoking, you probably have fine lines around your eyes too; also caused by smoking. It thins your hair, makes your teeth yellow, not to mention the smell is AWFUL, and turns everyone off. Well, the only thing you could try is an anti-aging cream by olay, called age reverse. Or... if you have the money. Botox.
But the best way to avoid all this is to QUIT.

Emily S
Smoking ages people earlier (hence the wrinkles). It also makes people's nails and teeth yellow. Also, they get a nasty cough, and talk raspy.

yes, those wrinkles are most likely due to smoking. if you don't want to quit smoking, you can try anti-wrinkle creams or maybe a facelift. good luck.

yes! Keep smoking. Smoking rich, tasty delicious cigarettes.

~ Jamie ~
yes. it deffinatly causes you 2 get wrinkles quicker then u should. plus its gross 2 do in general and u'll probley end up getting lung cancer.

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