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Please don't ...

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How to get rid of a cough ?
Ive had a bad cough for about a month and it was going away.Today after I came from school I took a nap and Ive been having a bad cough.I had some mucus in my throat and Im still coughing up some mucus.Will water and some tea work?
Additional Details
Whoa sami you're a crazy little b*tch.

Sami R
hold your breath till you die, then you wont have a cough

Take a jog outside in warm clothes.
Whenever I jog or go for a run, it helps me.

Dude, get some medicine!

Have you tried cough drops? Try those if you haven't.

Not much! all I got is u could use cough drops and cold medicin!

Diamond Gate
cough med.

Ok, this might sound weird, but when i was little my mom used a old method to cure me cough when nothing else worked. One is to heat some white wine or some alcohol in a pan until it bubbles, put a small towel (kitchen towel is good) in the pan until it soaks all the fluid, and hot like that, hurry and wrap it around your neck, and the cover it up with the turtle neck or such. Dont worry you wont get burn, if you could hold just 5-10 sec the very hot feeling on ur neck cools to very pleasant to you sore throat. Repeat this few times and you`ll notice its gone, the hot alcohol vapor penetrates ur throat and cures it.Give it a try. Hope it helps, it works for me and my husband always.Get well soon.

You can try this for some relief. Boil 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon powder and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper powder in a glass of water add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and drink sip by sip for effective relief from sore throat ,cold and cough. Check out http://useinfo6.blogspot.com/ for more remedies and information.

try to eat medicine and drink plenty of heathly fluids like water, tea, or juice. also try to get plenty of rest and try to take hot showers. u can try jogging since it seems to help other people.

There is a tea that is really good it's called Gypsy Cold Care it's a blend of different herbs, very beneficial. I also recommend green tea and honey, my grandpa's old remedy was boiling sassafras root then adding honey or sugar and whiskey. The water should be boiled down and the root taken out. It was like a hot toddy and you sweat the sickness out. I really think you have either bronchitis or even walking pneumonia, and suggest you go to your doctor or the emergency room or walk in clinic. You may need antibiotics to beat this since it has lasted for more than a month. I also recommend old fashioned Sudafed, the kind you have to sign for,pick one for cough and cold severe. The kind on the shelf with the new ingredients didn't work for my cough. I really hope you feel better. Your doctor can prescribe a really good cough syrup too. I think you should grab all of the above and feel better! Wishing you well, blessed be!

Dude, I've had the exact same thing. It came RIGHT after the stomach flu and that was two weeks ago. I'm STILL coughing. It will go away, just use WATKINS cough syrup and cough drops...

Do You Understand
There are two things that my wife and I use. We both have the same symptoms that you have. benzonatate 200 mg will stop your cough and Mucinex DM which is an expectorant and cough suppressant will also help. We have had to use both of them some night because of the mucus in our throat that just keeps you coughing. Benzonatate is a prescription and Mcuinex DM is an over the counter drug.

They help a lot

Drink a lot of fluid. Hot tea with honey will be good.

If you have had it that long then you should see a doctor.

Keep coughing up that mucus - hot tea with honey will help.

Also dark chocolate is suppose to sooth a hacking cough.

But see a doctor.

Take medicine or see a doctor

Danirae K
If you'v had a bad cough for a month go to a DOCTOR
try some cough medicine

Cali Mermaid
tea might help. also try taking a hot shower...the steam will help loosen up some of the mucus in ur chest.

If it's in your chest try some hot tea with lemon, honey, and if you have access to it... a little white lightening. If it doesn't cure it, you'll still feel better :)

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