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Small Lady
How do you help someone having an asthma attack?
a friend of mine was having an asthma attack today and luckily had her inhaler with her, I was wondering if there was any way to help someone who was having an asthma attack that didnt have an inhaler on hand and you were waiting to get them help.

Preform CPR

a simple and fast thing to do is give her a bag and let her breath through it

try and calm them down... and talk calmly don't over react...

Gracie -Pie <3
get them into a comfortable position that they can breathe easily in call 000 and do what the call taker says

take them to the hospital or call them and ask them what to do before it happens again

Drinking something like coffee or with high caffeine content is typically the band aide to get an asthmatic through until they can get to a hospital.

Jo d
Hot coffee I've heard works well. The steam more than the coffee helps to reduce inflamation of the lungs. I suppose any hot beverage would work.

Make them a really strong and I mean really,really strong cup of coffee!

kari t
Actually? Coffee. Caffiene is a bronchiodialator. Ok, I spelled that wrong. It makes the lungs open. However, it's still best to find someone to help while you're feeding that to them.

I used to carry vicks because it made my lungs open somewhat

Rawr !
call the ambulance

Hot, strong coffee helps me. Make the person as calm as is possible.

immediately assist the person/patient in a sitting position, and lean him/her forward to provide maximum lung expansion, then CALL for help or get him to the nearest hospital (a simple asthma attack could lead to status asthmaticus- a fatal complication of asthma that results to the constriction and spasm of the lung's airways). Never give him a paper bag to breath in-this would only aggravate the person's asthma attack. Don't give him/her fluids also-as this may cause aspiration.

the signs and symptoms of asthma are shortness of breath, chest pain, diaphoresis (sweating), wheezing (a high pitch sound when an asthmatic person exhales) and a marked respiratory effort (you can notice this when the person's nose flares and the shoulders and chest are also forcefully rising and expanding). In some cases, the person may become cyanotic (turns blue). This is an emergency case since the constriction of the lung airways results into the deprivation of oxygen of the body.

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