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 I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?

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spitting up muccus too....green!

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 AM i sick with the cold, ?! I cant be!!!?
I have one eye that is all watery and a nose that is cloging up and my tounge itches really badly!!! head hurts 2!!!
Additional Details
No joke my frikin toung itchs im gonna get it ...

Help! My famiy has a cold or flu (IDK), and I can't catch it or else I'll have to go to the hospital. How do
you keep from catching someone elses cold?

I have asthma and everytime i catch a cold/flu, i end up staying in the hospital for 3-4 days....

Face mask.
For you and them.
Wash your hands alot.
Take multivitamins, even if that means prescription prenatal ones to help boost the immune system.
Don't stay around them too long.
Bleach and Windex the bathroom down.
Don't kiss or hug them.

best way is to stay away

Ask your Doctor.No cure for cold,but maybe there is something out there that will help your immune system,if it is so bad that a cold will require hospital because of your asthma.This is serious and I know there is at least some kind of therapy,or regime to follow(mask,air filter system,etc)have you had your immune system checked by blood work,etc?This could be a problem,also.Ask your Doctor to check this out,especially if you have pneumonia that sets in ofton.

get a hotel room or stay with a friend.

Ashley G
go to a friends. you prolly have it already .... the germs can stay with u up to 2 days b4 they show signs. run now while u have a chance!

get that vitamin c booster! they sell it at drug stores... i forget the name...

christopher p
load up on vitamin c and stay at a friends

Call a family member or friend and see if you can stay with them. FIRST of all, though, make sure someone is helping with your ill loved ones. You MAY get sick. They ARE sick.

Josh H
stay away from them

Alyssa L
keep your hands clean as possible and try to stay away when they are coughing and sneezing....or just wash ur hands constantly... thats all i can really think of ...besides costantly cleaning things because of the germs and bacteria and what not

Girl Goes Back To The Future
Set fire to the house and run........

ok you need to try Airbourne its the best stuff in the world it boosts your immune system and you can take these often without harm! try this it will help

Make sure to always get flu vaccination ...but you can't do anything preventive against cold- except for washing your hands like crazy...and wearing a mask.

well i would say stay with a friend or stay at a hotel/motel


Wear a mask and do all necessary precautions such as washing hands, etc, ....

Staying away is the only fool-proof way. But if that's not a choice, wash your hands frequently, get lots of vitamin C to help boost your immune system, and help keep the bathroom area clean. After all, that's where a lot of germs get passed around.

Good luck!

Diverse Insanity
ud have to leave em

wear a mask, like the ones a painter wears. i have a medical condition also, if i caught a cold i'd be in the hospital for a few days too. wearing a mask may look odd, but it works.

Earl D
Wear a mask.

Let some Lisol and spray inanimate objects.

wear a mask and gloves.

Wash your hands pleanty!!! And try to avoid them as much as possible...

crystal h
they have that air born stuff thats suppose to help when you are around sickness if you are already startedto feel sick try that zicam stuff he gets you over a cold fast

u nedd to be heatlhy inside

then theu cant touch u

read lef protocol carefully


wash your hands frequently get an air purifier and stay in your room with it, go to a dollar store and buy a dust mask when you have to be around them, get some disenfectant spray and spay whatever they touch

Drink Ginger Soup...buy some fresh Ginger, slice them and simmer in water with brown sugar, at long as possible. Drink it while still hot, not to burn you and take a hot shower, go to bed, cover up!

why don't u leave your family and spend the night with ur parents or in laws thats what i would do

I would load up on your vitamins and drink plenty of oj and keep Germex(antibacterial gel) handy at all times...wash your hands!
If you keep your immune system tuned up then you will have less likely chance of catching a cold

Wash your hands, wash your hands, and wash your hands!!! Don't put your hands or fingers in your mouth, nose or eyes. Buy some hand sanitizer. I am a nurse and the best defense against spreading germs is to handwash diligently.

Get yourself some Airborne, and some Vitamin C 500 mg.
If possible, get both at the health food store, as they will be fresher, and the Vitamin C will be natural, not man made synthetic.
Take the Vitamin C 2-4 times a day to build up your system, and as for the Airborne, follow the instructions on the box.
This should do it, if not, and you've already started to get sick, this will still greatly lighten the duration and strength of the virus.
Happy health to you.

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