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 grey skin, cough,what can this be?

 Still Have Breathlessness & Coughing?
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 my husband , who is 50 yrs old, just had his first bloody nose. could this be serious?
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 What is wrong with me..coughing, stuffy nose, clogged ears?
This has been going on for about 3 weeks.

Annoying cough...no mucous...if there is, its just a small amount.
sore throat sometimes...
ears are clogged...super clogged. I can ...

 if you smoke....what is your...?
what kind do you like?...

 If I smoke just three or four cigarettes a day, will chances of lung disease still remain very high?
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But I still get urges to smoke occasionally ...

 does asthma go away???????
i was called out of class and it said i had asthma
my parents told me i had it before when i was a kid
my weirdass grandma told me she made me drink some weirnd medicine drink from cambodia?...

 i had a cough for about 10 days and i still have...?
i still have a horrible taste in my mouth when i cough, its so gross it makes me want to throw up! i had a proper cough (probably a chest infection but i never went to the doctors) for about 10 days ...

 can a 3 year old be diagnosed with cystic ribrosis?
a friends child has had alot of chest infections and has been referred to as a happy wheezer but he is not getting better. there is a huge amount of asthma in the family but they are testing him for C...

 Smokers and non-smokers please answer this?
Is there anyone who doesn't think this is a step too far: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/mobile/magazine/8282579.stm

I myself smoke and enjoy it. Although I mainly smoke tobacco, I do ...

 I wake up every morning with a sore throat?
why is ...

 im thinking about smoking pot....?
so im thinking about smoking pot. dont tell my its stupid or illegal, cause i realize the risks, but i have asthma and i'm a little worried about how smoking will affect that? does anyone know?...

 I am quitting smoking, and I want to start running, but I can't breathe. How long til I get my lungs back?

Additional Details
I smoked for 1.5 years... I am 21. I am more wondering if smoking can cause asthma and/or if there is anything more I can do. I quit a month ago (34 days)...

 Coughing up a small amount of blood! HELP!?
Hi, i am 14 almost 15 (tomorrow) and i have had this cold for like 3 4 weeks and it's hit and miss atm, the last week or 2 i've noticed when i'm coughing up phlegm i'm coming up ...

 why are some of us more prone to suffering from excessive gas than others?

Does Swine Flu Scare you?
The question is in the top. I just would like to know.

Smile Thunders

Its horribly over dramatized..

Tons of people die of regular flu every year.
People die of pneumonia, of STDs, etc., and they didn't get this much coverage.

nope not at all ever..im not afraid of getting a normal flu and all the swine flu is a different type of flu and according to statistic show in a typical flu season, 30,000 or more American deaths are attributed to seasonal flu. Fewer than two dozen swine flu-related deaths worldwide have been reported as of spring 2009. While the swine flu could become a more deadly flu, the high level of awareness and the steps people are taking to prevent its spread may keep it from becoming nearly so deadly as seasonal flu.

Not anymore then all the other sickness/diseases going around.


Not at all

No. If you are elderly, or if you know someone with an immune deficiency they should stay home and not be around big crowds. Always ck with your doctor if you doubt anything.

Not exactly. The swine flu isn't as big as it was, and I am more worried about HIV and other things like that

Uh, NO. It's just like MRSA, E Coli, SARS, and Mad Cow Disease. I'm not scared. I just make sure my hands are clean at all times while out in public.

It doesn't. I work in a health care facility, pediatrics to be specific. If anyone were going to be exposed, it would be someone like me. The fact is that the swine flu epidemic, although important news, was blown way out of proportion. If you have paid attention to the most recent media reports and releases from the CDC, you will see that the swine flu has been determined to be no more serious than the regular seasonal flu that goes around every year.

Beth Z
No. It's no worse than the regular flu. It has been blown way out of proportion! The media fails to tell everyone that over 20,000+ people in the U.S. alone dies from the regular flu each year.

Did at first. There's been a confirmed case of it at my workplace, and at first I freaked out. But then i realized more people die a year from the normal flu viruses, so it's nothing different...other than the fact that its a new strain, so everyone's getting hyped up.

Lauren! =)

It's all been so ridiculously blown out of proportion, only to give the news channels something to go on about.

Now that Katie and Peter have split up, Swine flu is no longer mentioned. (:

Hoa Má»™c Lan
I was sort of worried at first but then I realized that the media did a pretty good job of blowing it out of proportion so I did a little research and it turned out it wasn't even that bad. Most of the people who have in US get treated and none except one died. And it sort of subsided now and the media is more focused on the North Korea crisis than the flu :)

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