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Does tobacco stay in your system? How Long?
I've have to take an Anger Management classes for a ticket i got in May. And This place where Im probably going to go is going to ask for a Drug Test. I haven't smoked weed or anything for months but Ive smoked cigarettes every now and then. The last time i smoked 1 was last Tuesday. I want to know if tobacco stays in your system? If so, how long? How can I make my system clean as soon as possible? Someone please help! =o Ima get caught by my mom!!! lol...... Plzz hellppppppp

I don't think that you can 'test' for tobacco because it doesn't leave any kind of chemical in your system. I'd say your perfectly fine, i was on probation and underage and got drug tested regularly and never did they say anything to me about cigarettes and if your of age, that shouldn't be a problem at all.

Do not worry about cigarette smoking. Nicotine is a legal drug if you are over eighteen and is never tested for. It's a test that can be done but you do not have to worry about it. They will be searching for illegal drugs. So as long as you haven't used cocaine or pot or prescription medications to get high you are fine.

Nicotine like any other drug would come up if tested for in a hair sample, though nicotine intake would have to be fairly heavy. In a urine test nicotine would be out of your system within the day of the test.

Good luck, hope this helps.

ps. If you're under 18 your parents will be notified but they would have to pay for an independent test for nicotine in your hair sample. This costs $$$$ so you're fine.

Cocoa Pop!
I don't know how long but you could probably drink water or try and breath some fresh air. Like buy an air filter or something.

wow you bad, don't smoke, lung cancerz. Well I see your do going good without it for a weekish. Stop smoking, weeding, from now on then you'll be fine!! Why people smoke...its totally not Kool..

Kasey R
Im pretty sure they can't tell from a drug test and even if they can it isn't illegal. Plus they won't be able to tell your mom anyway everything you say in there is confindential. You'll be fine.

Hope that helps.

They can't do anything to you if you have tobacco in your system, even if you are under age. And they can't tell your parents either. Even so it only days in your system for less than a day, so I don' think you'll have to worry. Most drugs only stay in your system for no more than 3 days with the exception of weed, that can stay in your system for up to a month depending on how often you smoke it. But I don't think you have a reason to worry over cigarettes. You should be fine.

J Unit
Tobacco doesnt show up on drug tests and its not illegal.

they do not test for nicotine.

They test for


Nicotine only stays in your system for a few hours anyways, so even if they Could test for Nicotine, Youd be fine.

Your fine.

They dont stay in your system they just hurt your lungs stuiped.

Triple 6
It doesn't stay in your system too long. I think 3 days, but I heard it stays in your hair longer.

Yeah, standard drug tests shouldn't be looking for cigarettes. Nicotine can be detected in your system for months afterward, they test for it when you are getting health insurance sometimes. I wouldn't worry about it tho, with driving they are concerned with illegal drugs and it is a totally different type of test.

Nancy K
umm like if you drink lots of water and go pee alot, it stays like around 2 days. normally its like 3-5 days.

Nicotine tests look for cotinine which is a byproduct of nicotine. It generally lasts for five days. The drug test you are going to have to take will probably not test for cotinine I believe it will only test for the more narcotic type drugs, like pot or cocaine.

Tobacco stays in your system, yes.

You can't make it clean. There are bits of tobacco floating in your lungs as I type this. Just think about that for a moment.

The only cure is to stop smoking completely.

calm down calm down lol, drug test don't even scan for tobacco..your fine, but tobacco stays in your system probally an hour after you smoke the cigarette.

Tobacco isnt like weed, If anything, it would stay for like 10 mins. Other wise your fine. =)
Dont over react Chill your fine. I Smoke Camels everyday.

ciggaretts arent illeagle, but i would continue not smoking just in case

sadly, but im glad you are getting caught by your mom , because smoking kills your system. If she throws you out of the house you deserve it.

you won't be tested for tobacco. don't worry.

Testing for nicotine? it depends on how they test to determine if your system is clear...

Blood test takes 6-8 hours for clean results..

Piss test-3-30 days (30 days for sumone who smokes alot or has a slow metabolism) But normally a healthy person (you smoke so idk) can be clean is 12 hours to 5 days.

For a Urine analysis test, i would driinking plenty of water or tea in the meantime.. Stay away from soda..

Hair test- Matters on length of hair, same time it will take for your hair to grow so that no old hair is left. 3months-2years

Xray-10 years+

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