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 Am I having an anxiety attack?
Yesterday, I suddenly got a shortness of breath followed then by a pretty fast heart beat. I started freaking out thinking something bad was going to happen to me. It mostly went away a half hour ...

 What is the best way to get rid of hickups?

 I'm having shortess of breath, yet not coughing any clue?

 Ways to help my sore throat feel better?
I have a sore throat from a sinus infection went to the doctor today, any ideas to help me?...

 will my doc give me.....................?
antiniotics for a cough? chest infection

i really really need it

im worried he wont give me them help>!...

 Help! Can't Breathe Properly!!?
ok, this may sound stupid but for some reason after i drank rockstar the energy drink.....i can't breathe normally. I have to force myself to breathe and my heart beat is a bit face because well ...

 Should I bring my inhaler? (please help)?
I have exercise induced asthma and I have an inhaler that I take 30 minutes prior to exercise. But yesterday I had to take it to relieve symptoms even though I wasn't exercising. I am going to ...

 why am i struggling to breath when i walk a bout or climb the stairs. I have been diagnosed with swine flu?

 I can't breathe :( Please help.?
Okay so I've had what seemed like a cold for the past week and a half.
I went out in the snow yesterday and I don't think that helped too much.
But atm my chest feels funny, I can&...

 Im a smoker and something had gone wierd.?
Hi. I'm a 19year old male, im a smoker and not healthy in general(giving up tomorow)! My finger nails have gone really shiny though it looks like i got nail varnish on, I have also got stabbing ...

 does anyone know if sinus infections, or just sinuses, can cause ringing in your ears?Help!!!?
I have had a cold/sinus infection and my ears are driving me crazy!...

 chest pain and coughing up blood...?
A week ago I was having very severe chest pains and went to the ER, the ran tests including a EPG and found everything to be normal. For the last week I have had mild chest pains, nausea, and today I ...

 Am I having a heat attack!?
I am 13 (14 on Feb. 1st)
Weigh appx. 90 lbs.
I tested my resting pulse and it matched my age range.
yesterday I got dizzy.
I'm not dizzy now.
I feel like my ...

 is it any use in giving up smokeing now?
i,m 60 years old now surely its to late i.ve been smoking since 14. that 44years.and how could i do it....

 What's A Good Way To Unclog Your Nose?
I can breathe great out of my mouth and I can do it through my nose as well but not as good as I would want it to be. If I blow out through my nose, you can hear that it's clogged. Is there ...

 Anyone doctors know what this may be?
My boyfriend claims he has always had chronic brochitis whatever. Just yesterday, he kept coughing. And would cough up mucus. Then he went to the bathroom and just that short 10 feet trip made him ...

 what does it feel like to smoke weed?
i just wanted to know why its so awesome?...

 What does the short form TB (for an illness) mean?

 what am i sick with? symptoms.?
what is wrong with me.

i have a
sore throat
dry cough
achey body
no fever
chills, even in a hot room.
kind of feel cold and hot at the same time

 Can you smoke nutmeg?
ive heard about eatting nutmed to get you high but what happens if you smoke it?
is it bad for you?...

How can I prevent second-hand smoking?
I have been exposed to second-hand smoking for the past 14 years even when I was still a fetus inside my mother's womb. What can I do to prevent this?
Additional Details
My father smokes my mom doesnt

dont go places where people smoke or dont breath

lol j/m

Do you still live with your mother? If you do and she still smokes, print all the articles off the internet on the statistics of lung cancer in non smokers. Tell her if she really loves you, she would stop smoking for you. Do you have asthma or allergies? Both are illnesses from exposure to second hand smoke.

IF you dont live with your mom, just stay out of places where smoking is still allowed.

gumby and pokey

I'm sorry you had to inhale that for so many years....you can discuss with whomever that is smoking how much you care about your health and can they take it outside, i mean it is a unselfish ting to do for you and they still have their nasty habit...

Try to Avoid going places where people smoke..if ur friends smoke then u need to get some different friends or convience them to stop.I got Bronchitis from second-hand smoke..and u don't want that.

Ask your father to stop killing you and your mom. It is very difficult to stop smoking I know this first hand. Even after watching my mom die I continued to smoke. It wasn't until a person I loved very much got diagnosed with COPD a lung disease did I decide to stop. I didn't want them to be around me when they were struggling to breath. It was the smell not just the smoke. See if he could limit his smoking to the garage better to have him stop all together. Tell him you love him and would like him to be around to see his grandchildren.

pj f
well tell Ur mom to stop smoking

She says that her FATHER smokes...Stupid people..Advice::Try to not be around them.

just stay away from someone who is smoking

Don't go to places where people smoke. These days (depending on where you live) it's not very difficult; you can barely smoke anywhere public anymore. In my state, there's no smoking in restaurants or even bars. In fact, I don't remember the last time I was around someone smoking.

ask your mom to smoke outside and to wear a smoking jacket outside.

I have been researching SHS for 10 years. All the major studies to date. Those of over 5000 participants and longer than 5 yrs. agree there is no connection of SHS to cancer or heart disease. This myth was started by the Pharmaceuticals and they have spent many millions to back smoking bans world wide. They have made billions selling their pills and patches. They don't want people to stop smoking. They just want people to keep trying to stop. Our EPA said 3000 die a year from SHS and that has been shown to be a lie. That same report (it was junk science) has been quoted and the numbers have been as high as 50,000 in some of the lies being spread. You may not like the smell and think it is a nasty habit, which it is, but it won't kill anyone. Smoking is only one of the factors that contribute to lung cancer. There are dozens of contributing factors and it takes many years. They keep saying it causes per mature death. If you look it up you will find the nations with the highest longevity are the ones with the largest population of smokers and they tent to die early at 70 and above.

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