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 Why are smokers attracted to garbage science to prove that smoking is good?
I got this answer for another question:
Armand Van Hoye:

Paracelsus knew 500 years ago that every substance can be a poison.

If you drink 15 l water in one hour, it is a ...

 Do I have the swine flu?
Probably not, but meh.

A few months ago I developed a cough, was spitting up phlegm, pressure in my lungs, and so on. The phlegm is cleared up but I still cough occasionally. Often I can ...

 every time i smoke cannibis i get really bad wheezing chest?
i get it in the morning real bad wheezing and its a bit hard to breath i used to smoke but know i dont the weezing always goes after about an hour what do you think the problem could ...

 Should I take steroids?

 How can i get my boyfriend to stop smoking pot?
i honestly HATE marijuana and stupid stuff like that. So im wondering how to make him stop, without making him mad :/...

 does anybody know what I can take to stop coughing?
I have the worst itcy throat caused by postnasal drip and it's kept me up all night long. I'm even starting to get a sore throat from it any advise on what will help?...

 I accidently took Nyquil in the afternoon?
will this make me sleepy. i didnt realize it until i took it....

 can a doctor tell i smoke?
im a few years under 18 i smoke sometimes.when i go to the doctors my parents always go in with me.can a doctor tell i smoke with a stetescope or any other way just in the office please i need help ...

 I'm out of cigarettes...and I need one right now.what I can roll up and smoke untill I get a packet of cigaret?

 Experiencing difficulties in breathing & coughing out blood! What may the cause?
Last week while preparing for school I experienced some breathing difficulties. It got so bad to the extent that I couldn't even control myself and I fell. I lied on the floor for a while before ...

 Sore Throat or something else?
I've had a sore throat now for about a week and a half, my sore throats never last this long. I've been brushing my teeth, washing it. It just started, I haven't been around anyone ...

 Chest pains from smoking cigarettes?
For the past couple of weeks I've been having these strange chest pains, especially when I smoke more. Is this really serious? (I've been smoking since I was 12, I'm now 19)

 what is an ICU?.!.?.!?
I've just learned that my ex boyfriend was put in an ICU...I'm just wondering what it is...and if I should be worried...I just dumped him, for just a few reasons dealing with my family.....

 whats the point?
whats the point in having tonsils or appendics because all they seem to cause is illness?...

 is snoring in a 4 year old bad?

 do obamas smoke are you sure?

 I've got the flu...OK to go to work tomorrow?
I started with the flu very suddenly on Tuesday afternoon. It is now Friday night. I was sick all night Tues. with aches, pains, chills and headache. I was sick all day Wed and called off work Wed ...

 Does Swine Flu Scare you?
The question is in the top. I just would like to know....

 what does coughing blood means? my girl friend just called me she had coughed blood twice today?

 Coughing for almost 40 days...how do I get rid of it!?
I have been sick for a month already and I can't take it no more! I have been coughing alot, no fevre no runny nose just coughing. Been to the Dr. 3 times they just tell me I need REST they ...

Oscar the Grouch
How does smoking shorten lifespan?

it enables lethal chemicals release in your lungs

By damaging your lungs

By killing you.

gives you heart and lung disease

Old Cynic
By destroying air sacs in the lungs, depositing a fatty residue in the arteries, causing athersclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and by destroying brain cells.

poisons the organs and clogs up the lungs. some organs need to be exercised, good luck moving around when your breathing like a non smoker through a straw, or coffee stirrer. :p Then those organs die and so does the rest of you.

and yes, sometimes thats called cancer :p

lol your lungs and then it also kills alot of your blood cells durka durka

Tobacco companies put a lot of chemicals into the cigarettes besides of nicotine and tar. There are a lot of debates of whether smoking will result of a cancer on any other disease that will eventually kill you but the outcome is the same, they will eventually cause health problems which give you a bigger chance to die earlier. There are always exceptions, like my grandma smoked a pack daily and lived up to 86. But those are exceptions and you don't regally want to risk to see if you fall into that category.

Cigarettes are cancer-sticks. they give you cancer. cancers not really good for you. duh.

My mom's a doctor and I have seen a lot of her smoke patients. Most are around 30-50 years of age and have bad weezing breath. They sound as if they have trouble talking and most look a good 10 years older than they really are. The constant damage smoking does to your longues and body really ages you prematurely, not to mention a lot of them have some form of cancer. Cancer isnt the only thing that kills, sometimes your longues just fail you and you either get to the hospital in time or suffocate :(.

destroys your lungs. you need those to live.
causes cancers in various place in your body [i.e. gums, mouth, lungs.]

for your information...

stopping smoking is not somewhere outside.. i for instance is a smoker.. i have been smoking for 5,6 years,... and i just left smoking as i had a real fear of death in my mind.. i stopped smoking from august 2008 and till this april 3rd i was not smoking at all.. and this happened on 4th of april.. i was having adrink with my friend.. and he offered me a smoke.. which i wud generally avoid.. earlier.. accepted that day.. and i started smoking as if i have never left smoking...

so smoking s not a habit as people think.. it is only an event.. if you want to stop smoking .. dont think about it.. and when you really have the urge to smoke.. just say yourself this one time "i willNOT smoke."

i was able to stop smoking just because i really had the fear of succumbing to cancer.....

so it is all in your mind.. your mind can do what is good for you if you really think you must do it!

be strong in your mind.. think of the negative things you would end up with if u continued smoking..

gud luk to stop smoking..

3 things u shall do ..
1.avoid places where u smoke.. like a smoking joint..
2.avoid persons who will encourage u to smoke..
3. tell every one you know that" U HAVE STOPPED SMOKING " this will make ur ego understand that if u smoke again that thall the words of all those who laughed at you saying "u can never" true, correct..

diver urself in any other activity u like .. when u feel to smoke.

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