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I have a really stuffy nose, I'm ...

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 grey skin, cough,what can this be?

 Still Have Breathlessness & Coughing?
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How can i get my boyfriend to stop smoking pot?
i honestly HATE marijuana and stupid stuff like that. So im wondering how to make him stop, without making him mad :/

Priti J

Get another boyfriend that doesn't smoke pot.

Start slowly replacing his pot with high potency salvia. Its legal in most states, and even if you know what to expect, it makes every trip very very bad.

That, or try playing really scary music or put on a startling type horror movie with blood and guts every time he starts smoking it.

Or get him a drink whenever he starts smoking around you, and lace it with ipecac.

After a while, the trips won't be pleasurable and he'll associate it with vomiting. He'll stop on his own.

Or, accuse him of being addicted, and tell him you won't date an addict. Make him prove his love for you by quitting. (This will probably either make him mad at you or very worried and concerned, most likely)

Chad Bling
its not possible. the only thing you can do is change the way he does it, for instance, if what you dont like about it is the smell, you can figure out creative ways together to make it not smell as strong, like inscence, or open the window, with a fan, have him put a rag in the top of the bong when he is done, and put the stem in an air tight mason jar, this should really cut down on the smell.

Jace K
your not going to like this but my answer is you should not try to stop him. people who smoke pot consider that to be a part of who they are. sorta like a defining characteristic. i belive you shouldent try to change the person you are with (just love them for who they are!). if you cant live with a persons flaws than that person is not the right person for you. i think you should accept the fact that he has this "harmless" hobby so that he is not forced into lieing to you. because if you do get him to tell you he quit than he probably is just hiding it from you. In the long run he will resent you for forcing him to alinate you from it. I think you should just pretend your compleatly cool with it. even if it bothers you and your not ok with it. just smile and act cool pretend like it dosent bother you. that way him and all his friends will be impressed with how cool you have become. smoking is often a social thing. once he sees that your cool you may even get invited to hang out with him and his buddys more often.

I told mine I'd leave and he stopped.

Tell him it's you or the pot. If he picks you, awesome! If he picks pot, do you really want to date someone who would pick drugs over you?!

Just buy him an ounce and get off his back ;)

I think you should let him do what he enjoys and don't judge him for it. if you can't accept him for he is and because he likes to smoke pot sometimes then maybe you shouldn't be with him. If you're shallow enough I guess you could leave him if he doesn't quit.

If you can't beat him, join him *take long drag*
Nothing wrong with it

I have the same problem. I worked hard and I'm helping him get through it. I told him I couldn't stay in such a relationship if I he didn't stop. He might get mad, but I bet he'll come around if you just tell him. Email me if you wanna talk. Oh and if he has trouble with it, understand it's a process that you're going to have to help him get through. It's tough believe me. It takes a while to quit. People say it isn't addictive, but the habit of it really is. Just be open and understanding and tell him calmly how you feel. I went through the exact same thing. And if he doesn't understand, you should probably just get out of the relationship. If you hate pot, that won't change when you see it in action I promise. You're going to hate it more. So if drugs are more important to him than you, it shows he isn't worth it.

And to everyone who's telling her to let it be, get off her back. She asked how to get him to stop, not how to accept it. Yeah it's not like other drugs, but it's still drugs, and can destroy a relationship. Please don't beat on her. She probably gets enough of that already. I know because I do. And it is possible to change it. I did. So yeah.

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