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 does asthma go away???????
i was called out of class and it said i had asthma
my parents told me i had it before when i was a kid
my weirdass grandma told me she made me drink some weirnd medicine drink from cambodia?...

 i had a cough for about 10 days and i still have...?
i still have a horrible taste in my mouth when i cough, its so gross it makes me want to throw up! i had a proper cough (probably a chest infection but i never went to the doctors) for about 10 days ...

 can a 3 year old be diagnosed with cystic ribrosis?
a friends child has had alot of chest infections and has been referred to as a happy wheezer but he is not getting better. there is a huge amount of asthma in the family but they are testing him for C...

 Smokers and non-smokers please answer this?
Is there anyone who doesn't think this is a step too far: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/mobile/magazine/8282579.stm

I myself smoke and enjoy it. Although I mainly smoke tobacco, I do ...

 I wake up every morning with a sore throat?
why is ...

 im thinking about smoking pot....?
so im thinking about smoking pot. dont tell my its stupid or illegal, cause i realize the risks, but i have asthma and i'm a little worried about how smoking will affect that? does anyone know?...

 I am quitting smoking, and I want to start running, but I can't breathe. How long til I get my lungs back?

Additional Details
I smoked for 1.5 years... I am 21. I am more wondering if smoking can cause asthma and/or if there is anything more I can do. I quit a month ago (34 days)...

 Coughing up a small amount of blood! HELP!?
Hi, i am 14 almost 15 (tomorrow) and i have had this cold for like 3 4 weeks and it's hit and miss atm, the last week or 2 i've noticed when i'm coughing up phlegm i'm coming up ...

 why are some of us more prone to suffering from excessive gas than others?

 I'm sick and I don't know what I have. Help please!?
This morning I was fine, but a few hours later my stomach started hurting (The place right above the belly button. The pain stopped if I lay straight on my back but comes back if I am sitting or ...

 I think I have asthma, but my mom won't take me to get it checked out?
I think I have excersise induced asthma, because about a minute into running, I can barely breath and my chest hurts.It goes away after about 15 minutes (after I'm done running).I've told ...

 I have panic attacks a lot...?
I get panic attacks, but only when I'm at school. In the past week I've had 5, and last week I had one nearly every day. :s They only last about ten minutes but I really hyperventilate and I...

 Several small dark spots on both lungs?
Patient has a history of asthma, allergies, smoking, heavy drinking, and asbestos exposure. Patient has been experiencing increasing difficulty in breathing over the past year and a half, with ...

 Does humidity affect asthma?

 Should I go back to the doctor?
Around last Wednesday night I came down with heavy breathing and croopy coughing, and I just thought it was allergies. It got was Thursday, so I stayed home Friday and went to the doctor. They said I ...

 if someones hands and feet are allways cold ,is it a circulation prob?
there not corn beef looking or anything just very cold,anybody had a prob like that cheers ...

 How to get rid of sore throats and coughing?
how can i get rid of it besides taking medicine bcuz the medicine is actually making me sleepy and i go to skool so i must be awake plz and thank ...

 I'm quitting smoking on Monday.?
Any sugestions on what will help be sucesful. I smoke a pack a day for the last 29 years. Any sucess stories? any help would be apreciated....

 What do you do if someone has a panic attack? How can you help them?

 anyone who really knows about asma?
My uncle is a bit of a fibber anyways,I was out with him this afternoon at dinner and we were talking about asma.

He said,he has a friend who has a six pack even doe he doesn't work ...

How can I convince a friend to stop smoking weed?
A good friend of mine has been addicted to smoking weed for quite a few years now, but he keeps arguing with me when I tell him its bad for him. I can see its effecting him but he wont get it through his head that it's bad. Any suggestions how I can help him?


i smoke marijuana upon occasion, but i refuse to let it become a habit that i cannot control.
a terrible terrible suggestion might be to get him in trouble somehow because of it?
but that could backfire tremendously & possibly not create any change in his opinions.

i would just simply tell him that he is harming his body, & that if he cares about you as a friend, he will hear what you have to say & actually consider it.

hope i helped!

boy boy
how about getting all the Friends who know him to get together and invite him as well ..to a mock wake ..in memory ..of him!

You can be addicted to weed, and I wouldn't worry about him. Maybe if he was doing meth or some crap, yeah then be worried.

Hey guys, I'm not a smoker myself, so i don't know where you're coming from. But a relative of mine
was going through some hard times recently and it felt like I had to help him somehow. Anyway, I found this guy's site that talked about a better, less painless way to stop smoking weed. It seemed pretty unique and his story was similar to what my cousin was going through, so I had him check it out. Maybe it could help some of you out there. Anyhow, here is the website...


First of all you need to understand that weed is often more the just a habit, it's a lifestyle. He will not quite, and why would he? why should he be the one that has to change for your friendship to work? can't you accept him for whomever he is?

you cant convince him, he will have to make up his own mind. he knows its bad for him but if he doesnt want to stop he wont.

how is it affecting him?

marijuana isnt addictive.

Don't - I understand you are concerned but your friend is free to live his life as he wishes and make his own choices. It's not being a good friend to try and force your help on someone who does not want it.

weed brings pleasure in life if any of u try'd it ,then u would have some common sense . i been smokin weed for 19 years nothing happen if u search it up about someone dieing from weed it is impossible .

This is going to be a difficult one for you,because your friend doesn't want to stop.....Maybe you could try a bit of a bluff and say to him because you care about him you are going to break off the friendship until he gets himself sorted? But there again if he's lost to the weed,he might not care?

Somehow you need to get it into his head that it's HIS idea to kick the habit.(if you see what i mean)People have more chance of breaking a habit,if it's their choice.

He needs to see that he is wasting his life being stoned all the time. It's costing him money,his health,no doubt he smells.His appearance is probably a bit ropey and his home, a mess?

I don't know how you are going to do this.But i think you are a lovely mate for caring. Best of luck with it.

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