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 Is Marijuana smoke as harmful to you lungs as cigarette smoke?
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 I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?

Additional Details
spitting up muccus too....green!

I was sick about 3 months ago. i got sick after a camping trip duing the weeked. I began coughing, weezing, sneezing, got ...

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I have one eye that is all watery and a nose that is cloging up and my tounge itches really badly!!! head hurts 2!!!
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No joke my frikin toung itchs im gonna get it ...

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 My lungs hurt. What might this mean?
Both my sides hurt on the inside going towards my back, behind my ribs. I Figured its my lungs. I dont smoke. Everytime I breathe I feel the pain on both sides simutaneously. Could this be pnemonia? W...

 three reasons why people smoke, even when they know it's unhealthy?

 Will smoking weed........?
okay so i was wondering if smoking weed will effect my hockey at all. I only do it like 1 time a month or mabey a little more/less. I usually run every morning to get my stanima up if that makes any ...

 My roommates smoke...?
and i don't. i've noticed that whenever they smoke in the house i get headaches, and my ears hurt. is this a sign of being allergic?
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cigarettes and ...

 2 months ago i had a serious panic attack n thought i was going to die, but i been smoking weed for years now?

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 Which is more harmful: smoking a cigarette or smoking a cigar?

 when is a good age to start smoking?
i might smoke soon because of my stress....

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i ran out of vicks (or however you spell it) and i need a quick way to maybe clear it up?
help! it's hard to sleep with my mouth open ): ...

 Will I get mono?
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 *cough cough* *sniff sniff* I'VE GOT THE COLD!?
help me!
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hey it's not funny! * AITCHOO!*...

First time smoker, how do you start?
When Im depressed, I want to smoke, many times Ive wanted to turn to a ciggerate to calm my nerves, I want to be a light smoker, what cigeratetes do you recomend?
Additional Details
But I get soo depressed that I become rebellious and want to do something stupid.

I recommend you start off rolling up a piece of paper or card or use a crayon to practice first?

I smoke only when i'm drunk and i don't become addicted.

So if you really want to start, i suggest do it when you had a drink

Get some Virginia Slim Menthol Lights or Marlboro Menthol Lights. The first few puffs, just blow the smoke out without inhaling. Then try inhaling - start with very small puffs, and inhale very slowly. When you feel an urge to cough, hold your breath 9with smoke in there) untilt he feeling passes, then exhale. Within 4 or 5 inhaled puffs, you will be able to puff and inhale just fine. After that, you have to work on your tolerance to nicotine, so that you can smoke a whole cigarette without getting dizzy. Write if you need any help.

Ima light smoker (abouy 10 a week)

I smoke richmond menthol as they are cheap and I like the taste of menthol

Carley *15* & MoM *26*
well dont ,
it kills you !
pay to die not way !!

Grace H-P
Marlboro Lights or Marlboro Menthol cigarettes. ;)

Don't start. It doesn't calm you nerves, but makes you more nervous. Try eating sunflower seeds ( the kind you shell yourself) or chewing gum. You might also try to do something you enjoy as boredom causes some depression.

Ali V
Seriously, read your question and think about it! That's like saying I wanna kill myself but only a little bit! I have nothing against people who smoke but don't start if you can help it! If you need a crutch to lean on when things get rough where will it end?

Rachel R
Dont bother, it aint good for your health! So many people are trying so hard to stop smoking, you would be daft to even start. Smoking is detremental to the health, causing terrible dieseases in future life so you will get even more depressed later in life. It is your choice however. There are other ways to deal with your depression, go see a doctor xx

Peter H
Don't start. Try one of the nicotine substitutes instead (chewing gum). If you really want to draw on a cigarette, consider an "electronic cigarette"

dont start, try somehthing else to calm you

light smoker or heavy smoker you begin to smell, and your skin will start to suffer then you get a cough and then you die a miserable death. And then you be missed by your family and friends..RIP

Mike C
camel no. 9 menthe.... they even come in a nice black box with pink trim

believe it or not smoking actually causes depression

Rachel G
Here's an idea...

Don't smoke?

It wastes your money & is hazardous to your health.

If you're depressed, there are plenty of ways to cure that.

Smoking won't solve all your problems - you'll still be depressed & stressed. In fact, it'll probably make you more stressed tbh when you're not smoking.

If you want to do something stupid - fine - just try something else instead.

You might want to look into your depression though, if it's making you feel this way.


i smoke on the weekends as a social thing and i like camel crushes because you can smoke a normal cig and then if you want to. you can turn it into a menthol which i think is realy cool. and also the mentol is more robust than a normal menthol. probly because it is fresh

Crystal S
Do you want someone to kiss you and say eewww you taste like an ashtray? When you smoke for so long, in the morning when you wake up you cough up so gross sh!t. My dad does smoker for 40 some years and my brother of less than 20 years smoking and he coughs sh!t up.They both have tried to quit and both now need it so they can keep their tempers down. You say you want to be a light smoker but what happens if you need to calm your nerves more. What happens when you can't smoke for hours like at work where you can't smoke or their land. They are taking away places you can smoke. Like if you had someone in the hospital you have to get off their property to smoke. How you going to deal with your nerves then? Just find another healthy way to deal with your nerves!! IT COSTS TO MUCH MONEY you could spend on something nice. My dad has looked at this he could have bought his Harley he always wanted if he we would have saved his money rather than smoke. Just don't do it. You one day will regret it. IF you are old enough buy the quiting gum.

Just read this question

Don't become a victim, there is no such thing as a light smoker no matter what anyone tells you. By your spelling and writing style I'd say you just haven't thought this thing through. Smoking is an expensive deal
a pack is $3.00 to $5.00, they're dirty, messy and smell. The smell gets in your hair and clothes and stays in your home. The above is the good part, the bad part is that it can and does ruin your health. If you doubt that go on line and look up smoking and your health. Don't start and that
way you won't have to quit. You need to deal with what depresses you.

Amy Lou
don't start and you wont have this problem plus it costs time and health for something that has no rewards and eventually kills you.

♫ Converse ♥
Don't start smoking.
You may start light, but then you will become more addicted.
It is bad for you too.


Read all the replies. Don't. Have you ever seen the contents poured out of a lung of someone who has smoked. It's like black pitch, a sticky black glue that will kill you as it did the person from whom they took the lung. As a little trial get one of your smoker freinds to blow one puff of smoke through a clean white tissue, then look at the brown stain (one puff) imagine how dark it gets with a thousand puffs and it makes you stink, not attractive to your mate.

don't start...

1/it's not good to inhale all those poisons into your body
2/ it will cost you lots of money
3/ it will make you and your clothes smell
4/ it can wreck your gums/your skin
5/ you will get smokers-lines around your mouth when you are older
6/it doesn't look cool
7/ it can be really hard to give up once you are hooked

need i go on?

Why start when we all know that it kills?!

I tried it once before (stupid), and it just made me wana vomit :|



you can find other ways to deal with you depression.

"NONE" Please find another way like eating a few nuts or something. Once you get the habit it will be hard for you to stop.. Don't be silly.

dont start.

it will feel good at first, but later you will not feel anything when you do smoke and worse if you dont.

and you pay for this drug as well to kill you.

Jane! Please dont start smoking.

I was the same when I was about 15 years old, and I wanted to rebel against everything my mother said, and started smoking just to annoy her.

I am now 23 and gave up (finally!) last year, and it was soooo hard! It costs so much money, you smell all the time, its very unsociable, and people always moan at you for smoking near them, or even going outside to smoke. Its not pleasent, and once it has a hold on you, its very hard to quit.

Please find another way to be rebelious....stay out all night or something! lol!

Apart from the fact that people say it calms nerves, it actually doesn't. It raises your heart rate, and blood pressure when you smoke, which actually increases stress. It makes you very susceptible to coughs (which are GROSS coz you cough up all this disgusting green phlem all the time!) and colds, and slows down healing times for any injuries.
It also makes your fitness decrease, and is just generally not very nice!

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