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Does it matter if you breath into a paper or plastic bag when having a panic attack?
I just wondered whether there's a difference.

Jack H
You could create problems with the plastic bag if you inhaled it, the principle would be the same though, as it relies on a reducing volume of respirable gasses to stop the panic.

I wouldn't breath into a plastic bag because if you do, you might sufficate yourself while breathing in. In my opinion, I think that the paper bag is better because it is not as easy to sufficate yourself!

Paper is probably better because you can't suffocate in a paper bag like you can in a plastic one. Besides the petrochemicals in the plastic bag only go to support terrorism in the middle east.

paper bag is the bag of choice...it is due to tactile things...the way it sounds the way it opens and closes...and it is less likely to collapse from all the breath and water vapor in breath

The Drew
That whole "myth" about breathing into a bag when panicking isn't a myth after all. It actually does help. But in a very unhealthy way. Think of it this way: someone decides they want to commit suicide, so they start up their car inside the garage with the garage door closed. The carbon monoxide builds up, they drift off to sleep and slowly suffocate in their sleep from lack of oxygen. When you exhale and inhale into and from a bag you are essentially doing the same thing. The reason you become calm is because you are depressing the brain through lack of oxygen. It doesn't matter how big your breaths, you can gulp for air all you want, there is no oxygen to be found. This is akin to the sense of euphoria when one breathes in Nitrous Oxide, or when you stand up too fast and almost pass out. It's all about lack of oxygen. It may seem fun at the time, but it is really bad for the brain. Probably best to lay off the oxygen deprivation.

Paper bag is better and safer to us.

Yes it does, the reason that you breathe into a paper/plastic bag is scientific. When u are experiencing a panic attack the oxygen to your head is high, its almost like u are hyper ventilating, to reduce the flow of oxygen to your brain you breathe out into a paper bag,(carbon dioxide comes out) and then breathe in again from the same bag, so that u breath in the same air, gradually reducing the oxygen to the brain and in essense calming you down.

Only breathe into a paperbad if you are hyperventalating. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, it may nor be hyperventalating. I think a paperbag works better.

Paper bag seems to work better.

terry m
It`s kind of hard to blow into a plastic bag as it tends to collapse between breaths! Paper is much better . I thought that technique was used more for stopping hiccups!

From a performance viewpoint, either will do.

Plastic however is more risky to use because it more easily sticks to the skin and can seal off access to mouth and nose - which adds to the panic mode of the person. Plastic bag may also have residue from print ink, plastic monomers, plastic low MW polymer, etc and these are not good to inhale. (Paper may have some of this but usually a lot less).

Paper is more porous than plastic and tears easier - and this also reduces risk of the paper vs the plastic.

For these practical safety reasons, I would suggest paper bag.

Thats not right!
valium is much better than a bag!

must be paper, it does have some breathablity , plastic ... NOT and you could have some serious side effect, even death.

If you're having a panic attack & start hyperventilating (which is breathing oxygen in too fast and not letting the exchange of carbon dioxide to take place) you should use a paper bag (you could even cup your hands over your mouth).

Just don't suffocate yourself in the plastic bag.

Regarding other comments here: inhaling CO (carbon monoxide) has a different effect from inhaling CO2 (which we do all the time). There's always a balance happening between O2 and CO2 in our bodies. But CO is a killer because it attaches itself to the same part of the haemoglobin molecule where the O2 normally goes, preventing the O2 from binding. Also, our exhaled breath does contain some O2, it's not all CO2. :)

try meditation. when you feel an attack coming start breathing as best you can, in and out, on every exhale push out the negative feeling and think about any thing calm, like a clear blue lake, a tropical island or a waterfall. peace!

It should be a paper bag, air can actually filter in and there aren't any harmful substances that could be killing brain cells. Plastic on the other hand, There's a reason you're parents said not to put a plastic bag over your head, it could suffocate you. Plus the plastic isn't porous, and doesn't allow air in.

matador 89
When some people are frightened, they breathe rapidly and deeply, even though they don't need the extra oxygen. This causes them to breathe out a large amount of carbon dioxide, and excessive loss of carbon dioxide causes the blood to become alkaline. This in turn causes the symptoms of a panic attack.” Breathe into a paper bag” this has long been the primary treatment for hyperventilation. The theory is that rebreathing into a paper bag will allow the person to replace the carbon dioxide "blown off" while hyperventilating. What is needed, is to sit down, be calm, and relax. You need to slow your breathing. The more tense you are, the faster you'll breathe. Practice breathing naturally. Don't take exaggerated breaths and don't take very shallow breaths—take normal breaths. That's one breath every 6 seconds or ten breaths a minute. Do this twice a day, 10 minutes per session. Here are some “don’ts” - cut caffeine it's a stimulant, and therefore, a potential trigger for hyperventilation. Watch out for coffee, tea, colas, and chocolate. Don't smoke. Nicotine is also a stimulant.
I add a link with details about panic attacks


Hope this helps
matador 89

I wouldn't think it would matter what you breath into but a paper bag would seem to be safer. What if you did pass out and land on the plastic bag. lol I don't know. Here's some info I found...

This talks about how breathing into the bag can make things worse:

Here's some tips about panic attacks:

Best wishes to ya!

Hmm, there is two different schools of thought on kthis really. During the panic attack people have a tendency to hyperventilate causeing muscle cramps higher aniexity and chest pain. The breathing into a paper bag was initially designed to , one callme the person and have them focus on their breathing and slow it down, and two to have them "re-breath" Carbon dioxide to help calm the body down. It is also accomplished with a non-rebreathing mask.

The other school of thought is to let the person hypr ventilate and pass out then the body will automaticly reset and usually you will wake right back up and fell some better.

My personal way of thinking is the first the biggest portion of getting better during a panic attack is to be able to calm yourself. What ever way works the best for you I woudl say use.

Only if you are hyperventilating..then it is preferable to just try and slow your breathing down by inhaling through your nose and pursing your lips and blowing the air out your mouth

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