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 What do you do if someone has a panic attack? How can you help them?

 anyone who really knows about asma?
My uncle is a bit of a fibber anyways,I was out with him this afternoon at dinner and we were talking about asma.

He said,he has a friend who has a six pack even doe he doesn't work ...

 I got my son's asthma inhaler (Albuterol) prescription filled today, but the expiration date is 04-08.?
Did asthma inhalers suddenly get a shorter usage time or did I get old product? Would the pharmacist take this back tomorrow (it's unopened) and find me one with a longer expiration date?...

 Does anyone else get bronchitis this often who doesn't smoke?
I have bronchitis for the third time in less than 3 months. I do not smoke and I take huge vitamin pills everyday. I went to the doctor just last month with bronchitis and was given a bunch of meds ...

 how do we care for our Immune System?

 WIthin the USA, where is the best place to live if you have asthma and reoccuring broncitis?
is it really like hot dry weather?
Or tropical?
Husband is talking about Florida but it rains alot. I have already lived their once. Wouldn't a place that rains alot put moisture into ...

 Dogs for asthmatic children?
My 5 year old son is asthmatic and seems very lonely .. A pet is our topic of conversation, we know cats are the worst for asthmatics , but have been thinking of a boxer dog.. anyone got more info ...

 I'm throwing up blood?
ok so I'm sick. I've been coughing and sneezing non stop. I was just coughing for like literally ten mins. and I started throwing up. and there was blood. what does this mean?...

 my mum was sneezing today?
she sneezed around 6,7 times is that swine flu neeed answer !!!!!!
voting best answer
i dont want her to get swine flu please give me good ...

 ã€€Why can't I breathe when I.....?
when I get a call from my crush?
do i have asthma??...

 is my boyfriend really badly ill?
hes had a cold and a terrible gut wrentching cough with phlegmn for more than a few days now but this morning he has awoken and cant get warm, ive got three blankets and the heating on, his cough is ...

 Can you sleep next to someone who snores?
I love my husband, but I can't stand his snoring. He is sort of mad at me because I chose to sleep in another room. Also our baby still sleeps with me in bed, so the bed gets small with all ...

 OK Brits you think you're all high city flyer's and smart to boot....cough chuueerr flem.CACK!!!?
Spot the error if you can.
For XYZ=21900975 to Z Step/X*A+RND(Int(WXZ))
else Y Inc
End If

10 points to first ...

 I can't stop cough when I try to talk, please help!?
Hi guys, I start cough last week, and now I can't stop caughing! Everytime I try to speak a word, my throat start feeling itche and I start cough, I been search around the internet and yahoo ...

 Is it sooo bad to smoke like 3 times in month?
That's not for me.
My friend is asking me to post this.
2) Is it bad to try smoking?...

 a bloodwork question...?
can u tell if u have smokesd or have nicotine or if u have smoked by yer blood?...

 How can I prevent second-hand smoking?
I have been exposed to second-hand smoking for the past 14 years even when I was still a fetus inside my mother's womb. What can I do to prevent this?
Additional Details
My father ...

 I wanted to know how smoke gets into the lungs while smoking..?
I have heard that smokers smoke through the mouth.. but shouldn't it be the nose
Pls let me ...

 im 13 years old an i smoke??
helppp im 13 years old i smoke ma parents dont kno but i want to tell ma mom how do i ???
or waht should i do?...

 Why do I always get a plugged sinus/cold for like 4 days after snorting cocaine, but no one else gets it?
I'm not asking really why I get a cold/plugged nose, i know snorting cocaine can cause that, im more asking why i get it so bad compared to other people, poor immune system, am i snorting it ...

Coughing up a small amount of blood! HELP!?
Hi, i am 14 almost 15 (tomorrow) and i have had this cold for like 3 4 weeks and it's hit and miss atm, the last week or 2 i've noticed when i'm coughing up phlegm i'm coming up with a small amount of blood, other times when i've been coughing i could taste a LITTLE blood but not much, the cough has worsened and i don't wanna go to the doctors because there's alot of bugs going round so they couldnt do much... just say it's a viral inrfection and it takes forever to see my doctor anyhow, especially @ crimbo.
Additional Details
its not bright red, i feel fine apart form a lil run down, i've tried taking beecham's powders but tey aint doing the trick, i'm also around alot of smokers..

HI your conditions maybe very dangerous and I recommend you go to local hospital immediately as you can it the sickness is called Hemoptysis it is usually cause by clot in lung which can led to sudden stop function of lung and inflammation in blood vessel which is fatal.You may experience dizziness , shortness of breath and other ill symptoms
Please visit the emergency soon which can save lifes.
I hope I answer your question you can reach me at
212-487-4448 I am in New York Univeristy Hopistal my name is Dr , Jin Woo
Hope you fell better..

No amount of blood is normal. It most likely has a perfectly good reason. But PLEASE let a doctor dercide that. Better yet tell your parents.This has been going on for too long. Your paren ts can best decide what to do from here. Don't keep them out of the loop. They are the only people that truely, truely care about you.

Matt B
you should see a doctor anyway because it could be internal bleeding

Midnite Shadow
Go to www.WebMD.com

The Sunglasses Viking
Holy **** dude call the doctor now i knew a kid who died after that.

Even if it turns out to be ok, its better to be safe then to drown in your own blood.

By the way happy early birthday.

Melca W
you might have swaloed some thing pointy.
see it' one of your mustles that has blood commign out and going to your throat.
you have to see a doctor or might get serouisly ill or maybe die.
do your parent's know?
they must find out.
i've seen this on tv.
please go to the doctors!
if it just a little bit, (go to the doctors)
if it's spluches (go to the HOSPITAL)
p.s. i'm only 10!

i think maybe you should just see the doctor

when you cough you bring up fLEMB ,but if you cough a lot you are putting a lot of blood pressure on your lungs which are small caperils vains whitch bleed so dont wory.go to the doctors to make sure you are ok ,dain

Dylan Courtney
Get a parent to take you to the emergency room, blood is never good.

My moms friend fell over and died.
Not trying to scare you.

Lilly W
i have the same problem only problem is that i have to make a doc appointment im scared for myself cuz i see no improvement and the cough so bad im wheezing alot more

James L
It's just a normal cold. When that happened to me, I thought something was wrong, but as the cold went away, so did the coughing up blood.

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