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 How do I know if someone has swine flu?
I have read that swine fly can ONLY be diagnosed with a blood test in lab. Otherwise the symptoms are just like regular flu.

I have a 7 year old home from school today with a bad dose of ...

 My mum's had a sneaky cigarette, and doesn't want her No-Smoking group to know?
How can she 'evade/trick' the carbon monoxide machine which tests her breath for these fumes, or at least bring her levels down? By 5:45 GMT, to be precise....

 what can u smoke to get a high like weed?

 how can i heal a stomache full of air?
i know im not full but i feel like some where near my stomache or actual stomache is full of air or gas since when i get up i feel full. is there a way to cure this or atleast know a type of disease ...

 for those who stopped smoking....?
i stopped smoking 6/7 weeks ago, and i am now concerned about gaining weight.
i am a waitress, so i am on my feet for about 12 hours every day, and do not have time to exercise on the side.

 Should I quite smoking, and why?

 I smoked a whole pack of Marlboro Reds last night, but now...?
Okay so I've started smoking about a week ago...and last night I went a little overboard and smoked a whole pack.
I didn't feel sick at all and it wasn't unpleasant for me, just ...

 My Mother wants me to go to the doctors because of a cough but this is the problem...?
I am worried to go to the doctors with my mother because when I went on holiday a few weeks ago I smoked quite alot.. Some days I smoked 10 everyday and other days just 1-4. I also smoked tobacco ...

Ok so i just went to the doctor and he said that i had bronchitis ...is bronchitis bad ??? i noticed that i had ALOT of trouble breathing since last night, like my breaths are really short and i try ...

 Is it okay to have a Cigar once a week?
I just smoke an expensive oliva cigar yesterday for the first time and i gotta say i was hooked, however after having another one today, i figured maybe i shouldnt do this everyday, so i switched my ...

 what is up with my throat?
when my mo checked it, it wasn't even red.
but it's very dry, and almost feel's cracked, it has been two days, and hasn't gone away. i spit up some blood this morning. but ...

 I tried my friends asthma inhaler and now i feel sick, is something wrong?
I tried my friends inhaler on Friday, i took one puff, because she said it tasted like cherries and i wanted to know what it was like. and ever since then i feel light headed and dizzy and my throat ...

 I've been having trouble breathing a lot lately and my mom will not take me to the doctor. what should i do?
like i said im having trouble breathing and the bad thing is my mom wont take me to the doctor and my dad says if its still going on when i go to his house which is like 2 weeks away he'll take ...

 What is wrong with my lungs?!?
So it is now Monday, last Thursday I felt this pain in my left chest/heart area, it was a sharp pain. It hurt to take a deep breath, but I did it anyways got get it over with and it felt like ...

 is bronchitis contagious?
im 13 and i have just gotten bronchitis from a high fever. i go to a elementary school k-8 and will they stop me from going to school if it is contagious?...

 please help.SMOKING............................…
okay well i am 14 years old. Yesterday i went outside and smoked a cigarette for the first time in my life,then i smoked about 4 more cigarettes.my parents have no clue that im started smoking ans i ...

 Is second hand smoking worse than actual smoking?

 why does it hurt me to breathe when i run in the cold?
and i will cough all night if i run in the cold..
Additional Details
when i say cold i mean about 55*F, sorry it's cold to me!...

 granny attack please help?
a feww hours ago my granny took to many of her pilss by accident.and then she thought she was dorris day and came at me with her shoe.her shoe is very pointy and could have killed him.i managed to ...

 My mom smokes cigerettes and is on oxygen. How dangerous is this?
My mom continues to smoke and also has to take oxygen. Is there any danger of an explosion? How close would she have to be to the tank in order for there to be danger?...

ghetto princess
How bad is weed for you?
How bad is it actually for you? Is it really five times worse than cigarettes? And also is there a way that makes it easier on ur lungs (aka better for you) like maybe smoking it out of a pipe instead of a joint or blunt?? can it cause any lung diseases?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some good answers! It really means alot to me to know this...thank you

well weed contains lsd, this is a mild acid, witch over time or abuse will cause nervous system damage, loss of brain cells and a whole host of autoimmune side effects.

Unbelievable. Yes, smoking weed is bad for you. Smoking anything is bad for you. Not only do you become intoxicated by an active compound in marijuana called THC, it also damages your lungs like cigarettes. Long term use can lead to lung carcinoma. There is no way that you can smoke it and it will be better for you. If I were you, I would quit. You're not going to get anywhere in life.

it makes you gain weight

one of my friends told me they did a test on monkeys and it only hurts your lungs if you hold your nose shut when you breath it in

It doesn't matter.

Weed is for potheads and they don't meet the standard for being a citizen, in my opinion.

If you've got allergies or asthma you should not do it at all.
I do know you can get lung cancer as well.

Sim girl
Let's put it this way, it is far safer than cigarettes. Weed has NEVER killed a person either. In order for weed to kill you you'd have to consume ... I honestly don't even know how much ... basically pounds and pounds of it in a very short amount of time (with a few minutes) before it could kill you. It's impossible for us humans to even do this, so you know.

The only way I could see weed being dangerous is if you get super high off of it (I've done this before and everything around me was FLASHING!!!) and then drive a car. Never drive a car if you are too high! Same as drinking alcohol.

The biggest concern with weed is the tar that will deposit in your lungs, because you smoke it unfiltered. It is not more dangerous than cigarettes.

lawl nickname
Inhaling anything into your lungs is bad for you.

Oi! Oi! Oi!

weed is more better than cigs

cigs give you cancer faster, give you more types of cancers, and dont get you high. only light headed.

weed is more safer than cigs. i would want my kid to smoke weed than to smoke cigs

and a vaperizer is better for you.

It can damage your lungs, any smoke will damage your lungs. Cigarettes are 10x worse because the tobacco is mixed in with other chemicals, and most of cigs have pesticide in them. Weed is not psyischally addictive, and cigs are.

Thats nor true to the person above me, but to make it harmless on your lungs go out and buy a vaporizor

well its not good for you, but it ain't as bad as cigarettes, alot of people do it too but just dont do it unless you got stress going on :D

The confused one
I don't know much about lung health, but I know that it can slowly make it harder for your brain to experience happiness, etc. if you smoke a lot over time. Not drastically enough that you couldn't quite probably, and its not physically addictive, however if you smoke it enough, you will begin to need it to experience happiness, and it will be harder to experience it without it. Because weed puts out a substitute for dopamine in the brain, which will slowly reduce the amount of dopamine the brain puts out on its own. As far as I know its pretty mild though, and I don't believe its all that dangerous, cigarettes are worse.

first of all weed is NOT five times worse then ciggs...hell no. its harmless.
it does NOT hurt the lungs either. if you want to make it "easier" on the lungs then eat some hash brownies or candy. no it doesnt cause lung disease

the only thing unhealthy about smoking weed is the chemicals in weed that you inhale (benzene, carbon dioxide) but if your worried about that just buy a vaporizer or bake it into food, there are no proven long term effects of weed, it does not kill brain cells whatsoever and the government has already agreed that this myth was false, it is less addicting than a cup of coffee, and if u do become dependent on it, its only a mental addiction... not a physical addiction like cigarettes or harder drugs, you cant overdose from smoking weed (you would need to smoke 40,000x more than the regular dose), and weed is rarely laced as dealers would lose way more money than they would make...

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