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 Difficulty Breathing?
I'll try to explain....I quit smoking 4 months ago and haven't looked back. I am a nanny for twin baby girls so I'm constantly running around and up stairs all day. I'm not lazy ...

 my dads snoring is getting really annoying.?
my dad snores when he sleeps. he snores so loud that i can hear it from my room and our rooms are about 20 feet away. how do i get him to stop snoring.
p.s. hes got a machine thing but that ...

 albuteral helppppppppp???
my daughter is six years old and she takes albuteral sulfate when she gets asthmatic symptoms...i was told that he albuteral solution is not a form of steroid....but my best friend just told me that ...

 my dad sometimes stops breathing in his sleep. helpp!?
okay so my dad snores really loud. so sometimes at night ill hear him stop. then like a minute later he'll gasp for air then snore again. its a constant thing each night. im really nervous this ...

 Constantly producing phlegm - No cough or cold?
For the past 2 months, i seem to have been constantly producing phlegm which i am forced to swallow (what feels like) constantly throughout the day - I dont have any sort of cough, and the phlegm ...

 Throat symptoms, but can't visit doctor now?
I am looking for common alternative relief, as my passive doctor's office is all booked and cannot see me until next week.

Since I've had a cold of some form 4 weeks ago, I'...

 Terrible coughing fits when sick?
I keep getting woken up when I try to sleep with terrible, harsh coughing fits that eventually make me feel like I want to throw up. I've taken some cough syrup, which lessens them slightly, but ...

 what can make throat close?
i know that allergies and asthma attack can close the throat but is there anything else?...

 i think i have swine flu...can it kill me?
the symptoms i have:
runny nose
sort of a fever
had an headache before but after taking paretmol its gone.

just rang my gp and waiting for the callback to ...

 cough, ahsma, or possible chest infection?
About 2 years ago I had a chest infection and had to wait for nature to make me better as I can't take antibiotics, anyway, since then I have found that I keep getting coughs and my chest hurts, ...

 took my 1 year old to the emergency room and we just got home?
she was coughing bad last night and coughing up phlegmy stuff, shes getting better, weve been there all night. but she does not want to eat drink or sleep she just wants to be in my arms. are there ...

 does long hours on the computer cause noise bleeds in children?
My son is 12 years old and he recently have started staying long hours on the computer since he's out of school. I notice he has frequent noise bleeds when he stays on the computer more than 30 ...

 do you smoke ????????
i do not, and you??...

 What are the common cause for nose bleeds?
My friend suffers from very frequent nose bleed. What may be the cause?...

 why do teenagers smoke cigarettes..?
does cigarettes change your mood or somthing. i smoke pot but not ...

 Which is more harmful: Weed or Cigarettes?

 Can smoking cause bronchitis?
I'm a pretty regular smoker and I also deal with a lot of stress in my life, I just got over having constant panic attacks. I'm wondering if bronchitis can be caused by smoking cigarettes ...

 I found my mom with a meth pipe.. What do i do?
I'm 13 and I'm taking a class in school on drugs and I recognized a meth pipe when I was snooping around in my moms stuff. I don't know what to do. I know I can't just let this go....

 Iv'e got man who is vommiting blood, and can't keep down much food or liquid.?
He is skinny to begin with. About 5"9', and maybe 135 pounds. He works alot, is bad tempered, and stresses all the time. He also drinks beer every night, at least 6. Does this sound like a ...

 how can i stop smoking?

How can I preserve my lung health from smoking weed?
I would like to know a good way to try to keep my lungs as healthy as possible even with weed smoke.

Brenna M
Yah, smoking anything is bad for you- but smoking weed is much better than oh say a cigarette.
My advice? Make it into pot brownies. Lots of hardcore stoners agree that consumption of pot is a much more efficient high- higher for longer and more intense. It's also much safer if the po'po ever shows up. It's very unlikely you'll be arrested for pot brownies because they'd have to get it proven that there is pot in them- which is much harder to do than simply finding your stash.

tõnis N
This should help you... http://tonis16018.freshquit.hop.clickbank.net/

personally, I haven´t tried that but my friend did and it worked on him. smoking weed is not nearly as bad as smoking cigarettes... so it should work for you much better than for my friend

Steve D
use a vaporiser. just dont be super chronic. just smoke weed sometimes .

William M
There certanly is

Weed is much nicer on the lungs than cigarettes because it burns at a lower temperature and it doesn't contain nicotine which is a poison that causes cancer.

Another plus side is that the effect of inhaling weed opens (rather than closes with cigarettes) the lung passage ways allowing must the smoke to be exhaled.

You can try a Vaporizer- Its a device like pipe that heats up the weed hot enough to make a nice vapor "hit" of weed. You get all the fun thc with out any of the smoke.

You can also use a magnifier glass to light a bowl. This reduces the amount of smoke it lets out.

You can also cook weed into oils, butters and alcohols for fun anytime.

Ross A
Close, you can cook with it or use a very expensive tool that heats up the oils and you breathe them in.

smoking weed has nothing on smoking anything else. as far as smoking weed, there are plenty of products that can greatly reduce the amount of toxins in the smoke. bongs and vaporizers filter only the negative ****. making you get just as high(if not a better high) and it keeps your lungs "relatively" protected. unless you're planning on becoming an Olympian, you really don't need to worry about it.

2pac died for your sins
There isn't a way. You have to stop smoking. Maybe try not too smoke that often, so you're lungs don't give out quick.

You can't smoke anything and keep your lungs healthy. I would suggest maybe just not smoking weed. Eat it i guess. Don't do weed at all is what i say

Joseph, II
You can't. Smoking ANYTHING- is NOT what Our lungs are designed for. To our lungs, smoke is POLLUTION; sticky "Gunk" that clog up its airways- & leaves it Wide Open to Infections & diseases like lung Cancer... :0

Jessica M
Sorry, there isn't a way. The toxins in the smoke damage the alveoli in the lungs and there isn't any way to reverse that, unless you get a lung transplant and you can't smoke to get on the list either.

No such luck ....

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