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How to get rid of sore throats and coughing?
how can i get rid of it besides taking medicine bcuz the medicine is actually making me sleepy and i go to skool so i must be awake plz and thank u

Don't eat any plahdoh
It won't help
But buy some anyway

Generally getting rid of the bacteria works.

Take vitamin C pills or just eat lots of citrus fruit, get tons of sleep, drink tons of water and then get more sleep. That'll do it. Oh, and stay warm and dry.

Anjana M

You better don't use oily stuff for eat,and rub some ukliptus oil in your chest area it will help you!!!

you need to gargle with hot or warm water, make sure it does not burn your tongue and make sure that you do it every half an hour or so in the beginning. you need not add any mouthwash or any salt of anything of that sort in water.

drink tea.i think thats the only alternive other then medicine.
and wear a scarf? i guess. iuno. i had your problem on halloween and i was a real zombie (:

cough drops & lots of water!
feel better :)

As long as you don't have any "spots" on your tonsils indicating possible strep infection, just gargle a nice warm salty homemade salt water several times a day. Yes its bad tasting, BUT it dissolves the drainage and such that IS making your throat sore in the 1st place.
Take the medicine when not in school and get your rest, sleep IS very important to gradually overcome the crud. Drink plenty of fluids, eat as you can. Most colds take 2-3 weeks to overcome.....sorry....

This really does work for coughs:
Rub Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet (generously) and put socks on while you are sleeping. You will cough a lot less therefore you will sleep much better.
And gargling warm, salty water works good for a sore throat.
Best of luck.

coughing; dimetapp every 4 hrs
sore throat, see a doctor, you may have tonsillittis and may need antiobiotics

try gargling salt water then use a halls

the throat spray is a good temporary help..and it is none drowsy...have u tried going to a doctor?

Gargle salt water and get plenty of rest.

Ok How to get rid of sore throats and coughing:
Im going to make this simple and easy, Get some gingerale and some honey mix it both together and drink it. Suddenly u feel much better trust me i was sick last week and i did that and i was cured the next day. =D
Hoped i Helpd =D

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