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Hopelessly Addicted
Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
I have been having a lot of chest pain and coughing lately. This has been going on for about a month. I am just now going to the doctor. I am 19 and started smoking when I was 13. From 13-17 I averaged about a half pack a day, but for the past two years, I only average about 2-3 cigarrettes a day. I am going to get a chest x-ray. The doctor told me that even though smoking is very bad for you, chances are I have not smoked long enough or averaged enough to yet have lung cancer. However, he also said the fact that I started so young does increase the risk. Could I possibly have lung caner?

ya i think u do have lung cancer... But do yourself a favor and stop smoking!!! It's terrible for u!


Lover Of Edward
that is possible. take a look at this

I tried smoking when I was in my 20's and it never did agree with me. The first time I went to my doc, he said I needed to stop smoking because I had Bronchitis...
I didn't quit.
The second time I went he told me that I had Asthmatic Bronchitis.

The next visit was when he told me that I was at risk for Emphysema and that "can't be reversed."..

I DON"T recommend it but I started chewing Copenhagen like about a fingernail-full at a time and that weened me off of the cigarettes.

Listen to your doc. My Grandma died of lung cancer. History has much to do with your health.

I wouldn't say so. I wouldn't too much worry about it. Smoking will make u cough. Its "smokers cough". other than that no worries, u should be fine

uncle cyril
Since you have been smoking from the last 6 yrs. and good no. of cigarettes a day it could have done enough of damage to your chest. Your lungs will be badly affected. There are less chances of cancer but you cannot take a risk with your life. So don't delay and get a complete check up done. Treat yourself and give up smoking completely.

Yes, if it is in your family history and even if you are young it is possible if you triggered it more with smoking and other carcinogenic means.

NOTE: There is now a new drug in the market that can remove cravings for smoking if you cannot control yourself.

Gina J
prob not, pneumonia or a lung infection maybe
stop smoking

shelly f
I dont think so maybe bronchitis which is caused buy smoking ,I am 42 have smokimny since 12 a pack a day my father passed away from long cancer and I show no signs of it yet Im not advocating smoking Im just saying I think it takes more.

Yes, you should worry about it, and no, you're obviously not fine. If you had pnuemonia, you would be running a fever and have flu-like symptoms with your cough and chest pain.
You are well on your way to emphesema and COPD (which is an incredibly horrible way to die) and an early case of lung cancer. You're never too young to get lung cancer. I've taken it out of people your age.
The good news is, if you quite now your lungs can heal themselves and within about 7 years be totally normal.
The longer you smoke and the younger you started, the more chance you have of getting lung cancer and the less chance you have of your lungs being able to heal themselves.

well, tragedies happen every day. but, statisticly the chances you have cancer at your age are very low. you most likely have a lung infection, and have torn the muscles of your rib cage coughing. if you are only averaging 2-3 cigarettes a day, it should be easy to quit. smoking is like hiring your own hit man.

Though it can be possible, I would'nt worry too much, probably just typical smokers cough. Good time to quit though, I would love to, I started that young also, I'm 37 now.

Biker for life
Chances are in your favor that you do not have lung cancer. However you could have an upper respiratory infection or asthma. Only a Doctor can tell you for sure though.

You could have lung cancer or you could just have some lung damage from smoking. You need to stop smoking before you do serious damage to your respiratory system. If you have never seen an end stage COPD patient who is on oxygen as high as we set and still starved for air then I suggest you ask your doc about this. That is a very terrible thing to see and one of my least favorite patients to have to take care of . The look of terror in their eyes as they try to get more air is awful.

I highly doubt it - you would be very very young to get that. Its probably a chest infection or something, which you are more susceptible to if you smoke.

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