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 Why do i keep feeling short of breath?
i dont smoke & exercise ok
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also i have had a chest x-ray & all is ...

 I've never liked myself and always mess things up. Should I start smoking to help my attitude?
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 is it true that the hospitals let patients smoke on their wards years ago in the uk?
My friend told me in the 1960s and 70s patients were allowed to smoke cigarettes in their hospital beds.
Is this true?
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Wow rianna that is scary....

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I've quite many time's before... but this time I intend to...
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 I sometimes "catch" myself not breathing... i'd even wake up when im asleep... whats up with that?
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 2nd hand smoking ?
i heard that 2nd hand smoking is more harmful than 1st hand smoking

2nd hand smoking occurs when a non-smoker are breathing in the smoke beside the smoker

so to prevent the dmg ...

 Should I breathe today?
well...should I?...

 What's the best way to get rid of excess mucus and chest congestion?

 My mum has been in hospital for 3 months.....?
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 I have chronic asthma. My co-worker loves to wear perfume & scented lotions. How do I ask her to stop?
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 Help me. My wife is pregnant and she's cold. She's coguhing and has sore throat what is good for her?

 smoking and kissing someone with asthma?
is it possible that someone with asthma couldn't kiss someone that's smoked anything from cigars to weed. they couldn't kiss them for a month so they can get all of it out of there ...

 if i smoke only 2 times (TWICE) a week will that still kill me?
and if so...is there a safe frequency of smoking?? how many times a week or a month can i smoke and not get killed??...

 I smoked a cigarette and it burned the back of my throat?
It was my first time smoking a cigarette.
When I inhaled it burned the back of my throat. Is that normal, and I'll get used to it? Or what?
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Please don't ...

 I think it is time for me to stop smoking help how did you do it?
the things i am worring about is my family will keep on about it while I am stopping I think I will go to Doctors clinic to help has any one else done this years ago I tried with patches but I kept ...

 How long does it take to get nicotine out of your system?
I've supposed to quit smoking for months, due to an up-coming operation, can anyone tell me how long it takes the nicotine to get out of my system, or anyway to get it out quickly, besides not ...

How can I live without smoking?
Now that Im days into quitting Im starting to think "how can I live without smoking". Help.

If you have never been a smoker, dont answer my question with a dumb remark about cancer.


How can you live with it...you won't......eventually you will have cancer.

Do you want a healthy future or one with Emphysema,Chronic Bronchitis, Or Lung Cancer?

You don't feel the effects now but one day you will and you will kick yourself for doing something you knew could make you sick.

It isn't worth it. Don't let anything rule your life and that includes cigarettes! Good Luck!

by stoping smoking :)

Bright Baboons Butt
Think of how can I live with smoking? You can quit. It is a social thing for you too, at work its fun to go out to the smoking area and converse with others, its more than just smoking.

Jodi B
You CAN live without smoking by finding other things to do with your time and money you will be saving. I totaled up what I would spend in a month on cigarettes and posted it on my desk and fridge, made of list of some of the things I wanted to do with the money! I also kept a pack in the freezer, and told myself that it was there if I HAD to have it. That way, I was CHOOSING not to smoke.

I'm not going to tell you that you will get cancer, 'cos we get cancer much easier from all the exhaust fumes from diesel cars, and all the synthetic stuff and preservaties in our food.

But what you will get is CPLD (Cronic Pulmonary Lung Disease) ... that's what I got from smoking and inhaling the fumes on the road when I used to go running.

When you have CPLD you cannot do the many things that you take for granted now, including riding a bike or going for a brisk walk, because you cannot get enough oxygen into your lungs. Your blood also needs oxygen, and when you have CPLD you will need an oxygen tank to supply the blood with oxygen.

You cannot walk through a carpark without using a surgical mask, or cross the road because it takes your breath away.

I would call it a very, very slow and painful death of no return.

So please, if you value your health, STOP smoking NOW.

I KNOW it's not easy. I tried to stop many times, and always had a relaps when there was stress, or when I got upset. Until I got so breathless one day, that even taking a puff of the cigarette became an effort.

Even now, I still get the urge to have a puff. But all I can do is take a deep breath, and get busy with something .... anything.

So unless you want to shorten your life, give up the stick.

Think how much money you're going to safe!!!
So far I have saved $12,276 :)

Isn't that something to look forward to?

Good luck and take care :)

Take a deep breath. I know you can do it :)


ris c
i am living without
its so tough - sometimes i want to give in and smoke again
sometimes i am so happy i havent
i have dreams that i have failed and began again

what helped the other day, a nurse who doesnt know i
smoke(d) told us she saw a smokers lung that was grey and not pink like it is supposed to be. that visiual is getting me through the last few days.

It's not easy to quit.

There are patches and gums and hypnosis and all kinds of support groups and so on. However, the bottom line is that the only way you can quit smoking is to WANT to quit.

You have to want it badly. Usually, it takes seeing a loved one die from the effects of smoking, or burning holes in a really expensive suit, or watching a child develop asthma and struggle to breathe around you - but whatever it takes to make the need rise in you, you'll not be successful until you WANT it.

Good luck.

I know it is very hard, but maybe you can get a Hobie. Have you tried Chantix? One thing I have heard that will help is to get a straw and hold it like it's a cigarette. I know it sounds silly, but it helps. Also keep vegetables and fruits close by (stay away from a lot of fattening food) due to increase risk of weight gain. You can do. Set your mind to it. Best of Luck....

well i've heard it is very hard to overcome smoking. my aunt used to smoke and she quit which was like 3-5 years ago and she still has a craving for cigarettes. you just have to push yourself to not smoke and tell yourself that it is better for your body. when you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette distract yourself by doing something else or something more time consuming. you also have to want to quit because if you don't want to quit you will not. so like i said tell yourself you have to quit and its better for you and that need to and want to quit.

Trace S
After you have quit for a short time, I think you will notice just how bad it smells when you get into someones car, go into someones house or kiss someone that smokes. It stinks!

the wind
i smoked for 25 yrs please stop

Derek W
I am an acupuncture student. I graduate in 7 months. I have used 2 techniques in combination that work great together.

EFT, or emotional freedom technique, helps you get to the root cause of your smoking addiction. Their website is www.emofree.com This is very effective for smoking cessation.

I have also used an acupuncture technique called NADA. There are 5 points in the ear that have been shown in clinical studies to reduce the symptoms of drug withdrawal. Many have quit drugs they were addicted to by using this technique, and courts now even recognize this as a legit therapy for those trying to quit drug addiction.

Another possibility is that your body is allergic to cigarettes. Allergy and addiction often run together. There are various allergy elimination techniques that can be used. You would do really well to find an acupuncturist who is well versed in all 3 of these techniques.

There are help groups on the internet that may be able to answer your question. Congratulations on quitting. I am a smoker of many years and plan to quit soon. I have a prescription for chantix to help me. I just need to set my quit date and go for it. I wish you the best of luck. Cigarettes are as addicting as heroine and harder to quit. Non-smokers do not realize how addicting nicotine is, therefore their advice is usually not helpful. Start a journal of when you smoke, why you smoke and how often. What triggers your need/want to smoke. Once you have figured that out you can avoid those situations as much as possible. If you usually smoke after meals try taking a brisk 5 minute walk to curb the desire. You can live without smoking, it is just a very hard time for you right now. I hope you stick with it and are successful.

Kattrina G
I quit four months ago. After ten years. let me tell you how i did it. I held held the last cig out of the pack in my hand for days i would puff on it all the time but never light it. after a few days the smell of cigs was unbearable. Sometimes I still crave it a little, but I just tell myself that i don't want to go back to coughing or wasting money. My husband quit about five days ago and he is still an *** hole. So I do not know how long the irritability last for every one.

Cat Lover
I have COPD, which is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I smoked for 55 years. Cigarettes were my best friend even though they were killing me. But they were with me though every good and bad time in my life.

Then I got a cold one time and had a hard time breathing. My doctor gave me an inhaler and it helped me so much! I continued to use it after I got over the cold, because I found that I would get out of breath sometimes. Then I had a pulmonary function test, and learned I had COPD. But still I continued to smoke. I eventually was on 4 inhalers a day, and coughed all the time. I had numerous lung infections. I kept on smoking, because I wondered how I could live without my cigarettes, too. I tried the gum, and the patch. I was allergic to the patch and got huge welts from them. I tried 5 anti-depressants at different times, and had so many side effects from them, so I couldn't take those either.

Then a year ago the 23rd of this month, I woke up and couldn't breathe. My chest and shoulders were just heaving from trying to get enough air. My daughter took me to the ER and she learned I was about 2 hours from respiratory failure. Your oxygen level should be in the upper 90s to 100. Mine was 64. They put me on a Bipap machine that felt like oxygen and air was being forced into my lungs at about 100 miles an hour. That whole thing was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I never want to go through that again. After about 2 hours, I began breathing better and they took me off the machine, and put me on oxygen.

I spent 24 hours in the ICU and they put a patch on me. When I got out of there, i spent two days on the pulmonary floor. By the time I got home, I had been on the patch 4 days, and I figured it was a good start to quit. I stayed on the patch for a month and then started on Chantix. I only had to be on that about 10 days when I quit taking it.

I haven't smoked since. I do not miss the cigarettes most of the time. Occasionally, I think of having one, but the thought doesn't stay with me more than a minute or so. And I think how terrible they would taste.

I also think about how I am saving almost $200 a month. After about 7 months of not smoking, I bought myself a present with the money I had saved. I got a new Digital SLR camera! I felt I needed to be rewarded for not smoking.

The only downfall is that I have gained some weight. My lungs are so bad that I can't exercise. I get out of breath just walking around the house. I need oxygen. I get exhausted taking a shower. But I no longer cough.

I wish I had quit smoking before I ruined my lungs. Now, I will suffer with this till I die. But I think back to a year ago when I almost did die, and I am thankful to be alive.

So if you are wondering how you can live without your cigs? You will live a lot better and longer if you quit now for good. If you need help, get some Chantix. It does really help.

I used the patch to get away from handling them, and the Chantix finished getting rid of the craving.

Good luck! Make up your mind to do it, and you will succeed!

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