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cholito lindo
How can I stop smoking cigarettes?
Any suggections will be appreciated. Thanks

just stop buying them


Nicolas C
My friend tried to stop for years. She started smoking when she was about 14 or 15, and she am 28 now. Last Thursday she had no cigs when she woke up. She decided then and there 'I'm done, no more'. She broke down at a party on a Saturday night and had half of one but other then that, she didn't have one and she felt great.

Pills and patches are all to make you think you don't need to smoke, they usually don't work. Cold turkey is the best way to do it. Google "what to expect when quitting smoking" and you will get a ton of info that will help you through the process. Good Luck!

If you'd like some support feel free to email me.

determination and if that does not help there are products that help reduce the amount you smoke and i think stop smoking is bad idea, i think you should smoke less and less until you completely stop smoking.

May be your first step is to learn how to stop smoking in a correct way. Most people fail to quit because they quit wrongly. Then, you can start your journey of quitting smoking.

For a start, you can learn from allen carr's book or Successfully Stop system at http://www.istopsmoking.org

Rasberry User
Try cancer. It cures smoking nearly 100% of the time.

Mike Simpson
Hi if you really want to quit smoking fast watch this video and make it favorite.

It's not mine, but it is really good, and helpful.


If I am in a desert island,i could stop it also, certainly

Save the World: Abort a Baby
commit a crime and go to jail for a while.

or better work out constantly. Get more jobs and apply yourself to only your occupation

jason r
I have been using green smoke for a while now and i can tell u its 100% a healthier alternative than smoking! no carcinogens carbon monoxide or tar, just nicotine and u can use it to ween yourself off if u like....... but the best part is it looks and feels like u are really smoking but its just water vapour!! check out the website and read up on the benefits I'm sure u will be as impressed as i was!!! u can also use this code disc10-7097 to get 10% off the price should u decide to join us green smokers lol hope this helps


look at videos about what a cigarette can do to ur bodyy.. that will probably makee uu realizee it :D

Alexander S
One way that works real well is to purchase the newly created e-cigarettes, and then gradually reduce your consumption instead of quickly quitting (since you know it's bad for you) but then getting that long awaited craving for another.

There are patches, as well as gums that contain nicotine, and some scientific studies actually say that nicotine is ok for you. The bad thing about regular cigarettes is the smoke that clouds your lungs and is a top contributor to cancer. With the new e-cigarettes, there is no smoke, only water vapor as a byproduct. It looks just like a regular one, but without the terrible effects of tar (which can be found in regular cigarettes.)

Switch while you're still young! It gets harder as you age.

Бухой Парниша
Just think about it this way, your stronger than a pack of cigs
How I quit drinking

The medication "Chantix" was the ONLY thing that worked for me. You should follow the directions exactly. It takes away the top edge of needing a cigarette but the social urges will continue until you get used to doing without. It will not be easy no matter what you do to try to quit but this is the easiest way I have found. I have tried most of the other ways and it just didn't work for me. Good luck and I hope you will join the non smokers soon. The biggest thing is to never stop quitting. It's ok to take a break from quitting for a short time but know that you are going to try again and keep at it until you do. (I never thought I would quit... took several years of being a 2 pack a day smoker till I quit for good)

It's hard, if you are a strong person you can do it. It helps to have something in place of the cigarette, like a toothpick or gum. Just something to keep you busy. People smoke cigarettes a lot of the time because it's something to do.
I know someone who got acupuncture, it was about $200 but after you do it you have no addiction whatsoever to cigarettes. But as soon as you pick up a cigarette after it, you will become addicted again. If you think you can stay off i'd say do it.

The addiction is all in your head. I was addicted to Newport for a while because of stress at work right. one day i just stopped and went to the park to play basketball like i used to and it helped me out a lot. You gotta get that out of your mind all those patches and gum and stuff don't work. Do something that will benefit your heath like running walking the dog ride a bike & even go for a hike

Seriously? Dude. Just stop. No joke. Just don't buy any more. You could remove your lips, that way you would be unable to smoke.

Me Fang You
i always got really depressed when i quit and i always gave up. this last time, tho, i used the patch and i was prescribed by my doctor a very low dosage antidepressant. not enuf to feel medicated because i am a parent but enuf to take the edge off. i also wanted to do something healthy to replace smoking so i started running, and drank lots of water. also, to help with the oral habit, i chewed on cinnamon sticks. its been 18 months now and i can run 5 miles a day and am in better shape than ever. i am 38 and i smoked for 20 years. good luck!

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