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Pneumonia was the worst so far..
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 My lungs hurt?
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 will i die if i cant breathe and keep coughing?
for a few years now, i have been having this problem, since i was 5 im 13 now, and well im not sure waht to do, my friends tell me im probably going to die, but my parents wont listen to me about it, ...

 Quitting Smoking?
If smoking takes 20 years off your life, then when you quit, do you get that 20 back, or is it a case of damage done, no repair?...

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 PLEASE HELP ME! I cant breathe when i....READ DESCRIPTION!?
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 I have cut down my smoking, from 20 a day, down to 8 a day...??!?
sometimes 5 a day instead.
but all of a sudden have got a terrible chesty cough, bringing up greem phlem(sorry, cant spell it).
Is this because i have cut the ciggies down?
Will it get ...

 Can a sinus infection be transmitted to another person?

 How many women sleep with a snorer?
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 i have really bad chest pains and finding it hard to breath..?
M y chest feels like sum 1 is sitting on me while im getting stabbed in the heart, im also finding it really hard to breath don't no why....
Additional Details
i have had these ...

 My throat is killing me, and I'm coughing blood!?
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 What would happen to me if it is my first time smoking?
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 What does it mean when your chest feels tight, like theres alot of pressure on it and its hard to breath?
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 What's wrong with me?
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 how do I get rid of my cough?
Ive had a bad cold since Halloween Ive been to the dr and they put me on a Zpac and Ive taken other antibiotics and they haven't worked. What can I do to get rid of my cough??????? its so bad ...

 What are those disgusting things you can cough up?
The look like little tiny white balls and they smell soooo bad.... I cough them up every once in a while and idk how to get rid of them... my sister said thwey are puss balls..IDK its disgusting can ...

 has anyone stopped smoking and actually been happy about it?
i have given up, cut down etc, but i was never happy with the thoughts of never ever having just one when i wanted, so are smokers or ex smokers ever happy when they decide to give up, or do they ...

 what are the harmful effects of smoking? drinking?
which one is worse?
even if someone smokes a year or two.
others smoke their whole lives.
can one or two years of drinking or smoking cause permanent damage?...

 Will i be able to make my lungs healthy again?
I have black lungs from smoking tobacco for 6 years on my 18th birthday i want to quit.

Can i make my lungs healthy again or they just going to be black permanently?...

 Why does it hurt when I breathe through my nose?
Whenever I start breathing through my nose it feels like my nasal cavities are burning. It's really uncomfortable.

What should I do?
Please no one say "breathe through your ...

Does anyone in Yahoo Answers have any advice/tips on quitting smoking?

HaSiCiT Bust A Tie A1 TieBusters
find a better use for the money .save up for an holiday you have always wanted or a car.put the money in it`s own account ,it may make you think twice about withdrawing it.

Make the world a better place
you need the will power most of all...



don't buy cigs

linda c
get those patches and stick them over your eyes then you will not be able to find your ciggies...lol

Crasstopher Columbus
If I were you, I would.

i have a friend who is using CHANTIX. you have to have a prescription for it and it cost about $90 but he says it helps and he believes it will work.

dave j
Go for the patches. What ever you try it will be hard but at least most public places are smoke free so that should help.

Tell as many people as you know that your quitting and that way you may be less likely to cave in if everyone is constantly saying how well you are doing.

bottle babe
Quit smoking yonks agoo, using my own tried and trusted method, and ilixir. sadly, I only knock it out for ÂŁ400.
Evryone a winner....if u catch my drift...luvvly jubley. Excellent.

Try gradually. I'm down to under 20 a day from apx 35!!
Do you smoke in the house?? coz if you pack that in it's a real bonus in many ways.

Smoking aid like nicotine patches etc to help you along with your willpower etc good luck

I found it helped to get into something and have a routine. something ideally that will benefit from you giving up smoking like running, boxing, athletics etc.

It's a case of trail and error. Also i think it helps to give up for like days at a time so you can condition your body better for longer periods. That really helped me but it may not work for everyone.

Good luck!


don't buy
find other activities, get yourself busy

withdrawal tends to go in a cycle.

the first two weeks there is the strong unending 'in your face' cravings for a cigarette.

after that the cravings get a little better but are triggered with the rituals normally associated with smoking (i.e. having a cup of coffee, going to the pub for a drink, waking up! etc)

after about a month it settles down and that's when an ex smoker is really suseptible to smoking because it's when the brain says 'it's ok to have one, because I've quit now' (this isn't the case) At this point any minor crisis will set off the desperate cry that 'i can't get through this without a cigarette' (the subconscious is a tricky thing)

This stage comes and goes. It seems to disappear at the second month but comes back with a vengence around the third. After that I found that the 12 month mark is a bad time because the brain goes back into the 'you have given up it's ok to have one' mode or the lie we say to ourselves 'I will only have one when I'm drinking' (at this point one cigarette easily turns into a packet.)

We all have different lies our subconscious tells us about why its ok to 'just have one'. If you are a long term smoker the best advise I can give you is to listen for those little 'traps' its the best way to resist them and break the addiction.

good luck

the patch
nicotine gum
crunching on hard candy
looking at pictures of smokers lungs
reading stories of people who are suffering due to smoking

good luck!

im gonna stop as well on new years day!!!!! i recommend keeping active,and reduce how many your currently smoking gradually! good luck!!! xxxxxxx

I found the stop and never start again cold turkey method worked. Takes will power, but it does work.

Live fast, die young
yeah, sow your lips together or cut your hands off.

I don't believe it!
Don't be hard on yourself if it doesn't work out. It might take a few attempts to get it right, just keep going. Best of luck!

ben t
I smoked a year ago and it was really hard but the following helped me.
(1) firstly you must want to stop and I mean really want to, until this happens you will always fail.
(2) Don't cut down just stop, you need to get the chemicals out of your system.
(3) go somewere were other people don't smoke, I sailed a boat across the atlantic, no shops there.
(4) Keep busy, you will feel better after three or four days
(5) enjoy the fact that you have taken control of your body. you may be in pain but you are risisting some of the most addictive chemicals known to man.
(6) Avoid alcohol to start with, it lower your ristance

good luck, its hard but worth it, I still miss it but I knew it was doing me no good. If all that fails many of my friends have tried hypnosis, its expensive but seems to work without all the suffering.

roger k
answered this type of question yesterday. contact your gp surgery " stop smoking nuse" she will help u through it & supply patches of stuff to help you. I did it after being a smoker for 53 years, & loads of attempts on my own, nothing worked. Book an appointment, now. Loads of good luck

melior quam vos
No... I totally have the answer for this. Become friends with someone who is great fun to hang out with... but hates cigarettes.

Or... stay at your parents house for a while. Christmas break is killing me. I'm down to about one per day.

It only takes 8 days for your body to be completely free of nicotine, so after that, it's all out of habit.

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