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 Experiencing difficulties in breathing & coughing out blood! What may the cause?
Last week while preparing for school I experienced some breathing difficulties. It got so bad to the extent that I couldn't even control myself and I fell. I lied on the floor for a while before ...

 Sore Throat or something else?
I've had a sore throat now for about a week and a half, my sore throats never last this long. I've been brushing my teeth, washing it. It just started, I haven't been around anyone ...

 Chest pains from smoking cigarettes?
For the past couple of weeks I've been having these strange chest pains, especially when I smoke more. Is this really serious? (I've been smoking since I was 12, I'm now 19)

 what is an ICU?.!.?.!?
I've just learned that my ex boyfriend was put in an ICU...I'm just wondering what it is...and if I should be worried...I just dumped him, for just a few reasons dealing with my family.....

 whats the point?
whats the point in having tonsils or appendics because all they seem to cause is illness?...

 is snoring in a 4 year old bad?

 do obamas smoke are you sure?

 I've got the flu...OK to go to work tomorrow?
I started with the flu very suddenly on Tuesday afternoon. It is now Friday night. I was sick all night Tues. with aches, pains, chills and headache. I was sick all day Wed and called off work Wed ...

 Does Swine Flu Scare you?
The question is in the top. I just would like to know....

 what does coughing blood means? my girl friend just called me she had coughed blood twice today?

 Coughing for almost 40 days...how do I get rid of it!?
I have been sick for a month already and I can't take it no more! I have been coughing alot, no fevre no runny nose just coughing. Been to the Dr. 3 times they just tell me I need REST they ...

 Breathing trouble...PLEASE HELP?
Well I am 12 and have asthma and i have had asthma attack and all that great stuff but for like a hour now im short of breath and it hurt when i breath in. I have never had that before and dont know ...

 how do u pronounce phlegm?

 What makes a sore throat better?
Ohh it hurts so bad :'(
I can't even talk,
I've taken medicine,
what will make me feel
better? Please help me?...

 Violent hiccupping. Please help!?
How do I get rid of it?
What does this lead to?
Should I tell my doctor?...

 i have cold my nose is running and cough suggest some home based remedies?

 Question about smoking...?
I'm not a real smoker or anything, I have about one or two per week, and on the weekends if i'm drinking I may have another two or three, I've been like this for well over a month and I...

 What is harder to stop- cigarrettes or drink?

 Is this just a cold or is it something else?
I have a really stuffy nose, I'm really tired, my lower back is really bothering me and my throat hurts, but not that badly
Additional Details
I have a really stuffy nose, I'm ...

 How can I convince a friend to stop smoking weed?
A good friend of mine has been addicted to smoking weed for quite a few years now, but he keeps arguing with me when I tell him its bad for him. I can see its effecting him but he wont get it through ...

Does your bed partner's snoring keep you awake ?

Rebecca S
No, not even a tornado or thunderstorm.

Venomous Vixen
YES- I fight the urge to cover his face w/ a pillow. A lot of times I shake him a bit, he usually stops...for awhile.

yes & I can't hardly stand it. I have suggested sleeping in seperate rooms but i think it hurt his feelings so i dropped it.

Yes, he often sleeps in another room!

Steve V
Yes.........an 80 lb Weimeraner.
Flip them over to their other side.......works EVERY time!

Love Lust Life
well i don't ahve a bed partner but the one time i went camping wiht my cousins and we all slept in tents and well lets just say my parents snoring gets so bad most of us slept on the way home, my mom also syas her own snoring sometimes wakes her up.


littlerock arkansas gal
we cant help it

It used to but now I keep the TV on until I fall asleep and try to concentrate on something else. Otherwise I hit him and he tends to stop for a while so I can get asleep.

heck yes and she wont try to do anything about it.

No, she falls asleep downstairs and sleep-walks upstairs.

Edit : 80lb Weimeraner ! Hell ! ... Hence the reason this wee beast of Alaskan Malamute (92lbs) stays in her cage ! lol

my husband has been sleeping in a separate room for 9 years because neither of us sleeps if we r in the same room. if he snores (and he does, loudly) i wake him up and tell him to turn over, i figure if i cant sleep neither should he. lol . he is so loud sometimes that i STILL hear him with 3 doors and a flight of stairs separating us. i love him, but if we r in one another's room it is only for 1 thing, and it is not sleeping!

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