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How do I get my parents to stop smoking?
My parents have been smoking for years. I have asthma and I have a 3 year old little brother. My parents try not to smoke around us and used to smoke out of our chimney in the winter. But now we just moved into a new house, and there is no fireplace so they just smoke in the house. They Can't afford to use those quit smoking programs and buying cigarettes 3 times a day doesn't help. They are truly amazing people, but smoking isn't really making a good influence on others esapecially my brother and I. How can I get them to stop smoking?

Corall H
find ways to distract them,
get the Satellite. channels 600-700 ;) if you know what im saying.
they keep me and my boy busy for a pretty long time;)

I'm sorry to tell you that you can't make a person quit smoking. No amount of guilt, no amount of logic, no amount of begging, or withholding, or anything else will work. Period. They will quit smoking exactly when they are ready to and not one minute before. They don't want to hurt you. they're addicted and putting pressure and guilt on addicts only makes them turn towards their addiction and away from you. Sorry. You'll only make it worse if you nag them and it's a losing battle.

Khadidja E
Well my friend told me that her mom quit smoking by using tootsie rolls as a ciggarette it may seem wierd but it might work

sit them down and tell them that you want them to stop

OMG i have to take health, and my dad was a teen when he started smoking. he's 52 now, and he just quit THIS YEAR.

i cried my heart out during the videos of how bad smoking is and the diseases you can get, idk if my dad has any! It only takes 1 cigarette to mess with your brian, dude, no joke. there are over 400 chemicals in a cigarette. light cigarettes are a lie, seriously.

how did i get my dad to agree to quit?

i told him that he wasn't setting a good example for me. and plus, i am 13, and he is 52, how would he grow up to see me marry my husband with cigarettes? he was lucky to not have a cancer, a lot of people are not. i cried at night when i thought about how much i loved my dad, and how much he smoked.

are your parents overweight? my dad is, i added that onto a list of things that could shorten his lifespan to scare him into quitting.

i didn't yell at him to quite, i begged him to, and he saw how much i cared and that i was being nice about it, not mean.

show them empathy and understanding. let them cut down first, then save the money thy WOULD have spent buying a cigarette and put it in a jar. they can buy something nice with it, or spend it on medicine at first. after the first 2 weeks, made no diff. to my dad

TIP: my dad buys tons of tictacs. the takes deep breaths after letting it melt for maybe a minute. it helps get some feeling sorta like smoking in his lungs, he says.

Don't smoke dude, it's addictive. you will regret it after, just tell your parents what you think about them smoking and that you are worried.

Motivation is the most important factor when giving up smoking. With the right motivation anyone can stop smoking, but they have to want to do it.

So you need to convince them that they have to stop. Choosing your timing, and exactly what you say is important. Rather than say something in the heat of a row, or when they are stressed. Say something when everyone is happy and they are least expecting a comment about their smoking. You also want to get your brother on side so he can say something too.

You need to explain that the reason you want them to stop smoking is because you love them and you don't want to see them killing themselves.

No parent likes to think that they won't see their child grow up. I knew someone who smoked heavily for years but when his 8 year old granddaughter was talking about graduation she said to him "but you won't be there to see it grandad, you will have died by then because you smoke". He screwed up his cigarettes there and then and never smoked again.

Any talk of starting to smoke to try and teach them a lesson is ridiculous. If you never start smoking, you'll never have to stop.

You say they can't afford to use any stop smoking programs, but firstly they will save money once they have quit, so it is an investment, rather than an expense. Secondly, there are more important things in life than money. Good health and being there to watch you children grow up are two of them.

Although it is harder to give up without professional help, IT IS POSSIBLE. Implore them to quit and tell them now you will be there to help them and I am sure they can do it.

There are lots of free resources out there to help, either online or at health centres or hospitals (dependant on which country you are in).

Lastly, don't give up. Keep on at them and I am sure they will come round to your way of thinking. Then stick with them when they are quitting. Give them lots of encouragement and if they ever fail, keep
supporting then to try again... and again. They can do this, often easier than they think.

Remember, stick at it, you are doing the right thing.

haha i learned this from school in health class

if u want ur parents t stop smoking, make them feel guiltiy like they do to you.

say something like "oh dad, i love you and i dont want to loose you. i want you to be there walking me down the row on my wedding dad (if ur a girl) " or something like that, make them feel like what they make you feel like when you did something bad. they go "oh Sally (choosing a random name here) i thought i had raised you good and that you would know enough to not make that choice"

hope i helped

I <3 you!
tell them how much they mean to and what they can get if they continue smoking.

Miss D
As much as you want them to they have to want to quit. You can't MAKE them do anything. They are addicted to cigarettes. They will continue smoking until there is some life changing realization that will come to them (like a cancer scare) and that is when it will happen.

I am sorry you are in that situation, no child should have to live in those conditions especially with asthma. ( I too have asthma)

The most you can maybe do is appeal to them about smoking outside on in the garage or out their bedroom window or confine the smoking to their room leaving the rest of the house for those with respiratory ailments.

I quit cold turkey started walking and chewed ALOT of gum.

Krysten G

My friend quit smoking when she saw her young child take her cigarettes and put one in her mouth as if she were smoking. Please ignore the people on here you tell you to start smoking, especially since you have asthma, but it could send a powerful message if you were to pretend to. Like take a pack of their cigarettes and a lighter and put them in your room somewhere that your parents will see.

nobody lives forever, and if they buy cigarettes three times a day it sounds to me like they won't be quitting cold turkey any time soon. nobody lives forever, and they know this, and have decided that they would like to die of lung cancer as opposed to something else.

if you REALLY want them to smoke less, tell them that you love them and you want them to be there for you when you're older, and that you'd like it if they smoke less so you don't lose them too soon.

Cait c
Tell them the risk of smoking and that it can put their life at risk and yours if possible. Tell them if they die of lung cancer due to smoking, that you would loose much more than them.

Start crying. Pause for effect. Be the drama queen.
When they ask what is wrong, say that you don't want them to die early from cancer because they are smoking.
Consider confiscating their cigarettes. If you find them out, hide them.

Check out the link below and get the parents to look at it. This will change their mind.

Whenever you watch a person smoking, think of the Palmolive bottle demonstration you saw the first day of the Stop Smoking Clinic. Visualize all of the smoke that goes into the bottle that doesn't come out. Also, remember that the smoker is not only going to smoke that one cigarette. He will probably smoke another within a half-hour. Then another after that. In fact, he will probably smoke 20, 40, 60 or even more cigarettes by the end of the day. And tomorrow will be the same. After looking at cigarettes like this, you don't want to smoke a cigarette, do you?

You will never get them to quit. Sorry but that is the fact of the matter. You can show them reasons for quitting, tell them about all the bad side effects and show them lungs with disease and talk until you are blue in the face.....but they will only quit when they are good and ready.

They may even harbor bad vibes toward you if you keep at them about it too.

The best way to handle it is to sit down and tell them what you just told us and to let them know that you really would like to have them quit for their health and for them to be around when you get older. Tell them about all the money they could save if they quit. Then just let it be after that, you spoke your peace and there is nothing more you can do about it.

Good luck.

my dad went and got laser acupuncture. it was very successful.
he smoked 2 packs a day for like 20 years. and he quit that day. its been 3 years and he hasnt touched one. amazing.
if they cant afford it maybe they should try going to get hypnotized.
whatever they do will cost them money. but they will save so much in the long run.
just tell them that they are setting a bad example. maybe show them some stats on second hand smoke effects.. ESPECIALLY in asthmatics. if they see what it can do to your little brother and you. it might convince them
good luck.

your parents are not children try getting them to smoke outside and don't you take it up its not easy to stop it is a drug i gave it up when i realised it was controlling me

Noelle H
You need to talk to your parents about how you feel about their smoking. Set out a presentation telling them what diseases and what side affects smoking can cause. Get some pictures of lungs that have been exposed to smoke. Tell them how smoking affects people around them (diseases they can cause non-smokers to get from their smoking). Tell them how it makes you feel and how you feel about it. Tell them what would happen to you if one of them died from smoking. Tell them what increased risks they can get (stroke, etc...).
When these other people tell you to start smoking they are trying to make you just like your parents. if you start smoking you might not be able to quit and you will have all the same risks.

Rachel B
Put pictures of lungs affected by smoking. Put it in their bedroom bathroom and wallets. If they yell at you, tell them that you are sick of breathing smoke and that it isn't fair, it really isn't.

Don't harm yourself at all, it'll only make things worse.
I got my dad to stop by going up to him and saying, "If you love me or care about my health, you'll quit smoking." That did it.
You might say something like this, "Not only does each cigarette you smoke take away 20 min. of your life, but about half of all the smoke that comes from a cigarette is inhaled by the people sitting within 100sq.ft of you. So because you are killing yourself, you're killing me and my brother. And to make things worse, I have a life threatening disease and you aren't helping me, you're making it a thousand times worse. I thought you cared about me." That will work because it has many facts in it.

Jay D
Tell them what you've just said.

1) You have asthma, is it really a great idea for your parents to smoke around you? NO. My mom smokes, although no where near me- she used to until I got asthma. If smoke is a trigger, then you really ought to talk to your parents' about it, or the doc's who can speak to your parents.

2) They can't afford "quit smoking problems"; yet they can afford to buy a £3-6 pack of cigarettes a day? Not justified. But hey.

I'm still working on my mom to stop smoking, I would keep telling her she will die a horrible death, but I don't really wish to tempt fate. But the longer your parents smoke, the greater the adverse affect upon you and your little brother, and the dramatic reduction of their own life expectancy. Try scaring them, find gruesome pictures on the internet of smoking related deaths, tried that with my mother- her comment was "were all going to die some time" (although its besides the damn point) .

Catherine E
I had a friend who had the same problem, and she got her parents to quit by pretending that she had started smoking, and then telling them that she wasn't going to quit until they did.

Mem O
Let 'em know that it's a selfish decision as there are two underage kids living in their house, they need to consider that. Don't tell em to just QUIT now cold turkey..tell em to narrow down the number of cigarettes they smoke a day. For example, say they smoke a pack a day..the next day get rid of 1 cigarette (so it would be one less than what they usually smoke) then the next day..another one less, and so on. That's the best way to quit. Good luck! hope that helped.

They can afford to see a doctor and ask for medication to get off of the nicotine highway. With the medication, they can continue to smoke for a brief period of time until the medication stops the nicotine from getting to the receptors in the brain. It will still take some will power, but basically is a tried and proven method to quit.

Tell them that you LOVE them and want to see them at your wedding and your kids weddings. If they keep smoking, the odds are against them being there for those events.

Rudas Jabbi
tell them what you've just told us

girl likes boy
have your brother take an object that looks just like a cigarette and have him put it in his mouth. Then have him walk up to your mom and dad and point to his fake cigarette and say cutely : "LOOK! im just like mommy and daddy!"

That should do it.

♪ ♫sadeyes♫ ♪
When I was kid I used to throw my parents cigarettes down the toilet. They both ended up quitting. :D True story.

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