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How do i quit smoking? I've smoked for many years an tried many things and nothing works.?

sweet thang
I am in the process of quitting and i am using Zyban...it is a little expensive but when you add it up, it's not bad. It is an antidepperessant also which blocks the cravings totally. It been working, 3 wekks no smoking.

my aunt tried a hypnotist many years ago and she hasn't smoked since!

richard c
i had smoked for 15 years quit 2 times and that didn't work. very hard to quit its a real drug your body craves .i met this guy who told me this story smoking causes nicotine in your blood stream and deteriorates your heart valves makes them like old rubber and that was enough to make me go cold turkey for my wife and kids i was a very mean person during this so you might try those gums and go cold turkey only take a gum when you cant take it any more and do not drink any alcohol thats a sure relapse if you do

planet nike "just do it" !!

If you are truly motivated to quit I suggest asking your doctor about Chantix. It has worked wonders for many of my friends!!! You can do a web search on it and there is tons of information on it. Also, read everything you can about smoking and quitting. Make a list of the reasons you want to quit and read it daily. Enlist the support of your friends and family and keep trying to quit until it sticks. You are worth it!

Just keep track of how much you spend on cigarettes and whenever you have the urge to smoke flush one down the toilet. You'll see after you figure the totals.

It's mind over matter. Sincerely WANT to quit, and DO it. I know that seems like sketchy advice but honestly the best thing you can do is believe that you can quit.

Try doing the Nicotine Gum

Nothing works unless you add a slice of self discipline.

The only rule is: Don't buy them. Put the money away in a savings account.

Just stick to this rule and you have stopped. Congratulations!


I hope this helps

Christy K
I quit after smoking for five years. It was a bit of a b****, but definately worth it. I picked a day to quit and didn't have another ciggarette after that. I chewed nicorette for three days then just decided to get it over with and not chew the gum.

Really, you just have to do it. Gum helps during the worst first few days, but I wouldn't chew it for too long. It prolongs the withdrawal process.

Exercise and try to wear yourself out during the day. Stay busy. This will easy because you will have lots of energy!

Make a list of the advantages of not smoking and keep this with you all the time. (Save money, won't die of lung cancer, etc) Look at it when you are feeling weak.

Avoid alcohol for as long as possible as this will make you want to smoke. Talk to other former smokers, their support will help. Good luck, you can do it!!!

There is a GREAT new medication on the market called "Chantix". I work for a psychaitrist and he is prescribing it. The results have been incredible! Folks who sounded just like you have quit and don't miss it.

I don't know much about it, but it works a TON better than Wellbutrin/Zyprexa.

Good luck!

Honestly, I am sure you are going to get a list of great ideas here on Yahoo. But nothing is going to change unless you want to whole-heartedly quit. Don't buy them, put on a patch, chew gum, talk to your doc.... you aren't going to change unless you want to. Similar thing happened with me and drinking... I didn't change until I truly had a wake up call and really quit cold turkey.
I think if you research everything that can go wrong to your body with smoking and really look at all the people that love and care about you, you will have that spark to want to quit. I wish you luck. I know its hard.

write down the reasons why you want to quit, and keep them handy for next time before you want to light up again. The reason we usually can´t stop smoking is because we forget the reasons why we want to quit.
That´s how I did it!

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