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How do I reduce my bad breath?
I take medicine, could that be it, and how can I stop making it smell bad instead of brushing my teeth all the time.

Evelyn E
most people will say brush your teeth more but really, before you go bed go toilet and try to have a poo because it sounds disgusting but it's true. the poo that is still inside you, the smell can go up the wind pipe and stay in your mouth so in the morning casing you to have smelly breath it true honest ! i do hope this help ( i know it's kind of disgusting , sorry ) x

or it could just be something new your eating so i'd cut out on it if i were you :D

again hope it help =D

Wicked Bunny
Avoid taking medicine because it doesn't even help reduce bad breath all the time. You have bad breath because it is a sign of toxins being released from what you consumed. If you eat sugary or starchy foods, it may be the source of bad breath. try eating only vegetables(no tomatoes and potatoes), meat(no pork or beef), and eggs. Drink lots of water and avoid soft drinks + coffee. Yes it's demanding, but i suggest it because i had bad breath before I tried this diet for 3 weeks straight. It's up to you.
^ ^

Nadene S
brush your teeth and floss and gargle Listerine.
do that in the morning and evening.
like say u eat breakast thendo that stuff ^

Tic Tacs, Listerine, Gum, anything really :)

Floss everyday
chew sugar free gum like trident
brush your teeth twice a day
use mouth wash
pop some mints every now and then

hold your breath.

I would just use better/stronger tooth paste.

Drew H
brush your teeth; trust me, its not that bad

Up to 90 percent of bad breath comes from the top of the tongue. First source is the bacteria that grow there and produce sulfur containing compounds that smell, that is one type of bad breath. Another type of bad breath is from things we eat, such as garlic, which stick on the top of the tongue and cause bad breath. Some foods, like red candy, have bright colors that will also stick on the top of the tongue. It is very possible that some of the medicine you take also sticks and stays on the top of the tongue. You mentioned that brushing the teeth does not solve the problem. We suggest you clean your tongue. The best device to clean your tongue is OraBrush. OraBrush has single, flexible, pointed, soft bristles that will reach down and remove the material in the indentations of the tongue, much like a surgeon's scrub brush. Learn more about the cause and cure of bad breath at: http://www.orabrush.com

<3 <3 <3

RIP Michael Jackson <3
Brush your teeth twice a day, eat mints when you can taste your bad breath, don't eat stinky foods like garlic or onions if you can help it, take a mint straight after your medicine, don't chew gum because that makes your breath smell worse. Test your breath by licking the inside of your wrist, waiting for 3 seconds so the spit can dry and then smelling it to see if it's bad.

First of all,

Make sure you are flossing too. Sometimes bad breath is a case of rotting food.

Chew Gum. Especially mint types. This REALLY helps sometimes.

Water(this actually helps, bad breath may be a sign of lack of water)

Sinus problems (It coats your throat and tongue)

Or tonsil problems.
Brushing (that's a given)

Try different types of mouthwash. First try listerine and if that doesn't help, move on to heavier duty ones like SMART MOUTH or over the counter solutions.


Go see your doctor, it may be a sign of halitosis, gum desise, too much bacteria, or a serious medical condition if it gets worse. See you doctor if its serious.
Hope this helps!

Luke W
brush your tongue 2 when u brush your teeth.

Toothpaste ?
Minty Gum

brush your tongue when you brush your teeth
i know it sounds weird but it helps.

Go to the health store and get yourself a bottle of chlorophyll - unlike mouthwash and teeth brushing and gum, it helps from the inside for people with actual medical conditions, not the assumed lazy oral care.

Ryan L
take 5 gum or big red

Have some mints or gum around with you.

Joshua G
Listerine ;]

frankzilla naked at the beach
floss daily.

mace shantelle* :]
Brush them in the morning and after every meal and before you go to bed.
Use listerine; that kills bad breath, germs etc.
Chew gum
Carry mints.
And also floss as much as you can.

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