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Best answer gets 10 points. Please help?
Either my nose or my lungs ( I can't really tell which) is producing alot of mucus recently... I keep swallowing my mucus and it makes me hard to breathe sometimes. What is wrong with me? Can it be bronchitis? Or rhinitis? Please help me... Best answer gets 10 points!
Additional Details
I'm no smoker and I NEVER SMOKE

Amish Rebel
Blow your nose!

╣emo ducky ♥ Dimitri Belikov╠
Strep throat.
I had this last year.
Boil a pot of water and breath in the steam. It'll help a little more if you add some honey and lemon juice/oils


Go Blue
a cold

It could be bronchitis, or rhinitis, but most likely youre just getting a cold and your sinuses are draining into your throat. It happens to me a lot, and makes it hard to breath, and you cough a lot of it up. You will probably get a scratchy throat. If it persists REALLY bad, see a doctor, but if its just starting, take some cold medicine and see what happens. :) If its yellow or green you defanately have sinus drainage, if its white, youre not that sick.

Go to the doctor. That is the ONLY way you will find out for sure what the problem is. Everyone on yahoo can guess all day about what they THINK it is, but if you go to the doctor you'll find out for sure.

you have a sinus infection and it has probably settled into your chest giving you an upper respiratory infection, you need antibiotics and a chest decongestant along with a cough medicine because when the mucus breaks up you will be coughing it up a lot.

Oh, i had a similar experience when i had cold, serious one. My ears and nose hurt real bad(since they're connected, it really was painful) if that wasn't enough, my throat was producing a lot~ of mucus and because my throat was still sore, it hurt me whenever i swallowed(I tried to spit it out but that didn't work) And i mean, it was very~~ thick too. Try seeing your doctor, they should give you a medicine or prescription of something. My doctor recommended taking some medicine. it didn't work right away but it did work after a while. ^^ good luck! -Mucus is produced to prevent dirt from getting inside through your nose. But i don't think it's a serious problem. If you want to solve it fast, contact your doctor!

It definitely sounds like an upper respiratory infection, bronchitis or just a chest cold. The best thing to do, is rest and lots of clear fluids (water, ginger ale, juice). Also, stay out of the cold. Cold temps may cause breathing to be more difficult.

To best determine if it is an infection or just a cold is the color of the mucus. If it's yellow, or florescent green, it's an infection. There may be a strong taste to it also if it's an infection. In that case, you'll need anti biotics to aid in fighting the infection.

Pearl N
There was just a short program on ABC in regards to acid reflux being the cause of constantly sniffing make mucus. Look on the ABC new site and see if you can find it, it was just this week. Also are you coughing at all, do your lungs hurt and have you just gotten over a cold all of these things could also cause this. But if you have heart burn check out the ABC medical news on acid reflux, it was quite interesting and make think of my son who also sniffs all the time. Good luck to you, and pleas see a Dr.

It could also be coming from your sinuses. You need to see a doctor to figure out what is going on. The best kind would be an ENT doctor. i have that but it is my asthma

From your question, it sounds like rhinitis. I would try a saline nasal spray and a humidifier. If that doesn't work, then I would go to the doctor. Try not to swallow it, hack it up and look at it. If it is colored and hard, that's an infection and you need the doctor. If it is clear and soft, then it is just excess mucus. Try the saline and humidifier first and go from there. Good luck.

This just ran through our house. (8 of us) Obviously you should call the Dr. right away, however, a Nebulizer really helped everyone breathe again, along with a cough suppresent. The mucus will collect in your lungs and give you an asthma like condition that seems easily treated with the Nebulizer. (albuterol) The mucus will still need to be addressed through other means. The over the counter stuff worked well here, but we were also supervised by the Dr. It sound like the RSV that went through our house. This can be detrimental to children and seniors..stay away..in adults it's more like a common cold. Once you have it, you most likely will not get the same type of RSV again, though, there are like hundreds of types. A cool mist humidifier was also suggested by our doc. Call the Dr. Feel Better

It almost sounds like bronchitis. I have chronic bronchitis myself. Do you cough a lot as well? And does your chest hurt when you breath deeply? If not it could be a sinus infection... Those as well can produce a lot of mucuses. Good luck and feel better.

Color may be a clue, is it clear, green or yellow. Sinus infection is probably the most common cause. If it's an allergy, ask your pharmacist for recommendation.

It could be a really bad post nasal drip, but it could also be more serious. Call you doctor, and if they think it's just a post nasal drip than you just have to wait it out. However, if time passes and it hasn't left call a herbal doctor kind of person, they can give you some kind of tea to drink that helps with thick mucus (I know this because my friends dad had this).

laurel g
Aside from the other answers you received, you may have asthma that causes mucous that you cough up. If you have asthma, you can get relief by using certain meds that you breath through a small machine.......or a large machine that the hospital has. I do what you do, and I take Advair, combivent, and use the respirator with Albuterol. Be sure to spit out any mucous that you cough up. It will help to alleviate your coughing. You do need to have this tended to by seeing a doctor. There are free clinics, your Public Health Dept, nurses at school (who may direct you to the proper place/best place for you to go to be evaluated). If you do not take care of this, and it IS asthma, you may find yourself coughing and unable to breath............when THAT happens, you could die, with no medication, and no one knowing what is going on with your body. Please, the meds work so well, and they keep me going!

It could also be coming from your sinuses. You need to see a doctor to figure out what is going on. The best kind would be an ENT doctor. Good Luck.

ny_lover *:)<3
it's ur nose...i get that sometimes. if u think it's serious go 2 the doctor :]

You know what? This kind of question needs to be answered by a doctor who can examine you in person. Nobody can answer this via the Internet. Get to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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