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 my 3 year old son has a sore throat but won't take his medicine?
He says it is "yucky" it is tixylix.Does anyone know of a good cough mixture for children that has a reasonably nice taste.I'm worried because he won't take it....

 U Know ? my wife unnecessarily slapped me in an unusually condition ?
One day i invited my 4 best childhood friends at home and i asked my wife to get tea for all ,she came and served the tea to all ,& suddenly she slapped me without reason , she is not psycho , <...

 Does anyone in Yahoo Answers have any advice/tips on quitting smoking?

 How do i sleep in bed with someone who snores?
My girlfriend snores and i am a light sleeper. its hard for me to get much sleep but there is no way i will sleep in a different bed with her?
does anyone have any techniques that could help me ...

 Is smoking old cigarettes bad?
Like not super old. Like a week old.
I forgot I had them, and I smoked one, and they're
obviously a bit old, but can I still smoke them?
Additional Details
Alright, you ...

 Is there anything you can smoke that isnt harmful for you?
Like it could be water vapor or something.. just anything that looks like smoke
Additional Details
hahah yea my friend and i have done hookah but a 1 hr hookah is = too 100 cigs.. weed ...

 Did anyone else besides me not know until very recently that Obama is a smoker?

 how do u make ur self get asthma?
i really need to k?...

 Im a girl..is smoking weed or cigarettes a turn off? ?
Im an outgoing person, and I enjoy smoking weed now and then. i honeslty find alcohol worse than marijuanna. I live in amsterdam now so its normal, but I know that lots of people just think its weird ...

 Swine flu Please Help !?
hi Yesterday i developed a sore throat,and now im like sniffing all the time Litteraly iv got a cold i got out of bed im not aching or anything just a sore throat could this ...

 How will smoking affect my looks?
I am 35 and have been smoking a pack per day for the last 15 years. I have fine wrinkles on my face and specially around my mouth. Is it due to smoking? If it is how can i minimise this, because i ...

 What could this breathing problem mean I have, im a little scared?
ok so pretty often, everytime i get up, i start to feel lightheaded and dizzy, then I blackout,

it lasts for a few seconds. then after my mind clears, i can feel my heart beating really ...

 how can you stop someone snoring?

 Tuns out I have Pneumonia but...?
I've had many problems with my body and I'm only 16!
Pneumonia was the worst so far..
The doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I've been taking the pills for a ...

 My lungs hurt?
I'm not sick, i don't have a cold or anything. Both my parent's are smokers. When i lean backwards i get a pain near the back of me chest, i keep coughing up flegm and the latest one ...

 will i die if i cant breathe and keep coughing?
for a few years now, i have been having this problem, since i was 5 im 13 now, and well im not sure waht to do, my friends tell me im probably going to die, but my parents wont listen to me about it, ...

 Quitting Smoking?
If smoking takes 20 years off your life, then when you quit, do you get that 20 back, or is it a case of damage done, no repair?...

 how do i get rid of this cough?
Ive had flu, and a virus and been treated twice with antibiotics, also given up smoking a week ago, i cannot shift the cough, i cant sleep when i lay down i start cough again, and phlegm comes up its ...

 PLEASE HELP ME! I cant breathe when i....READ DESCRIPTION!?
Both of my parents smoke cigz and I'm 13, also i cant breath when i smell the smoke, like my throught tightens and i just start crying sometimes. What is wrong, should i go to the doctor or is ...

 I have cut down my smoking, from 20 a day, down to 8 a day...??!?
sometimes 5 a day instead.
but all of a sudden have got a terrible chesty cough, bringing up greem phlem(sorry, cant spell it).
Is this because i have cut the ciggies down?
Will it get ...

Can I check a pipe for smoking weed on an airplane in the states?
going on jamaican cruise and i want to buy a pipe or a couple. Houston airport. Bong?

Damon W
Definitely don't bring a bong or anything that has res ado on it if i were you i would get a key chain one like a lil bowl and put it on your keys they wont say anything about it when you go threw the line

Candy A
A dog can sniff a pipe out , did you know that ?

any way if you smoke put the peace in boling water and let it boil then it will be clean again


Oxii Prixx
you will more than likely get arrested if your caught my 3 way advice.
1. dont get caught
2. dont get caught
3. id wait till you got there!!

lol thats just me haha

Maggie Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
yes you can, please do, but only if it contains some residue.

Chick-A- Deedle
It would be easier to mail them back home to have them waiting on you when you return...

kermit the frog
YES........GO FOR IT

[email protected]@h. (はりざ )
yes, you can if and only if you're in cargo seat

I guess that if you want to you can. I would clean out ALL the residue and make sure there is nothing that people would say is weed ON the bong in any way. Also don't bring any weed, lol speaking from personal experience there

carol anne
yes, just make sure that it's clean.

Make sure it is clean and do not use the word bong or weed. They are water pipes for smoking tobacco, much like a hooka. That is how the head shops get away with it. It is a technicality.

If the piece is UNUSED you're cool. Once it's been used to smoke out of though it becomes paraphernalia. Enjoy the cruise...might I suggest rolling papers instead? Very portable and easy to pack. :)

Xclusive, The Original
Don't smoke out of them in Jamaica, and don't check them, Put them in your luggage.

You can smuggle glass or wooden pipes that are clean/have not been used. I would not take the bong. If you plan on smoking herb on the cruise, I would suggest a disposable pipe or rolling papers. Also, do not smoke in your room as there are smoke detectors and plenty of security.

Yes if unused. they don't know what your intentions are for the pipe. When you get back we will try them out

You should know that various items, including bongs and hookas, are considered to be "drug paraphernalia" whether or not they are used, and unlawful in many states to possess.

Midway 56
If you have to ask this question I suggest that you quit using a bong!

Mary & Mike
OH SURE, no problem, and you can bring a little tobacco, anything under an ounce. But you cannot smoke On the plane!

Footnote: Are you sure you need the airplane to get where you're going?? D'oh.

Your Friendly Jewish Accountant
It's totally legal, but there can be absolutely no residue whatsoever on the piece.

You probably can, just make sure you say hi to Bobbie Brown when you get to jail!

nikki (>'.')>
Yeah. Just hold off on smoking out of it until you get back. Its just a piece of glass until its smoked out of. After, its paraphernalia . Hope that helps!! Have fun!

As long as they are clean... Meaning you haven't used, it then there shouldn't be any problem... They are "meant" for tobacco use.. ;)

Only if it hasn't been used.

as long as they have not been used you can, if they are used you get it for the resin in the pipe.

Mr Nice Guy
As long as they are brand new never been used then you are good to go

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