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 I have a chest cold (or something) and I have to sing in a concert tomorrow. HELP!!?
It might not be a chest cold but I have a lot of phlem in my throat and my voice is all raspy. It wasn't so bad before I took this cough medicine and it made all this mucus come up but now I can&...

 What the risk of having seizures?
My friend just had a baby and after delivery start having seizures, 9 to exact within 5 1/2 hrs, is this dangerous? What kind of risks is she expose to? She presently in the hospital, but I am ...

 Who are the scientists who study Cystic Fibrosis?
I am doing a project on Cystic Fibrosis. It is a gene disorder and I cannot find who studied this disorder.

I need names of the scientists please....

 Has anyone heard of Funnel Chest syndrome?
I was born with a genetic chest indentation. My grandfather had this also. My doctor said that it had no potential to harm me, but I wanted to gain information on it nonetheless. I am slightly afraid ...

 How can I stop smoking?
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 My boyfriend always has bad gas is it bad for the environment, can it make me sick?
What can I do?...

 Why do smokers complain when smoking harms them?
I'm sick of hearing smokers complain when they get sick. For example, when they get strokes, emphesema, lung cance etc... They say things like "it's not fair", or "why did ...

 Am I getting sick from my air conditioner?
I spend Monday morning - Thursday at my boyfriend's & then Thursday night through Sunday at my house. He has central air at his place that's kept at 70 degrees & I have an A/C unit ...

 chest pain, after screaming?
today i literally screamed at the top of my lungs, and afterwards, it hurts. so now, whenever i take a deep breeath or move my body so that my right side lung gets compressed, it hurts.
is it ...

 OTC relief for a sinus infection?
Ok, so i'm pretty positive i have a sinus infection, but cant get into the doctor till monday. I am really miserable. I have taken alkaseltzer but it hasnt worked... anything else i can try to ...

 Is it possible to get a free peak flow meter?
I've been looking at prices of peak flow meters, and in stores I can only find meters that are $35 at the cheapest. I'd rather pay less than $30 for one--I've found them online for $15...

 Has anyone heard of or had a nodule on or in the lung?
The x-ray said I had a 2.1 cm nodule. I went yesterday for a dye CT scan. I guess I'll hear something by Friday (maybe).
If so...How did things go for you?

Thanks for any ...

 Did I have an asthma attack or was it something else?
Last night, after getting into a fight with my mother, I started having a really hard time breathing. I was upset, and suddenly started breathing very heavily and then it seemed that I couldn't ...

 why do people walk in sleep . what is the remedy ?

 If any body know about it ?
I have sinuses problem cause flu and cough continue im very distrube nose is block if u know abt any medicine(tablet, nasal spray etc plz. diagnose me....

 Raw throat from coughing so much?
Ive had a cold for about two weeks now,and mid-cold I got the flu.
I have been coughing so so much that my throat is BURNING and completely raw.
Its like 3:00 am and I cant ...

 how do they test you for asthma?
i seem to think i may heve developed asthsma how can they ...

Tracy P
How can I make my husbands snoring not bother me at night?
My husband used to sleep on the couch but has recently decided to come to the bed again. He SNORES soooooooo LOUD that it wakes me up. I get angry and can't sleep and when I ask him to turn over or try to wake him he refuses to belive that he snores. I also snore to a certain extent so he uses that as his come back but the thing is my SNORING does not wake him up or prevent him from sleeping. This is a BIG deal as I have to get my sleep at night. Any suggestions?

Ashley E
Try the tennis ball trick. Many people who snore do so while sleeping on their backs. Place a tennis ball in a sock and pin it to the back of his shirt. Then, when he rolls over at night, the ball will nudge him back on to his side. Also, try using a warm-mist humidifier because night time congestion is a leading cause of snoring. Whatever you do to help him (or yourself) stop snoring, it's worth it. Snoring has been linked with a 67% increased risk of stroke.

Don't do anything stupid like sew a tennis ball to the back of your shirt.

Just use what the Doctors use.

There is a product that you can get in pharmacies across Australia called Slumber Guard - and you can also buy it online for worldwide delivery. It comes with a guarantee and it works for me!

My wife wears earplugs to bed and she sleeps fine,however we will try the warm mist humidifier as my sinus's do bother me at night.

Rouge P
Record his snoring and play it back to him when he wakes up. You can talk a bit during the recording so he knows it wasn't you snoring.

Lots of people snore, especially when they're really tired and in a deep sleep, but loud snoring that wakes up other people needs to be checked by a doctor. It could be a sign that the airway is getting blocked at night (sleep apnea). So your husband should get himself checked, and maybe if the doctor finds something and treats it, he won't snore so loud.

I stuff tissues in my ears. My husband snores like crazy! I just bought Breathe Right nose strips and they do seem to help a little. Good Luck I know how annoying that is! My husband tells me I snore too!

Anon Y. Mouse
But his *** on the couch.

he probably has sleep apnea. He should be checked out at a sleep clinic. If he does there is a sleeping device he can use that will eliminate his snoring. Is he tired all the time? If so, this is another indicator that he isn't getting sufficient sleep.

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