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Well ive been sick for 5 days now. today was the first day i could breathe from both nostrils. ive been stuffed up for days. i went to the doc and he gave me pills for my thought infection. now i blow my nose Hundreds of times a day. when is it gonna end??? on the plus side my voice sounds more deeper and nice.
Additional Details
i drink 10 bottles of water daily so im getting enough water. i think imma try mucinex! the comercial makes me laugh!

blow your nose and use nyqil

moisture. Drink tons of water, orange juice, etc. Also, get a kettle of water and get it hot enough to steam. lean over and breath the steam deeplyinto your sinus. You could even put a towel over your head to concentrate the steam. your nose may run some more but it is getting all the icky infection out of there. Heat packs on your forehead and face will increase blood flow to your sinus passages and help your body fight it too.

Drink lots of fluids, LOTS of orange juice to thin it out. Put some vicks vapo rub on your nostrils and above your lips. Try some hot tea with honey.


you have to be consistent for this to work. or it will come back. good luck.. there a lot's of home remedy,

herbal steams, vinegar, ..

Hi i am sooo awesomer than u lol
Whether it's in your nose, ears, chest or throat, mucus can be incredibly debilitating. If you have had mucus for an extended period of time and it doesn't seem to be improving, see your doctor. You may have a chronic issue. But there are many things you can do to help thin your mucus and eventually get rid of it completely. Be diligent in your treatment methods and follow through with

[email protected]!!
shoot i hope u dnt have the swine flu!(jk) idk what 2 do

His #1 Fan ♡
HUM. try mucinex, i use it and it works good!:]

dont drink milk it builds mucous.

chemist... there is Pseudoephedrine or the equivalent.. it is to clear the nose and omg it works brilliant

Uh... Hun, why don't you try Mucinex

fluids, fluids, fluids, fluids - it helps loosen up the mucus and clears it out

a netti pot or saline rinse will work as well

if you are able to take it - try some sudafed that will stop the congestions as well

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