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Matt T
How much time off work for bronchitis is 'acceptable' ?
I've been off work with bronchitis for a couple of weeks and am still feeling very run down and lethargic because of it. I have been signed off work for this period & given me antibiotics (which have only started to 'work' at the end of last week).

I was thinking of going to the doctor again today as I'm not near 100% fitness. If they were to sign me off again - say for a week, would that be too long for this condition in the eyes of my employer ? I do want to get back to work - as it's probably piling up - but am out of breath just walking down the stairs at the moment !

(By the way, I'm in the UK, if that helps at all)

Pedro B
Go to work your company needs you

Pacing Myself. =/
as long as your cough is no longer 'productive' (ie green/yellow phlegm) and your temperature is 37 or below, you should be ok. If, however, you still have a productive cough, you may need a change of antibiotics. usually broad-spectrum antibiotics are sufficient, but occasionally you can get a tougher cookie that needs a specific antibiotic to tackle your particular bug.

After any infection we tend to feel lethargic, but with plenty of healthy eating, fluid and exercise - deep breathing exercises are particularly beneficial - you'll be ok.

As someone else said, drink plenty and take light exercise - if all the above is ok, go back to work - depending on the work! (caution if you're working with vulnerable people). If its a sedentary job then you should be fine - just get outside in the fresh air for your breaks. Needless to say - you of course don't smoke, do you?

PS - my husband has just yesterday been diagnosed with bronchitis and has not, nor intends to, take any time off work at all. He's on 4 different types of medication, but the idea of losing money is a real incentive to keep going! Depends on your wage structure and commitments, I guess....

That my love depends on your employer, some are very sensible and understanding others aren't. Unless you have had chest problems it seems most people do not understand how debilitating it can be. I sincerely hope you feel better soon - do go back to GP and make sure you are well enough, better to lose the job than your permanent health or even life,Blessings

You're probably better off going to work if you have been at home for two weeks. Your body will need the movement and exercise to clean out your system. If you are sitting on the sofa or lying in bed all day then your body will become more lethargic anyway. I had three days off when I had bronchitis and although I didn't feel great when I went back to work I found that I improved pretty quickly.

I am in the USA but came here from UK, and I know that there are many very good Dr.s over there - so stop feeling badly and get yourself back to the Doctor, and ask him to write a letter to your Boss explaining why it is necessary for you to miss work. How long will it take for you to recover - - -
well everyone is different - - - but your Dr. will know.

Take as long as you feel. Don't rush back or you'll be off again!

As long as you have a doctors note to cover you for the time you are off i shouldn't worry too much. This can be very difficult to clear up and does leave you feeling very run down, so take as much time as you need. If you employer complains or asks when you are returning you have the right to get someone to come and see you, and i have been in that position myself so know that it can seem like you are dragging it out.

See the doc again because you are taking a long time to get over this. Ask him what to tell your employer. The employer will probably be more accepting of more time off if you have a doctor to back you up.

Well, I did have a good answer for you, but, I saw the UK thing, so that is different due to the fact that you guys get WAAAYYY more time off than we do here in the states. But, generally speaking, 2-3 days off is all that really is needed. That's why they invented the Z-pack over here, you have a 3 day or 7 day Zpack and your better by the 1st or 2nd day. If you are still feeling THAT bad, then, maybe you had more than bronchitis, perhaps it developed into pneumonia. Drink water, take your meds at the right time, and cough and deep breath! I would go back to the doc though.....get well soon...

I am sorry to hear this.
I have had this many times; so understand.

If you are really sick, I guess they might understand. But mine dod not once.

Also I have seen if you can get back to work, and it is not strenuous, it is better to get back soon. It is easier to recover. The more you rest, the more body becomes weak. Believe me.

So make an effort. Take medication and report back for short periods at least. Week's rest should be OK.

Ken D
Not a question of what is acceptable the question is are you fit to go to work? if you do not feel fit enough then don't go always remember that looking after number one first which is you, puts you in a better position to look after number two which is your job.

Sunshine Smile
Aww you poor thing. I think your employers would understand. If you are ill you are ill and you have a doctors note to back you up too. If your past attendance record is good then you have absolutely nothing to worry about, just concentrate on getting yourself well!! Hope you feel better soon!

As long as it takes. I know that bronchitis can really take it out of you. Mine took roughly six weeks but it depends on the individual. It is no good going back until you are one hundred per cent fit as you will only spread germs to others. You could possibly get it worse next time. Go to your Doctor just before your sick note runs out and ask for another and tell him truthfully how you feel. Work will still be there after you are long gone so get yourself right first.

I was off for 1 week, but I had to work from home. I actually coughed until I barfed and was just starting my antibiotic prescript when I went back to work, as it took 4 days to figure out what was wrong. I am in Canada, we don't have as many holidays or "time off" as in the UK because our society is going to hell in a handcart as concerns our employment policies.

Stephen Burkusmaximus
Ha, ha ^^ 2-3 days off work for bronchitis, how long for a broken leg? 4-5?
Everyone is different, i have asthma and it would take me alot longer to recover that a footballer for example. Take off as long as you need, cause if you overdo it you will be back in bed and off work again!

My husband had chronic bronchitis last year and was really unwell I would say for about a month. He was not off sick for all that time because he kept trying to go back to work only to find that he simply wasn't up to it - he is usually pretty robust and doesn't get sick. If you are ill, you are ill, and there is nothing you can do about it!

cowboy in scrubs
I was the same way as the person above me as far as having a good answer until I saw UK. What I might offer to you is that any medical term ending in -itis as in your bronchitis, simply means an inflammation. Very non-specific. It may help you and your relations with your employer if you were to follow up with your physician to determine the cause of your -itis. Simple bronchitis should clear up in 3 to 7 days. As mentioned above me, you may have something much more serious. You should really go back to see you doc, and if not satisfied, see another doc..maybe a specialist.

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