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Do I have the swine flu?
Probably not, but meh.

A few months ago I developed a cough, was spitting up phlegm, pressure in my lungs, and so on. The phlegm is cleared up but I still cough occasionally. Often I can cough just a small amount, and I'll start to black out. I can't inhale all the way, it's like my lungs are full of liquid sometimes. From time to time I have to stop mid sentence and catch my breath. It comes and goes but it always comes back. I don't have any other medical issues that could possibly go with this.

Any idea what this is? Don't tell me, "Just go to the doctor", because that's not gonna happen. I just want an idea on what I might have.

excalibre knight in the storm
i dont know read other answers

i dont think thats the swine flu if you got the shot for h1n1 virus/flu[whatever] it might be a reaction

Yes. You definately have swine flu. 100% of the population of the USA has swine flu. WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!

Nah, sounds more like lung cancer.

Kibop K
Its proborly just a normal flue or something, i would sugest drinking hot liquids like tea, or noodle soup,

Stay rested, And going to the doctor is your choice, if u got a pull in clinic around you i would just pull in and get some meds or something, stay rested, sleep, eat veggies, get some hot luqiuds in you, treat it as if its a normal cold, maybe get a vaporizer in your room if its dry

Sounds like untreated bronchitis. Blacking out and having to stop mid-sentence to catch your breath could mean lung inflammation still exist and your oxygen level is too low throughout your body. If you insist on not getting this treated, you should lay low and try some garlic therapy.
If you're not careful, you will have blue lips to match the blue eyes.
Good luck, man.

It's hard enough for a doctor to practice medicine. Don't try to practice medicine yourself with no medical training and do not depend on the short order cooks and housecleaners who feel they are qualified to give medical advice over the internet. Get some health insurance and see a doctor. You've already tried to cure yourself by singing Kumbaya and you are still sick.

The flu only lasts a week or two. After that you may have a cough for a while and/or feel tired, but that shouldn't last for more than a few weeks.

So what you have is certainly not the flu.

But whatever you have, if it makes it hard for you to breathe sometimes, and makes you come close to blacking out, it is serious.

I know you said you won't go to the doctor, but I guarantee that if this does not get better, you WILL be seeing one sooner or later. Whatever hassle and expense the doctor will be, it will be worse if you wait than if you go now.

Mike N
I am an EMR, and i would say that you not, obviously i must say GO TO THE DOCTOR, but do what you want, anyways you have 1 or 2 of the possible symptoms but nothing screaming anything serious. If you don't feel well, some Tylenol will do wonders, probably just something in your system.

However, you're fainting spells worry me, that is something you should mention at your next yearly if not see a neurologist ASAP!!!

Feel better

Not the swine.
I mean, you might have pnuemonia depending on what your cough sounds like, but I wouln't worry too much.

Swine flu symptoms are very similar to flu symptoms

Based on your symptoms I think you have something much more serious than swine flu

Just go to the doctor

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