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 Problems breathing when laying down flat.?
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 Terrible coughing fits when sick?
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Paul M
Giving Up Smoking ? Serious Help.?
Ok only comment if you have some really good ideas or if you have done it yourself before.

I have tryed to give up smoking about a 100 times but started again everytime within the first week .
Tryed Patchs , Pills , Gum everything what can i do to take mind off smoking and My partner smokes aswell but cannot give up either

Louise S
overcome your addiction

I'm currently weaning myself right down to a low input and getting the body to accept low levels of Nicotine... I'm down to 7 ciggies per shift at work from 25/35...(i'm dropping a cig a week) look at the times you smoke and attack it gradually...

hypno therapy is probably the best way to quit smoking, have a look into it.

You need to address your thinking more than the outside stuff. Thinking is what triggers picking up again.

Maybe you are not smoking but still have your smoking mind. How you see smoking: eg it's a reward etc.

Read Allen Carrs book!

All the best. Just keep trying. When You feel is right.

First of all, you have to really want to quit. Perhaps go to a local hospital or quit center and see what they have to say.

I'm with you I'm struggling like crazy!


I'm using this at the moment and it seems to be working for me!

Wish you the best

Abby's Mommy due 02.08.11
I managed to quit cold turkey twice. first time wasn't successful because everyone around me smoked. I lasted 6 months. The second time, it was much easier, because I moved to another state and all my new friends and now-husband were non-smokers.
I tried patches, pills, gum, etc as well. Nothing worked. Until one day I woke up and knew that I really wanted to quit. Before I was just trying, but deep inside I knew i liked it too much. What worked for me, was thinking about, but not setting the date, until I was ready. And when that day came, I got rid of everything cig-related, and bought a lot of fruit (I was really afraid of gaining weight).
Quitting smoking is incredibly hard, nobody who hasn't done it will ever understand it. Three years after my last smoke, I still have moments, when I want a cigarette. Whenever that happens, I think of how I felt when I smoked after a long brake: head spinning, bad taste, cough, and I ask myself if it's really worth it.
You have to work with you partner, it's so hard to quit when the other person smokes. Is it possible that you go away for a smoke-free weekend? I also heard all good things about hypnosis. You should definitely look into it, if you can afford it.
I wish you all the best!

To quit smoking, you can do the following things:

Write down the reasons why you smoke.

Know in which situations you like to smoke best.

You should know these situations very well (for example, when you are having a good time) and start to think of a solution for how you want to deal with that situation. More.

Determine the day you will stop. That can be tomorrow, but you can also wait for a more favourable moment.
Tell the people around you that you are going to quit. Possibly with somebody else.
Take away everything that reminds you of smoking.
Stop radically; it gives you the best chance of success.
Change your eating and drinking habits. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fresh fruit and be aware of 'pleasure drinks' like coffee, tea and alcohol.
Take care of enough physical relaxation. Go for a walk or a ride or go swimming.
Reward yourself. Do nice things or give yourself something, like a cd or clothes.
If you fall back, don't give up. Find out in what situation it happened and try to find out with what (alternative) behaviour you can react in the future. If you manage to come through the same situation next time, you have become stronger.
The desire to smoke is one of the first things you notice when you stop smoking. Such a moment lasts a few minutes. It comes, stays for a while and then goes. If you have stopped smoking recently, you will have that desire more often than after a few weeks. After a while, the periods between 'wanting to smoke' get longer and longer. Ultimately, the desire to smoke diminishes. Nicotine patches, self-help books and your doctor can help you to stop smoking. Also, health care centres usually have special "quit smoking" programs.

good luck! fight the hard fight I will be pulling for you!

Niamh O
start thinking to yourself each time you smoke of the toxins your putting into your body. its damaging your lungs and most other organs too, just think about how disgusting they are each time you have one. and think of how great it wouldbe to be free. my friend read allan carrs easy way to give up smoking and has been off them for 10years now.
i myself have tried patches and cold turkey. i lasted two months with patches and 3 weeks with cold turkey. am planning to read allan carrs book and give up again

Like yourself, I have tried to give up smoking more than enough times and failed. I've tried patches, pills, herbal and inhalators. I think its just down to keep trying.

I've never stopped trying to give up smoking. I quit smoking five days ago and have not touched a cigarette yet. I've gone back to patches again and I feel ok. I must say what is helping me is trying to remain focused on not having a cigarette, that it is just a bad habit. That and I'm using the wii fit a heck of alot. I think it is best to focus on what makes you smoke, for me it is boredom, so I'm just keeping myself real busy with films, anything that takes my mind of things.

Hope this helps, and I hope you quit.

Put all the money you save from quitting in a jar and go on a great vacation.

Meet someone with COPD that is on oxygen. They will be a good incentive to quit

Here is a great web site


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