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 i can't stop smoking why @?

 Can Marijuana get in your system from just being around other people smoking it?
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 First time smoker, how do you start?
When Im depressed, I want to smoke, many times Ive wanted to turn to a ciggerate to calm my nerves, I want to be a light smoker, what cigeratetes do you recomend?
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But ...

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 Im 13 and i smoke cigs.?
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ever since i did that i would come home ...

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 I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?

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spitting up muccus too....green!

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Joseph Ced
How much smoking will get you addicted?
How much can you smoke without getting addicted?

spoiled princess
i think if u try it once and enjoy it then u become amused and that is how u become addicted smoking stinks just don't do it

brian d
It depends on the person...

From a personal stand point- I've smoked casually for the past 5-6 years. I only smoke when I am with other people, at a party or a club etc. Really I just do it during the downtime, something to chill with, and keep my hands busy, I enjoy the taste, but that is about it. I never feel any relief or anything with smoking.

An older friend told me that's how he started out smokin, and then it became an addiction within a few weeks or so.

I (brilliant on my part...) just stated a simple challenge to him- I smoked about 17-18 Cigs in 1 night (while drinking of course) and told him I wouldn't touch another for at least 6 months.

I should have put money on myself. I lasted that 6 months without smoking, then tried a few more at a party about 3 months after that, took a month break, smoked again at another club, and the last cig I had after that was about 7 months ago.

In my case, I am quite blatantly not physically addicted to smoking. I also was able to stop smoking when drinking in a single night if I wanted to.

Cigs are just something to do. Most people that tell you to stop smoking are morally against it and have their own set of problems that are much worse than smoking. Wah.

Also, if your just starting out smoking, don't buy packs. Bum em. That's a easy way to limit yourself.

another man with a plan......
it all depends on you. I smoked for 4 months and I was able to quite in one day when I started to cough up black flem.My friend Christina on the other hand has been smoking for about 2 years and she cant stop she has had all those patches and every thing but she just keeps on smoking. So my advice to you is that if you are not strong than don't start because you might be able to stop.

once or twice. i dont smoke cause im kinda youngg. so.. yeah. but my dad does and he does it almost every day! dont even try to smoke. i think the first time its weird tasting but after you get addicted. -dad told me-

1. People respond differently to addictive substances. Some people get addicted quickly, some it takes longer. The trouble is, you can't tell beforehand.

2. Addiction isn't an all-or-nothing condition. My guess is the more you smoke the more you'll need to smoke.

Its better to just not get started.

edwin d
it depends on u. if u cough on the first inhale, that tells you that you're not a smoker....but if it goes threw you're lung smooth then ur addicted.
good luck!!! LOL

Depends what U R putting in the Peace pipe.........

Oh god, it doesn't 'take one' to get addicted.
It depends on how much you smoke and how frequently.
And just because you don't get addicted after smoking your first cigarette, it does not mean you'll be addicted after smoking twice.

just 1, SO DONT TRY IT

it depends on your will power, i had like 5 a day for like 3 days then i just stopped :)


It only took my wife a pack over a few days and she was addicted.

It takes just one time

Waco Calrisean
I wouldn't say 1 will get you addicted. I tried 1 cigarette when I was younger and I never smoked another. I say try 1, but try it alone not in front of others. It takes alot to get your body "addicted", don't let it get to that point.

~ et Louise ~
It takes only one cigarette to get addicted.

It only takes one

Im there
a few will get you addicted if you like them but if you dont like them then you wont

It's different for everyone. Like any other drug, some people it only takes once, and other people smoke occasionally and socially only but aren't addicted at all. Although it's safer to say that you get addicted sooner rather than later.

Maybe like never..

You won't get addicted from one cigarette. There's no specific amount of cigarettes that get you addicted. You could smoke 10 packs in 10 weeks and be addicted or you could smoke 20 packs over the course of 3 years and not be addicted. But the addiction comes on slowly so it's really better not to start at all. Even if one ciggy won't get you addicted, it still has a negative affect on your body.

You don't even want to start

Here are some very good reasons why. Go to my link that i provided bwlow and you will see.

Usually the first one will get you addicted. Thats what i heard!

Once you get past a few cigarettes and no longer get a buzz from them, then mentally you aren;t affraid of the smoke or bad smell anymore. After that, welcome to a life of $4-$10 packs everyday and a pretty stinky habit. It's not so much the cigarettes themselves, but what's hard to break is the whole habit...from carrying around the pakcs and lighter, to burning the cig on your lips, to taking the breaks outside to smoke, etc. It's your whole smoking lifestyle that's hard to change. I was able to quit cold turkey when I got fed up with spending the money. Everytime I get tempted, I think about my vow to quit, take a few deep breaths, and say "no way, you're done with that" to myself. So far it works (I don't drink much alcohol so that helps, drunk temptation is a killer). You can ask any smoker and they will pretty much say the same thing: Smoking regularly is nothing like the fun it was when you were having your first few cigarettes in life. Instead of curiosity, it becomes a boring routine that you can't get out of.

it kind of depends on the person. I used to smoke like 1 a day for a couple months just to get a buzz but i stopped because i really dislike the taste and smell so i never exactly got addicted, but other people may be different

answer my q's
1st time 4 me

It happens on your second or before.

Only one and youre DONE!

So Fly
just say no

One or Two cigs will do it.

around the first few times you smoke

Derek A
that first puff u gone!

The first one is where it starts- just gets worse from there!
Everyone is different.

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