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Help me. My wife is pregnant and she's cold. She's coguhing and has sore throat what is good for her?

Hyuga Neji
Im chinese use herbs if you don t have make chicken soup and take medicine and rest

Microwave a cup of water and put in some Tang or powdered lemonade. I'm not sure how much actual good it does beyond maybe loosening secretions, but that's a lot better than nothing.

But yes, do take her to the doctor to make sure that it's not anything more serious than a cold. If it's just a cold or ordinary upper-respiratory thing, then the doctor probably won't have any better answer than mine; and mine is just symptom relief.

Vitamin C is a great thing to help. Vitamin D is also really good. (Sitting in the sunshine for 15 or 20 minutes a day should help).

Also for the cough, have her sleep sitting up (in a recliner or several pillows behind her) with a humidifier going.

For the sore throat have her gargle with warm salt water. It will take the sting right out of the sore throat.

Make sure you see a doctor if the sore throat persists more than a day or so.

drink plenty of liquids. take some tylenol for fever and bodyaches nothing else. drink hot tea if you like it soothes the sore throat and get some cough drops. dont take any drugs while pregnant just let this run its course. i know it may be difficult but tough it out for the baby sake. also get a vaporizer

She needs to see her doctor.

Jeanne B
Pregnancy is a sensitive time for a woman. Being sick is sort of being sick for two. When the woman is ill, so is the baby. I heard recently that the baby takes all the woman's immunities during pregnancy, leaving the mommy with no protection. I cannot say it strongly enough:
I send you my strongest thoughts that you've caught this very early, and don't get it yourself.

well the first thing that should of came to your mind is take ther to the docter!

You will need to consult her doctor about what medicine she can take during pregnancy but there are a couple of things you can do for her now. Have her gargle 3 times a day with 8 ounces of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of salt added. Hot tea or popsicles are soothing, whichever she likes. Her doctor may have already told her that it's safe to take regular strength Tylenol if needed. If she has been given the okay to take it then give her some for the pain.

take her to the hospital

Are you sure it's not swine flu? Swine flu starts out with a sore throat. Don't take any chances. Call the doctor or your local ER for advice. Good luck.

It may be the flu, which means since she's pregnant she should see a doctor right away.

go to doctors. and u may find out

warm bath, lots of fluids, herbal tea, massage, sleep

a bath, hot tea with honey, and a trip to the doctor tomorrow.

If my memory serves me, all she can safely take without a doctor's advice is Tylenol which really doesn't do much for either symptom. She needs to see her doctor. This is NOT the time to take chances.

Hope she feels better soon!!

Christian's Mommy
im 22 weeks pregnant. i had a sinus infection and strep both so far. my doc said the only thing i am allowed to have is plain robitussin or just plain sudafed. by plain i mean no night time, no robitussin DM stuff like that. you can find out more on the pregnancy section by searching medicines safe during pregnancy. it also depends on how far along she is.

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