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kate m
Breathing in dry air all day makes my nose dry and gives me a headache. How can I change this?
My home and my office are both very very dry from the type of head in the buildings. I have tried humidifiers but they aren't enough.
Is there some sort of nasal spray or swab that might help alleviate my symptoms? What are they called?

Thanks so much!

Mk G

Rich H
keep your head in a fully filled fish bowl thats properly sealed around your neck so you wont lose any water, with a breathing tube for air that has a old cigarrete butt for the filter-----

nasal gels are avail, or vaseline applied with q tip or bacitracin with q tip. at home, you can keep a large pot of simmering water on the stove to humidify the air....at work? there are small desk humidifiers. talk with your supervisor, maybe the heat can be adjusted.Do other's complain also?

Starting with your headache: You need to be more specific. If the headache feels like it's located all around your brain (like a hangover), then the cause is dehydration. Other organs pull blood away from your brain, causing if to shrink slightly, pulling on the membrane that attaches the brain to the skull. This would also explain the dry nasal passage. Drink plenty of water, and you should be fine. (Urine should be clear at optimal hydration. Most people don't know this and don't believe it. Drink water till it comes out clear.)

However, if the headache is located directly behind the sinuses, then that could be a sign of a sinus infection. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and the let the infection pass on its own (unless it persists for more then a couple days, or becomes unbearable, then go see a doctor (basically, use common sense)).

As for the nasal sprays everyone keeps talking about... There are two kinds. Saline, and medicated. Saline is sterile water with a VERY WEAK salt concentration (taking .1 molar here), and would be suitable for usage with a dry nasal passage. Medicated comes in two varieties, oxymetazoline and phenylephrine. Neither should ever be used for long periods at a time, as they cause addiction and rebound congestion. The medicated variety is a decongestant, so it would be unsuitable for your symptoms.

Kitty C
You can buy a ceramic container that hooks over radiators which you fill with water and they release small amounts of steam in the air. I have also heard the suggestion of putting a damp (clean) cloth on the radiator. Or you could try Vicks inhailer or olbas oil facial steaming.

Travis J
One adorable way is to keep a bunny in your purse. Every time your nose gets dry, rub noses with your sack-rabbit and you'll feel better in no time!

Don't concentrate on ur breathing so much, this makes you breathe more, which results to your problem in the first place... Stay indoors, and avoid windy places

yes there are nasal sprays but i would look at the type of humidifier you are using and think about the following facts. how close is this to you and how much moisture it is putting into the air. how long does it take it to empty?is it actually doing the job it was made for? that could be the problem. it is probally the fact that it is not doing it's job RIGHT.

I had the same problems
until I got the humidifier with vicks.

Easier than that, Kate- drink more water.

Umm, well I was gonna say a huidifier...don't know how that doesn't work at all....maybe you need two of them? Anyway, the only other thing I know of is saline nose spray. It's meant simply to moisten your nose so it doesn't get dry.

Along with humidifiers, my aunt always swears by soaking a washcloth in warm water and draping over a vent to get more moisture in the air. I'm not sure of over the counter nasal spray but since I have bad allergies I usually get a prescription for Nasonex when my allergies get bad.

saline nasal sprays help to moisturize passages and you can even try vaseline on just the insides of your nostrils to help moisturize

Try that Ocean Spray. It is just saline water and made for exactly what you're talking about. You can get it at any store where the cold meds are.

Look in the drugstore for nasal saline spray. It's just salt water.

There's also a nasal gel that will last longer.

Christin K
Yes there is. Go to your local drugstore and buy SALINE nasal spray. This is just saline solution in a nasal spray bottle. It lubricates and keeps this from being a problem.

Easy fix! It's cheap and won't hurt to use all the time. It contains no chemicals other than saline.

Use a humidifier at night. Do not stick Vaseline up your nose or on any other mucous membrane!! Vaseline is a by product of petroleum. It can cause major health problems. Use KY Jelly instead. Might sound bad, but it is a water based product and much healthier.

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