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How do you prevent getting colds and coughs?

Vitamin C and consistent working out

Exercise, do good on diet, vitamins, pray

In conclusion, keep a "healthy body"

eat lots of garlic! And a just look after yourself, good food, exercise, lots of relaxation time!

Take plenty of vitamin C

My smoking of ... allows me to clean out most bad stuuf in my throat

Vitamins - I take a daily multivitamin for women - and an additional anitoxidant vitamin which is a combination of Vitamins A,C, E. try to eat right, take vitamins and get enough rest. try not to stress out. Stress is so bad for you.

I usually get sick a lot and I dont get sick anymore. The antioxidants help keep yoru cells healthy and avoid sickness. Thats all airborne is is a heavy dose of vitamins.


lots of garlic and onions get as much veg as you can

you can't, no matter how warm and healthy you keep yourself it's a virus and you wouldn't be normal if you didn't get sick once in a while

Plenty of vitamin C and Airborne baby.

you cant prevent them..you can protect to a certain extent by taking vitamin c

Garlic tablets
Daily Vitamins

kasey c
If you gonna get it u will,cant prevent it but i find kids are the main source,they carry it back from school n give you it,thats what generally happens in my house.

I take Anti-oxidant tablets! I started taking them 5 years ago,and have never had a cough/cold/sore throat since!! I even mix with folk who cough/sneeze, without any effect on me""

Just like they said....

Except colds are virus and sometimes you're gonna get one no matter what you do...

hi yvonne
its simple....lemons,fresh ginger,honey.

ok its been 10 mths and counting since i had a cold
last december was the last time and it was bad

but when i did this:
Grate 4 Lemon rind zest in to a sauce pan
squeeze the Lemon juice in to the pan all 4
grate a small chunk ginger(can use powdered)
add 4 glasses of water

bring to the boil then simmer for 10 mins with the lid on
dont let the essential lemon oils escape
drink one glass a day add honey to taste
drink for 4 days and refridgerate the rest

this tops up the immune system a vit c dose up
the ginger is quite hot and burn's the tickly throat if you have a cough

i drink this every 12weeks to keep me in good nick
give it a try it works.

No one is 100% able to be well all the time with our multi-cultural society that brings different germs here without us knowing but, with the usual Healthy eating & sensible precautions we can avoid most.

My mum swears by cod liver oil capsules, she made me start taking them& i'm very prone to colds, but i havnt had one yet so i'm starting to believ they work!lol!

others things like, keeping warm,getting enough sleep, having a balanced diet etc. they all keep your body healthy and build up your immune system.

Dress warm, especially legs and tummy, and drink juices

Hi, an old country remedy which i use personally and works is to eat plenty of raw onions, preferably as soon as peeled either in sandwiches i.e. Cheese and onion, Ham and onion, beef and onion or whatever. Cold germs dont like em. just remember to clean your teeth afterwards.

Eat pleanty of garlic and get get lots of fresh air and excercise. You may smell but it will scare of the bugs!

If you feel something comming on take these 3 together :
1. Zinc
2. Vitamin C (Preferably time release)
3. Echinacea

You might want to put some food in your stomache beforehand because zinc can be hard on it.

barbara c
I take a product calledNutriferon and Vita-lea I haven't had any colds or flus for over 2years that is when I started taking them

intake plenty of vitamin c
wash hans throughly
do not smoke or be around smoke & other pollutants

best way - live in a bubble

Vitamin c is great - especially by taking it in your diet, but supplements are god tpp if not. Garlic is also very good for building up immunity. A good balanced diet is generally recommended for good health.Lots of fruit and veg.

wash ur hands... eat foods w/ vitamin C

there is this stuff called emergen-C n it tastes really good. u put it in water n it tastes like soda

David M
Everyones just guessing........lab experiments showed that static conditions prevent this phenomenon,....so not unless your planning to live in a bubble like someones already suggested then expect to get these things.....

plenty of zinc and vitamin c tablets. Good diet of veg and fruit and exercise.
Get a flu jab if you can too

Lots of hand-washing. However, don't get too carried away. You don't want to breakdown your immune system.

live in a bubble........ alone!

god knows and sees else Yahoo
Wash your hands
dont touch your face
get sleep and boost your immunity
get a flu shot

Eat a good diet, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. If your immune system dips try using Echinacea which is a herbal version of antibiotics, use maxiumum of 3 weeks at a time. Great for boosting students during tough pre-exam study time

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