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How can i prove to my doctor that i don't have asthma?
First of all thanks for looking.
I have started my first stages to becoming a Royal Air Force pilot however speaking to a careers liaison officer on Friday there is one major drawback which I hope you people can help me out with.
When I was 12 I was MIS-diagnosed with asthma I never actually had an attack and never had an inhaler or any form of medication. At the time I didn’t think anything about it, but however now I am seriously looking to become a RAF pilot I am determined to get this off my records as it could mean my application rejected because its on there. I wanted to know what I could do to prove to my GP that I don't have asthma in order for him to wipe it off my records. If this stopped me from becoming a pilot I would be absolutely distraught because I know that I don’t have it everyone agrees with me including my RAF careers advisor.
Many Thanks

Bruce Wayne.
Do this years marathon.

Just take a deep breath, and tell him.

seven ©
Hi, I have asthma and am on permanent medication. To make sure I had asthma and rule out other disorders I was given certain tests.

Small children can have childhood asthma but many grow out of it and never get it again...

If you can cope a day without inhalers, you don't have asthma and there is no reason for medication. Your Doctor will know by your history how well your lungs are functioning.I'm sure you have nothing to worry about and your fitness levels will prove this... Good luck :-)

Have your healthcare provider order 'pulmonary function tests'. This will show specifically whether you have asthma or not. The problem is that they may not accept this because you have a documented history of it. Medical records cannot be changed. I was aware of this aspect of the US Air Force when my son wanted to enlist. He had asthma at age two and then never again. I told him to deny having asthma ever......and when we went to the recruiter, I made sure he said that. In speaking later to the recruiter I asked him what would happen if someone had asthma once as a child and never again, and would he be able to enlist. I was told no. My recommendation: If it's not really a problem now, and its never really been a problem.....don't tell. ( this was eight years ago and before the current war. Maybe they are more lenient now because they need people more) I wish you well with this.

i agree with ianB,keep going back

go to a private Specialist may cost, but in the long term you should ,if passed clear,be able to fulfill your goals. this is from a person who wanted to get into the services but my medical condition was severe enough to not qualify

Deb G
I had a chest infection 2 years ago and when I saw the GP he said he would prescribe an inhaler. I asked what for and he said for the asthma, I said I don't have asthma so he said 'well, for the wheezing,' again I said I don't have this symptom.
He prescribed a short course of antibiotics which I did know I needed and said he expected to see me in a week or so when the infection hadn't cleared. This did not happen as i do not have asthma.
The average GP spends so much time ar*e covering in case of complaints later that they are poisoning us all. If you had asthma you would have needed regular drug therapy (if you hadn't seen a complimentary therapist) and this would be in your records. Confront this drug pusher now as he/she will have no concern at ruining your career, even though you may never earn the up to ÂŁ100,000 that this person may earn.
Fight this now, Luke, or you will never break free of the tyranny. Take charge of your future now.
Best wishes and I hope your career works out for you.

Heart Doc
Luke - I am occasionally involved in doing medical checks for the armed forces, but from a cardiological perspective. lads (and girls) get referred up because of something abnormal, possibly in their childhood and I appreciate that it causes a lot of anxiety.

The first, and most important thing to say, is that the forces medical teams are usually pretty reasonable and don't over-react to these things.

I agree that it doesn't sound like you have asthma. Wheezy episodes as a kid which you have since grown out of, are pretty common. I was in the same boat when an anaesthetist refused to give me voltarol post-op after I got my tonsils out cos he thought I was asthmatic.....he sooned learned not!

Anyway.....without going OTT and doing tests which are really unnecessary and I'm pretty sure the RAF wouldnt need. It would be worthwhile chatting to your GP about this situation. I would as a minimum, get a peak-flow meter (as suggested by one of the other responders) and chart your peak flow morning and night for at least 4 weeks. Bit of a pain in the preverbial but asthma is characteristically described as intermittent airflow obstruction (with variability in the peak flow). If you have no documented problems, and have never received an inhaler (and more importantly, oral steroids) for asthma then I think your GP or a hospital specialist would happily write a very sympathetic letter which I am sure would passify the RAF.

Stick in there......

ohhh hellllooooooo Luke!
sorry didnt get passed RAF bit.

seriously thou, ask him/her to do a asthma checkup. you should be given a graph to plot your breathing on a daily basis. you would use the peak flow to help plot the results.
first of all your doc would ask you to plot these for anywhere between a week to a month, and if your results are pretty stready, asthma will probs be ruled out, ie having settled itself. if its all over the place, and plotting these accurately is for your best interests, you may still have asthma.
i suggest you speak to your doctor about this and stress how important it is for you to clear this matter up.


Unfortunately doctors are not allowed to wipe anything from your medical records, even it is wrong. All you need to do is show that you don't have it now. Your medical exams should show this. Don't forget that asthma is something children can grow out of so the RAF should take your health as it is now and not just look at your medical records.

Good luck!

hi mate. my wife has asthma she has to go to the clinic for checks every now and again and she has to blow into this device that checks how much air she has in her lungs. if you are sure youre ok, see the nurse and do this, and if you have good capacity im sure they will clear you. good luck with your future career mate.

dont the RAF do a medical on you? keep going back to the doc to get frequent peak flow checks. if your ok then you need to keep annoying the doc until he or she listens. Its you dream so go after it, good luck!!

Take a Methacholine Challenge Test. This is the best test to determine if you have asthma. Peak flow tests (mentioned above) are fine but many asthmatics don't get symptoms for years... so they may not be enough to convince your GP. The only way to change that is to prove it.

A doctor will have you inhale a mist that contains Methacholine. If you have asthma, this substance is irritating to your lungs.

They start with a very small dose of it, and give you increasing amounts. If you don't have asthma, your breathing will stay around normal. If you do have asthma, it should start to effect you and possibly cause a full blown attack (which they'll immediately treat with medicines).

Hopefully, your test will come back negative -- which hopefully will be convincing enough to your GP.

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