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Luka Tremere
Experiencing difficulties in breathing & coughing out blood! What may the cause?
Last week while preparing for school I experienced some breathing difficulties. It got so bad to the extent that I couldn't even control myself and I fell. I lied on the floor for a while before finally recovering. I shrugged off the incident because I thought it was nothing serious but just a while ago it happened again. This time it got worse because I actually coughed out blood before experiencing breathing difficulties! When I was about 10, something similar happened to me as well.

I do not suffer from asthma nor any other medical illness so I still can't figure out the cause. Its obvious that it would be best for me to consult a doctor, but somehow, I can't find the courage to do so. I'm afraid that it would be something serious.

I really don't know what to do, so I need advice as usual. I'm 16 years old btw.

Thanks for reading.
Additional Details
I do not smoke or take drugs.

No one in their right mind should be replying with a diagnosis, as that is called practicing medicine without a license. See a medical provider asap!

destination heaven
first of all cool down sweetheart,i know all dis is quite a bit to handle 4 u.wen last did u get urself checked 4 asthma...get urself checked out again...cud b bronchal asthma too.Coughing out blood could be the cause of some lung infection,or u probably strained alot while coughing.and plz plz plz consult a doctor,this may not be as serious as u think it is,but if u neglect dis it's surely gonna become very very serious.Most things get treated when detected in an early phase.These symptoms are not good at all.
So plz dont waste time rush to the doc today itself. If ur parents r busy take someone elder along.feel free to mail me if theres anything else u wish to share or clear.Take care sweety.


[email protected]
Get it tested by good doctor as early as possible, blood in any way is not good, may be some infection to be safer get it tested soon,

Doreen H
Get down to the doctor and get it checked out.

you got no choice but to go see a doctor pronto!also your body could be dehydrated,(you don't have to feel thirsty to know if your dehydrated),so make sure you're getting your water intake.first thing up in the morning have 2 glasses of water on its own and 2 and a half hours after every meal have 2 glasses of water on it's own.this is so your body can be hydrated so your organs function efficiently and are able to flush toxins outta your body.

Lunatic Prinsesa
OMG. Tubercolosis!?

You do need to see a doctor.

u need to see a doctor sorry

First, you have to go to the doctor. The unknown is always worse than the known.
Next, if you were coughing hard before you coughed up the blood, it is very likely you simply burst a blood vessel while you were coughing and the blood may not be a serious concern.
That being said. It is likely that you are having spontaneous asthma attacks. You don't necessarily have to be diagnosed as asthmatic in order to suffer ocassional bouts of asthma.
If you have recently been sick in a way that affected your lungs, or if you are a smoker (if you are shame on you, not only are you too young, but it is really stupid for anyone to smoke) that could help explain the difficulty breathing, the coughing and the asthma attack.
Are you experiencing any other symptoms? If you are not sick, or have not been sick, then there are many more questions I would need to ask to ensure a proper diagnosis.
Please go see a doctor, you will not know anything for sure until you do, and there is a chance you are suffering from a condition which will require treatment in order to get better.

My name is Jonas
my god, get to a doctor quick! they're there for a reason... seriously. If you are coughing up blood then there is a serious problem.

Sweetie, if this is recurrent, you really need to tell your units so that they can either take you to the hospital, or make a doctor's appointment for you ASAP, not be asking the genenral public. Take care of yourself first!!

smoking does that, if you dont smoke then you might have some kind of infection go see the dr. prolonging it will only make it worse.

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