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How many women sleep with a snorer?
And if it sn't snoring its some other god forsaken bloody noise? To be honest, i've had enough. It's been so long since i got a good sleep that i'm permanently ratty and considering breaking up. Am i being irrational? No, i don't think so as this is causing major problems in our relationship because i am so damn tired and not up for anything whatsoever!!!!
Additional Details
Good answers. But nowhere else to sleep but with HIM.

Elmer F
He has a few options to deal w/his snoring. If he is obese. He needs to lose the extra pounds. He may need to be evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The nasal strips help sometimes. If obstructing, a C-PAP w/nasal pillars will solve this.

Of course, this now comes back to you. If you don't realize that you yourself may be (actually, you already are flawed) the next one to be not_perfect. If you don't care about him enough to help him past this. You're no prize, & aren't doing him any favors by hanging around.

i had that problem in the end i had to sleep in the front room, but then he would moan at me for not staying in bed with him. im not with him any more thank god, but you could tell him to see the Dr as there is a small operation he could have to stop the snoring. good luck x

i'm the snorer in my relationship lol

Have you tried ear plugs? It's great being single lol.

ye i wiv u on this one its so annoying sleep deprivation is a killer ...i even ad to put our baby in her own room when she were 3 months old as he kept her awake as well ....i take ice t bed and just slip it under the duvet he soon jumps a mile while i feel very satisfied sniggering under the duvet

Yep- I am a sufferer too! Spare room for me- I can't stand it!! arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhh!

Keely H
yes i do thats is why the spare room was invented, it is a real pain in the ar*se, you are trying to drop off and there they go again, you are not alone xxxxx

I sleep with a snorer and I actually have to hit him during the night before he will stop snoring it's that bad.

I know it's not much help but can you have a nap during the day or maybe go to bed an hour earlier or something just so you can get a bit of sleep?

Believe it or not those 'snore rings' help...it's a ring with a raised section that the snorer wears on their little finger that works on the principle of accupressure. Doesn't stop it completely, but reduces it to a few snuffles and grunts. I think they're called 'Silent Knight' rings.

Michael Schumacher fan 1956
yes i have been married for nearly 30 years he never snored this incident happened 4 years ago. i got hold of my hubby and said right your coming with me i took his hand and asked at the doctors is there any doctor free today she looked up and said yes there's a cancellation done if you would like to see the doctor urgently i said kind off okay go through while my hubby was still holding my hand he said whats going on is it for you i said in a stern voice no its for you, he pulled and said stop i am fine i didn't reply so as always i knocked on my doctors door and waited for the usual response come on please we that's my hubby and i sat down shook hands with the doctor as usual and he said what seems to be the problem before my hubby said a word i said Dr? my hubby snores so loud you would of thought he was a pig being strangled in a farm , Bill my hubby looked at me and shook his hand and said no i don't i said yes you do i have had enough nights being awake all night because you snore well the doctors face looked very strange and asked is this true Bill, well my hubby i don't know what i do when i am fast asleep, the doctor turned at me and said any evidence i said yes plenty i said i well tape it on a cassette one night and then you can judge for yourself so i did so the doctor prescribed a nasal spray in which you sniff 2 sniffs in each nostril since then as this has been 4 years now my hubby sleeps like a new born baby and i hear nothing. i don't snore,

I do!! But only when he has a drink and sleeps on his back! A good pinch (or several) usually do the job until I fall asleep...what about separate rooms or ear plugs?

Sher K
drives me mad, every night!!!!
my 21 mth old daughter comes in to us if she wakes, even she has started kicking daddy in the back and going shhhhh!!!
only thing to do is sleep in separate rooms.

my fiance is a snorer, but it doesn't affect my sleeping. i guess it helps that i am a deep sleeper. try getting ear-plugs or go to sleep before he does. is it really worth breaking up?

Slept? With a snorer??????? Nope, plenty of lying awake feeling like smashing his face with a hammer lol! My boyfriends is so bad that the bed vibrates. So ive consigned him to the couch! Its the only way, i tried EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! Have a cuddle with him in bed, then kick him out so you can get some rest! If you live in a bedsit dump him! sorry! You'r not going to sparkle and shine if your ratty and shattered permanantly.

Me too. I make him buy me a huge supply of ear plugs so I can get a decent nights sleep. Also make sure you go to bed before him so you can be asleep before the music starts.

I totally feel your pain, I always go to bed first, but if I don't it takes me forever to fall asleep. Sometimes I "accidently" kick him awake so I have a chance to fall asleep (I know I'm a evil girlfriend)

Dee S
yes me i sleep with a snorer,and it uset to do my head in just like you i was ratty and pissed off, but then i invested in ear plugs and slept fine for 2 years, but only last month i went deaf in one ear and its still being investigated at the mo, so iv only got one ear left so wont attempt to put anything in there just in case, so now im fine when im asleep on one side but when i turn over the elbow comes out again, every one has there faults and bad habbits if you really loved your partner you would not let this come between yous

Zoe F
sounds odd but if you have a spare room, make it yours, it will save the relationship, give you your own space and when you want to be intemit then crawl into his bed, do the deed and wait till he slepps befoe you crawl back into your own bed!

I understand totally. I've been married ten years and for at least eight of those my husband has been a snorer! Unless you've been through it you don't understand how distressing it can be. We have tried everything - nasal sprays, breathe right strips, anything we can think of. Often one of us has to sleep on a pull-out bed downstairs. Not very romantic! But maybe talk to your partner before deciding to break up - there are ways round, for example do you have a spare room you could sleep in when he snores. And if you find any 'miracle cures' please let me know!!

Get him those breathe right strips...

Sounds like you need to break up with your bloke...true love would push through the snoring...or grumbling

Just my opinion..

My hubby snores, grinds his teeth & farts!! He works away from home in the week otherwise I'd be a zombie :o)

He snores and he farts...
However, the latter i am guilty of too
so I need not point a finger.

I just move myself to the living room and sleep on the sofa - opens out to a bed to enjoy a couple of hours. Seriously, if the snoring is bad he needs to see a doctor, and look at his diet. Cut out fatty foods and get him to lose a few pounds. One of the causes of snoring is overweight.

I use earplugs and if I can still hear him, I wake him and make HIM sleep on the sofa! It's his problem after all......

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