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 I wanted to know how smoke gets into the lungs while smoking..?
I have heard that smokers smoke through the mouth.. but shouldn't it be the nose
Pls let me ...

 im 13 years old an i smoke??
helppp im 13 years old i smoke ma parents dont kno but i want to tell ma mom how do i ???
or waht should i do?...

 Why do I always get a plugged sinus/cold for like 4 days after snorting cocaine, but no one else gets it?
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 I have taken my antibiotic incorrectly by accident now what?
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 Why has it been getting so cold at night lately?

Additional Details
Winter? No, it's August..that means summer. It should be the hottest month of the year yet I'm shivering every night lately.

I'm in New Y...

 I have sinus issues?
can I use Aloe Vera in my nose internally, is it safe ?


 Should I smoke hookah before school?
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 how can i stop a person who smoke ?

 Why is my Boyfriend coughing up blood?
He's very chesty and sometimes uses his inhaler, although he was asthmatic when he was young.
It's been happening for a few months now but recently got worse...
any one know why ...

 My Toddler is ill, please help?
My son is 2, and teething. From Saterday night he has had fevers come and go. The fever is ussually 39, you can see his in pain and pulls up his legs to his tummy alot. He also got a terrible ...

 Am I having an anxiety attack?
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 What is the best way to get rid of hickups?

 I'm having shortess of breath, yet not coughing any clue?

 Ways to help my sore throat feel better?
I have a sore throat from a sinus infection went to the doctor today, any ideas to help me?...

 will my doc give me.....................?
antiniotics for a cough? chest infection

i really really need it

im worried he wont give me them help>!...

 Help! Can't Breathe Properly!!?
ok, this may sound stupid but for some reason after i drank rockstar the energy drink.....i can't breathe normally. I have to force myself to breathe and my heart beat is a bit face because well ...

 Should I bring my inhaler? (please help)?
I have exercise induced asthma and I have an inhaler that I take 30 minutes prior to exercise. But yesterday I had to take it to relieve symptoms even though I wasn't exercising. I am going to ...

 why am i struggling to breath when i walk a bout or climb the stairs. I have been diagnosed with swine flu?

 I can't breathe :( Please help.?
Okay so I've had what seemed like a cold for the past week and a half.
I went out in the snow yesterday and I don't think that helped too much.
But atm my chest feels funny, I can&...

 Im a smoker and something had gone wierd.?
Hi. I'm a 19year old male, im a smoker and not healthy in general(giving up tomorow)! My finger nails have gone really shiny though it looks like i got nail varnish on, I have also got stabbing ...

Dogs for asthmatic children?
My 5 year old son is asthmatic and seems very lonely .. A pet is our topic of conversation, we know cats are the worst for asthmatics , but have been thinking of a boxer dog.. anyone got more info about this for me , how are they with kids , ***** or dog ??
Additional Details
dont really want a poodle ..sorry

Any animal in the house is not good for your son's Asthma.
if your son is lonely then play with him

try to get a dog that don't grow as much as a regular dog...

west highland terrier
i have asthma like disease
and i have a westie
they are great cuddlers and lovable things
they don't get to big either
dog as ****** sometimes bleed on the floor can mean a lot of cleaning up

Is your son allergic to dogs? How bad is his asthma? If he is not allergic then get then check out the pound. I have asthma and dogs and cats-not allergic to either and not asthma triggers. If you are just finding out about his asthma I would wait with anything new until he has adjusted to the meds and you have a good idea of what triggers his asthma. This should not slow him down once it is controlled-we have had many Olympic athletes with asthma. Do not let him feel sorry for himself or stop playing like a normal kid.

Poodle (they don't shed and have good temperaments)

I grew up with a poodle and it did not affect my asthma

Karen B
i agree, a poodle or some other curly haired dog. boxers are too energetic they need walked ALOT!!

Boxers are not on the list below but neither are chihuahuas. It may an old wives tale, but chihuahuas are supposed to actually be good for children with asthma.
Breeds that don't shed, or have short hair that falls to the floor, and doesn't float.

Little Chip
Sorry but almost all asthmatics are allergic to dogs, in fact there's not much difference between a cat or a dog, except possibly one . . !
It is very common to suffer an allergy from animal fur, cat, dog, pony or yeti, all fur can cause allergies. In the home the two most common are the cat and dog. However, many asthmatics are also allergic to the `sweat' from animals, and dogs `sweat' by panting. This form of allergy can be even more common but less understood than the fur allergy.
Sorry but if your son is asthmatic, I would strongly appeal against getting a furry pet.

first of all you need to find out if your son is allergic to dogs. Take him to a board certified allergist, who can determine this. If he is allergic to dogs, it would really be best to not get one at all. The part of a dog that causes the allergic reaction (the antigen) is found in the saliva and skin flakes (dander) of the dog, so despite popular opinion, every dog is capable of triggering an allergic reaction, including asthma, in sensitive people.

The worst thing would be to bring the dog into the home and then discover that your son is having more symptoms, requiring more medication, missing school (and you missing work) to see the doctor. At that point it can be very hard to break everyone's heart and remove the beloved dog, and often the child feels responsible and guilty.

How about arranging some playdates for your son, attending some social activities like the YMCA or JCC, or spending more time at the park, where he may find some new friends and forget about being so lonely?

mike h
Yorkshire Terriers etc are good because they don't really have 'fur' that asthmatics react to, it's more like 'hair'.

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