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 Im 13 and i smoke cigs.?
i did not like the taste of it. and did not like doing it tell 2 days later i got this felling that i needed one just to make it through the day.

ever since i did that i would come home ...

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 I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?

Additional Details
spitting up muccus too....green!

I was sick about 3 months ago. i got sick after a camping trip duing the weeked. I began coughing, weezing, sneezing, got ...

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 AM i sick with the cold, ?! I cant be!!!?
I have one eye that is all watery and a nose that is cloging up and my tounge itches really badly!!! head hurts 2!!!
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No joke my frikin toung itchs im gonna get it ...

 My daughter has started smoking! Help!?
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 i spit blood up every once in awhile not alot and then it goes away im really scared wat could it be?

 My lungs hurt. What might this mean?
Both my sides hurt on the inside going towards my back, behind my ribs. I Figured its my lungs. I dont smoke. Everytime I breathe I feel the pain on both sides simutaneously. Could this be pnemonia? W...

 three reasons why people smoke, even when they know it's unhealthy?

 Will smoking weed........?
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 My roommates smoke...?
and i don't. i've noticed that whenever they smoke in the house i get headaches, and my ears hurt. is this a sign of being allergic?
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cigarettes and ...

 2 months ago i had a serious panic attack n thought i was going to die, but i been smoking weed for years now?

 Can I check a pipe for smoking weed on an airplane in the states?
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 Which is more harmful: smoking a cigarette or smoking a cigar?

 when is a good age to start smoking?
i might smoke soon because of my stress....

 my nose is stuffy, i can't breathe, help! click quick!?
i have a cold, like every winter ):
i ran out of vicks (or however you spell it) and i need a quick way to maybe clear it up?
help! it's hard to sleep with my mouth open ): ...

Can Marijuana get in your system from just being around other people smoking it?
the only reason i ask is because sunday i went to a late christmas party and later on in the night some people started smoking pot.i normally wouldnt care,but the next day i had to take a physical which also involved a drug test for a job im trying to get.im just worried about failing the test because of the people smoking around me.
Additional Details
okay people,i was pretty hammered.i mean it was a party,what do you expect.all i remember is smelling it.i dont think i sat around them while they smoked and i think the slider door wa open.they only smoked once and i briefly smelled it.

Yes. Its still secondhand smoke...you could smell it, couldn't you? And yes, it will show up on a urine test or hair test just as if you'd smoked it yourself.

YES, unless you were wearing a NASA space suit with it's own oxygen supply the whole time you were at the party. You breathed the pot in and YES... it can and most likely will show up in a drug test. My employer uses a hair test that can find it as far back as a year. It may depend on the type of test they use. Good Luck

Yes it can. The drug test will show it. Should have made a better choice.

Tony R
no you would need to inhale a lot of smoke to have it register

Prophet 1102
Yes - it's called secondhand smoke

Um yea....second hand smoke silly

Did you breathe the smoke if so, yes

its called a contact high...i hate potheads!

Tabithia Rose ♥
yes it's the same principle as secondhand smoke...

~*Yesterdays Promises*~
Yes, it can be in your system just from being around it. Some companies will allow so much being in your system during a physical or drug test to accomidate second hand smoke.


no but you can get high

Fortunately, the answer is yes

Have you ever heard of "contact buzz"?

Yes, especially in a small warm room with no open windows or something.

What makes you high is the vapour released when smoked - so if you can smell it you are getting high...

..that what i heard, you have to be sitting in a room full of smoke and even though the test can show low rate of drugs which doesn't make you a smoker

how long were you around it ? did you drink a lot of water between the test and the second hand smoke?

i would say no if you were there for just a a couple of minutes but if you were there for long it depends were you like right infront of the person?

Passive inhalation of marijuana. In general, routine passive exposure to marijuana smoke will not result in a positive result for carboxy-THC.
Only under unrealistic conditions, a person may test positive for carboxy-THC, but concentrations are generally below the routine cut off levels.

Answer Fairy
Yes. Same thing happened to my husband. He failed a drug test. He couldn't figure out why, so he asked the doctor how that could be when he had never smoked a joint in his life. The doctor said that the levels were very low, but he still didn't pass. He was LIVID! Then he saw some of the guys at work smoking behind the dumpsters, and some of the smoke wafted into his office window. He called the cops. Which I thought was a little extreme, but he did lose a job opportunity because of those pot smoking idiots.

were you inhaling what they were exhaling?
and how close were you to them while they were smoking it?
there are many different factors that could make a difference.
Im sure you'll be fine, as long as you werent on the same couch as them.

i would think it would require a lot of saturation for a long period of time to show up in a drug test. small room, lots of smokers over a long period of time to have a contact buzz

oh oh....
you're doomed.

David K
During drug tests, they check particles per million for several different common drugs. They have a cut off number of so many per million to count you as positive. If you smoke directly, you will definatly come up positive, but if you recieved second hand smoke, it will depend on how long you were around it and how much you inhaled. You may or may not pop hot depending on these criteria.

no, not if you don't breathe....

seriously, yes it you are around /in the smoke then you are inhaling it, so yes it affects you to some degree.

Yes it can get in your system, but most likely not in an amount that would show up on a drug test. People that evaluate the tests can tell the difference between first hand and second hand exposure as long as you aren't around second hand pot smoke everyday.

Mike K
I doubt it. If you dont smoke pot, or at least havent for the last three months or so, a little bit from people around you won't show up in a high enough concentration to fail.

Jonny B


hippie chick
dont even worry about it.. it is way more concentrated if you actually smoke it yourself. there isnt any thc in the smoke and thats what they look for..

I really don't know FOR SURE but most dr.s and Probation officers will tell you that know you can't get it in your system

found this for you hope it helps

Second hand marijuana smoke in a car can cause you to fail the next day' (Nightbyrd). It is possible that second hand [marijuana] smoke will raise someone to the 50 ng/mL level; however, *extreme* exposure is required. For instance, a closed car full of pot smokers and a non-smoker may render the non-smoker positive for both urinalysis and the hair test, provided that they are sealed in the car for a while. The Army did a case study where volunteers were put in a room pumped full of smoke for an hour, five time daily. Subjects started testing positive after the second day. The non-smoker would have to take in virtually as much second hand smoke as a smoker. Non-smokers are safe in a ventilated area, as long as they don't get a hair test. According to Clinton, simply blowing crack smoke on ones hair may cause a positive hair test. Second hand pot smoke doesn't affect the hair test results as much as crack smoke does mainly because exhaled smoke contains no THC. The only pot smoke that contains THC is the smoke that hasn't entered the lungs."

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