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Does anyone else get bronchitis this often who doesn't smoke?
I have bronchitis for the third time in less than 3 months. I do not smoke and I take huge vitamin pills everyday. I went to the doctor just last month with bronchitis and was given a bunch of meds that didn't really work. Now I want to go back and get a blood test to see if there's something wrong with my immune system? When I get bronchitis I am out of work (without pay) for up to a week and then when I come back I'm still sick (coughing so bad I almost get into car accidents) . So the past months, I've been forced to work while sick if I want to get paid. Does anyone else who doesn't smoke get this sick so often? Any advice on what to discuss with my doc?

Joe C
Most of the conventional doctors aren't that bright, often. I would recommend making a lot of phone calls to find a different one.

Being around a lot scummy people could also facilitate getting it. Someone is always going to have it. I believe that your work environment is causing this.

Try to get some sort of venture going that brings in residual income. Always having to punch in hours and work for every cent is not good. Even if you have a lot of service business type accounts, you could offer to do something for your customers to make up for the lost time, or arrange to be flexible somehow. Of course, there is going to be a health insurance concern.

for one, not all smokers get sick often. i have had bronchitis one time my entire life and that was before i started to smoke. anyways, try taking mucinex. it really does work, i took it when i got bronchitis, my friend was just prescribed the same thing and she is already feeling better. so i would suggest taking some mucinex.

Danny F
i have this problem seasonally. the docs say it was exposure to second hand smoke as a child combined with allergies.

billy g
if atibotics didnt work i dont know what will, good luck

Well, recurrent bronchitis is a sign of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Asthma and emphasyma are examples of COPD conditions.

You need to see a specialist. You either need stronger meds or if you have COPD you may need to take daily meds to keep your airway from becoming inflamed.

I do not smoke and I get bronchitis and pneumonia every winter due to COPD. Mine was originally caused from a blood clot traveling to my lung and causing damage.

Get yourself to the doctor, demand some more in depth tests and good luck.

polluted environment can cause bronchitis.. fumes from a chemical plant can also casue bornchitis.. plus you have to rest for at least 3 weeks in a clean environment before going back to work... it takes a while to treat bronchitis.

I had chronic bronchitis as a child, nobody smoked in my family. Maybe its not bronchitis(if the meds don't work then it probably isn't ).. maybe its just something in the air that your body is sensitive too.
What are your vitamins made of? I know a gal that used to take vitamins with an alphalfa base.. she found out she was sensitive to grasses!
Stop taking the vitamins or get some normal ones.. like One a Day and see if that changes anything, get free and clear soaps with no dyes(in case your allergic to your soaps). Are you sicker in your house, in the car or at work? maybe you need to change jobs if its at work.

You may have Asthma? My son had Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis and then it turned into Asthma. Just go to a new doctor and ask them if they think you have Asthma?

Well, I am a smoker, so I can't answer your question.

DeMerick C
I smoke so I expect it. What kind of work do you do? Do you live in a polluted area? Do your friends smoke around you? I'll add more if you can add that information to your question.

ETA: As I said, I'm a smoker and I just got an inhale of the second hand smoke I put out. No wonder there are so many complaints about second hand smoke. I have doctors telling me not to quit (my life is a mess right now) but I'm quitting as soon as I can. If you are in a workplace around second hand smoke (or if workers are allowed to smoke around you in the breakroom), I'd be willing to bet that it's hitting you hard (it hit me hard even though my lungs are used to the torture). I do know from my many bouts of bronchitis that air pollution can cause it too. Also, if your work involves a lot of dust this could be contributing to your problem. Has your doctor done X-rays to check you for pneumonia or something worse than bronchitis? Some people do get chronic bronchitis. Based on the frequency of yours, you may want to check this out. I've included the link in the source section. If you are working around chemical fumes, in addition to others who smoke, dust, etc. you can aggravate the condition. There are tests that can be done to determine if your bronchitis is chronic. Treatments would be different than for standard bronchitis.

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